Participants Episode(s) Result
Vale Huntsmen vs. Breach Grimm "Breach" Won
Yatsuhashi and Coco vs. Emerald and Mercury "Lessons Learned" Lost
Students vs. Nevermore "Battle of Beacon" Won
Students vs. Grimm, White Fang, AK-200s and Paladins

"Battle of Beacon"
"Heroes and Monsters"



Yatsuhashi was born in the kingdom of Mistral, where he lived with his parents, grandfather, and his sister, Hiyoko. At the age of eight, he discovered his Semblance, and being a problem child, decided to use it to his advantage. However, this took a turn when, in a fit of jealousy, he wiped his mother's memory of his sister for a day. Yatsuhashi was traumatized by this and took care of Hiyoko while he waited for his mother's memory to return. Once they did, he came clean to his parents about discovering his Semblance, to which his parents told him to never use the Semblance again. However, his grandfather suggested that he went to Beacon Academy to master it to use his ability for good.


First Year

During his first year at Beacon, Yatsuhashi went through the Beacon Academy Initiation with the task of finding a relic in the Emerald Forest on his second day at the Academy. To land on the ground safely after being launched into the air, Yatsuhashi spun through several trees with his sword (compared himself to a helicopter seed), and then stabbed a big tree before sliding down it the whole way and cleaving it in half when he reached the ground.

In the Emerald Forest, Yatsuhashi caught Velvet Scarlatina in the midst of a nasty fall, catching her in the air in order to land safely. However, despite having just saved her, Velvet showed disdain towards him due to his Mistralian origins, to Yatsuhashi's dismay, though the two eventually started over once Yatsuhashi made it clear he had no hostilities towards her.

After being chased by a pack of Boarbatusks, the two make it to the temple, where they discover the relics along with Coco Adel and Fox Alistair, where Velvet notes are playing tablets fashioned after a deck of cards, and takes the Queen of Hearts card for their duo.

The group then finds themselves surrounded by a horde of Ursai. Coco forms a plan for their escape, where she kills one Ursa to break the ring whilst Yatsuhashi knocks another aside for Fox to kill with Sharp Retribution. Meanwhile, Velvet stays in the middle and shouts directions & warnings to the teammates while Coco brought up the rear to cover their backs.

The team is later properly christened by Ozpin as Team CFVY.

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Second Year, First Semester

Yatsuhashi, like most Beacon students, watched the Beacon Academy Initiation take place. He grew a high amount of respect for Team RWBY, as they had quickly earned a hotshot reputation at Beacon. Shortly after the Initiation, Yatsuhashi and Fox Alistair confronted Weiss Schnee about her attitude, much to her dismay.

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Second Year, Second Semester

Team CFVY returns from their disastrous failure at Lower Cairn.

During their second semester, team CFVY was sent on a mission to the settlement of Lower Cairn near Mountain Glenn, supervised by Professor Peter Port. There, they found the settlement to not only be wiped out, but completely flattened by the Grimm. Along with his team, Yatsuhashi found six survivors from the Grimm, a family of a father, a mother, and four children hiding in a nearby cave. While attempting to rescue the family, the father was killed by an Ursa that attacked the Huntsmen, causing the mother and children to run back to their cave. To the Huntsmen-in-trainings' horror, the cave was then crushed by a Goliath that was rampaging nearby. Team CFVY evacuated from the settlement which had been completely lost, and their mission was considered an outright failure.

Yatsuhashi briefly appears with his team in "Field Trip", returning from a mission with his team and passing Velvet Scarlatina as she explains to Team RWBY their reasons for arriving so late.

He later appears in "Breach", arriving by Bullhead along with his team and Peter Port, and helps to stem the tide of Grimm.

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Vytal Festival

Protecting Coco from Mercury

In "Round One", he is briefly seen on the fairgrounds posing for two girls.

Yatsuhashi and his team are competing in the Vytal Festival tournament, representing Beacon and the kingdom of Vale. After Team CFVY wins their (off-screen) match in the team round of the tournament, Yatsuhashi and Coco Adel are selected to represent them in the doubles round.

They are "randomly" matched with Emerald Sustrai and Mercury Black, but unknown to them, this match was actually rigged by Cinder Fall. They lose the match without knocking out either opponent.

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The Battle of Beacon

Yatsuhashi at Beacon

Yatsuhashi is among the group of students present at Amity Colosseum at the beginning of this Grimm attack on Vale. His weapon flies to the floating arena in a rocket-propelled locker. After a Giant Nevermore breaks into the stadium, he and Sage Ayana deal a blow that decapitates it, leaving it to evaporate upon death.

He is among the students that choose to fight this battle rather than flee. The group takes an Air Bus to Beacon where they begin to fight the Grimm as well as rogue Atlesian Knight-200s and Atlesian Paladin-290s.

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RWBY: After the Fall

Following the Battle of Beacon, Yatsuhashi, along with his team, stayed in Vale for a short while to help Glynda Goodwitch secure the city. Eventually, team CFVY decided to move on to new things, and with Glynda's support, transferred to Shade Academy.

At Shade, team CFVY received a distress call from the settlement of Gossan due to a Grimm invasion. They found the settlement had been destroyed and aided the survivors in reaching the settlement of Feldspar. After Feldspar was invaded by Grimm, the team successfully lead the nomads to Coquina without any casualties.

Additionally, with the aid of his team, Yatsuhashi uncovered a plot set by Carmine Esclados and Bertilak Celadon to traffic humans for an unknown employer and subsequently arrested the two.

When they arrived at the settlement of Coquina, Team CFVY encountered Team SSSN, who informed Yatsuhashi and the rest of the team about the events that transpired in the Battle of Haven.

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RWBY: Before the Dawn

Hunting The Crown

Fox, along with his team, takes to illegally hunting for The Crown at night, having heard news of Carmine and Bertilak's escape.

One month after the events of RWBY: After the Fall, Velvet and Yatsuhashi save Sun when he comes across a trio of thugs, known as Pink, Brown, and Green. He finds himself nearly defeated by their Semblances, and has to be saved by Velvet and Yatsuhashi. Sun asks the two what they're doing out there, and Velvet explains that Team CFVY has been patrolling the streets of Vacuo at night in search of a group known as the Crown, as well as criminals Carmine and Bertilak, since they got back to the city. In turn, Sun tells them in that his childhood friends have been disappearing, which while common for Vacuo, there was no trace of them left. Sun offers to help Team CFVY stop the Crown at the end of the chapter.

One week after the start of Team SSSN's first week at Shade Academy, Yatsuhashi and his team meet with SSSN, where Sun Wukong offers to aid them in stopping the Crown. Team CFVY is initially opposed to this, but later decides to consider it. Fox and his team go to an 8am class with Xanthe Rumpole, where the professor discusses the Great War with her students.

After classes, Teams SSSN and CFVY walk around the city, visiting the Weeping Wall at Vacuo, which has a list of missing people, including Rosa Schwein, who Sun recognizes as Pink, a thug who he had fought the previous night who had attempted to kidnap a woman. At the Weeping Wall, the group notices a young Faunus girl around their age breaks down when she realizes her older sister is now missing as well. With this information, the group returns to Shade Academy.

At Shade, Team CFVY introduces Team SSSN to the Beacon Brigade, , who are survivors of the falls of Beacon and Haven. Sun finds himself to dislike the idea of the group, and tells them it's a bad idea. He storms off, leaving Fox and the rest the Beacon Brigade to continue without him.

At night, SSSN joins CFVY on one of their nightly patrols. During their patrol, they spot Green and Brown attempting to kidnap a merchant. Teams SSSN and CFVY chase them, eventually coming into an abandoned Dust refinery. The teams lose track of the thugs, and Fox senses nearly 50 Auras within the building, including Rumpole's. Coco decides she'll confront them the next day.

Shade Academy Re-Initiation

The following morning, Yatsuhashi, along with other Shade Academy students, is called onto the campus Meeting Grounds for an assembly, where Theodore tells them of a group of students patrolling with business of local authorities at night. Because of this, he declares a school-wide curfew at Rumpole's suggestion, as well as a temporary reshuffling of teams due to a large wave of Beacon and Haven students.

Fox is present for the Shade Academy Initiation, where he is placed as a member of Team BYRN alongside Bolin Hori, Rae Noire, and Neptune. He later attends another Beacon Brigade meeting, where he explains the group's origins to Sun.

Sometime after this, while Coco is out on a mission with Team ROSC in the Wastelands, Fox and Yatsuhashi notice that despite Team NOVA having returned from their task, Velvet had gone missing with Sun. The two find and barge into Neptune's room, demanding to know where they were. However, the underclassman refuses to betray Sun who had asked him not to tell anyone where they were, forcing Fox and Yatsuhashi to take more extreme measures. The two take Neptune into Shade's courtyard and hold him over a fountain, hoping that his fear of water will cause him to break. As they do so, Yatsuhashi tells Fox that they should stop and the harassment they were doing is cruel, but Fox only dismisses him as being soft. Despite this, Neptune refuses to tell them were Sun and Velvet were, instead hinting that the information they need was on his Scroll. Fox and Yastuhashi discover that the two had gone to The Mirage, a nightclub in the desert, and decide that the three of them would go find them.

Before they can do so, however, they are interrupted by Rumpole, who tells them they won't be breaking the curfew. Fox smugly puts that they frankly don't care, and Rumpole would have to stop them. The professor obliges to this request and attacks the group, leading to a small skirmish that draws in a crowd, including Theodore. During the fight, Rumpole muses they if they can guess her first name, she'd let them go. Fox uses his ADA device to start guessing names, eventually figuring it to be Xanthe. Despite this, Rumpole continues to attack the group, forcing Yatsuhashi to use his Semblance on her, revealing that she had been under mind control. Theodore calls the three students and Rumpole to his office to explain.

To their shock, a now-lucent and shaken Rumpole tells them that she had been tipped about the Mirage being one of two Crown headquarters in the Wastelands, the second being near a CCT relay tower. She had been attacked by Carmine and was ordered to delay any Crown investigations by the group's leader. The Shade staff and the students decide to form a plan to rescue Velvet, Sun, and Team ROSC from the Wastelands.

Yatsuhashi and Neptune enter the Mirage building, where they find Sun and Velvet had been put under mind control. He breaks Velvet's mind control, and sees Umber at a nearby bar. Assuming her to be under control as well, he attempts to break the effects on her mind, only to find she's working for the Crown willingly. Umber forces him into the Sage where he fights Sun and breaks his mind control, but is defeated and captured by Carmine who had entered the club. Neptune, Velvet, and Sun escape, stunned.

At night, Jax Asturias sits in his throne in front of a chained Yatsuhashi, seeing CFVY as nothing more than a team of glory-seeking hotshots. He interrogates Yatsuhashi, trying to get him to explain his Semblance, and believes that at full strength Yatsuhashi could wipe somebody completely clean of their memories. Jax offers a deal - join him and he'll spare CFVY. Yatsuhashi declines, and is put under mind control - serving under Jax. The would-be king announces now is their time to strike, using his Semblance to convince the others despite initial protest that they aren't ready. He gleefully thinks of future possibilities.

The Battle of Shade

Under mind control, Yatsuhashi joins the Crownsmen in their attack on the Academy's walls. The Beacon Brigade lead the defense alongside Theodore and Rumpole. Coco orders Velvet to take Octavia and go find Gillian and Carmine in the Wastelands, and Sun follows. Coco engages a mind-controlled Yatsuhashi in battle, who eventually manages to break the effects of Jax's mind control. The two decide to use this to their advantage, and pretend that Yatsuhashi is still under the Crown's spell. The Crownsmen begin to push the Huntsmen into the interior of Shade, and Gillian arrives in battle. Fox looks for Gillian in the fight, and senses that her Aura is connected to Jax as more waves of the Grimm arrive.

As the sides begin to have to balance battling each other and the Grimm, the monsters begin to turn on the Crownsmen and only attack them, which both sides realize is due to the high amounts of Aura that the Crown has, making them a magnet to the Grimm. Sun's message arrives, revealing the Crown's crimes to Vacuo, causing the city to unite against them as well. As Gillian has a revelation about the Grimm's relation to Aura, she begs Jax to retreat with her, and to her horror, her brother tells her they'll win the fight or die in battle. Gillian begins to stop giving him Aura to convince him to run, but he uses his mind control to force her to give him Aura instead, draining all of her remaining strength away. As this happens, Yatsuhashi reveals himself, and attacks Jax. Using her Semblance, Gillian transfers all of Jax's Aura to Yatsuhashi, and the younger Huntsman lobotomizes the Crown's leader, leaving Jax in a vegetative state. When Yatsuhashi asks why Gillian did it, she says she'd do anything for his brother, which is why she formed the Crown with him, but she didn't want to die herself. Out of Aura, the Grimm begin to attack everyone again as Sun, Velvet, and Octavia return and help alongside a fully united Vacuo.

Days after the battle, the loyal Crown members had been arrested and the mind controlled members were let go, the Beacon Brigade meets to celebrate, and Sun apologizes to his team for being an awful leader. After this, Sun takes Velvet to see Starr at her dojo. Her business had picked up more clout since the battle, and she wants to know what Sun has been up to since he went to Haven. Team SSSN enters, and they begin to catch her up on their journey.

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