You're gonna pay for this.
— Junior confidently approaching Yang with his bazooka on his shoulder

"Yang vs. Junior" is a conflict that occurred on the dance stage at Junior's Club between Yang Xiao Long and the club's owner, Junior Xiong, during the "Yellow" Trailer.

Preceding EventsEdit

After defeating Miltia and Melanie Malachite on the dance stage in Junior's Club, Yang is approached by a recovered Junior, who is carrying his bazooka and seeking revenge for what Yang has done thus far in his club.

The FightEdit

Junior fires off a stream of rockets from his weapon's bazooka form, and Yang backflips and siderolls to dodge several. Upon righting herself, Yang then destroys several more incoming rockets with well-placed shots from Ember Celica.

Advancing, Junior changes his weapon to its bat form and strikes at Yang multiple times, with the latter managing to defend and block all but one, causing her to recoil and stumble. This gives Junior an opening to hit her in the face, sending her flying backwards into a glass structure.

Yang pushes herself to her feet, her hair ablaze and shining gold. She then slams her fists together, creating a minor shockwave, before dashing forward. Junior arms his rocket launcher and starts firing wildly, each shot missing as Yang sidesteps and evades them. She quickly closes the gap between them, dodging a strike from Junior before laying into him, landing seven punches, each amplified by her weaponry. The final punch sends Junior flying back, his weapon broken in two, one piece of it in one hand, a lock of Yang's hair in the other.

The sight enrages Yang, who promptly engulfs herself in a huge explosion of fire, which shatters the dance floor. She then charges Junior at a rapid speed, landing one final blow square in the jaw, which sends him flying through a window into the street, incapacitated, ending the fight.


  • The eighth and ninth chapters of the RWBY manga depicts the fight against Junior.

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