Beacon Academy

Yatsuhashi is a former second-year student at Beacon Academy.

Shade Academy

Yatsuhasi is currently a student at Shade Academy.


Yatsuhashi is a member of Team CFVY.



Hiyoko is Yatsuhachi's younger sister. In his early childhood, he uses his Semblance to erased his mother's memories of her for a day because he was very jealous of her. Afterward, he felt really guilty for what he has done and decides to take care of Hiyoko while he waited for his mother's memory to return.


Coco Adel

Coco is Yatsuhashi's teammate and team leader. They are chosen to move forward into the doubles round of the Vytal Festival tournament, fighting against Emerald Sustrai and Mercury Black.

During the fight, they display some good teamwork together, Yatsuhashi defending Coco as she uses her minigun to strike. Yatsuhashi protects her by shoving her out of the way of Mercury's first attack, but he is unable to protect her from Emerald who drags her away with Thief's Respite. After they are separated, they are defeated individually with relative ease.

Coco looks to Yatsuhashi for advice.

Fox Alistair

Fox and Yatsuhashi are in good terms, the former has a tendency to poke fun at the taller boy.

Velvet Scarlatina

Velvet is a teammate of Yatsuhashi. At first, Velvet showed disdain towards him because of his Mistralian origins, though they grew very close over time. Yatsuhashi seems to be very protective of her, defending her from flying spikes in "Breach". Velvet also says that she feels safe with him around.


Weiss Schnee

During their first semester at Beacon, Fox and Yatsuhashi confronted Weiss about her attitude towards her team. Yatsuhashi attempted to stop the situation from escalating. By the second semester, the two are less confrontational.

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