Is this everyone?
—Yang, asking about the bandits

"Yang vs. Bandits" is a fight between Yang Xiao Long and the Branwen bandits.

Preceding EventsEdit

After picking up Shay D. Mann and following his directions, Yang is ambushed by him and several bandits from the Branwen Tribe.

The FightEdit

Yang blocks a shot with her prosthetic arm and questions the bandits who surround her. The bandits answer her and attack her after she readies her weapons. The first bandit decides to rush her with his bayonet outfitted rifle but Yang kicks at his legs to knock him off balance and punches him into the ground.

A second bandit tries to swipe at her with his machete but she dodges with a cartwheel in order to kick his arm away and doges another swipe before kicking him away. She then uses her prosthetic to block a volley of shots from a group of bandits firing their rifles, before proceeding to kick off another machete-wielding bandit to backflip and knocking all the rifle-wielding bandits down with a twirling kick.

A female bandit tries to engage Yang in hand-to-hand, but she is knocked down by Yang's prosthetic. Yang uses her metal arm again to block a strike from another machete bandit, before uppercutting him with said arm. Yang then steps on the Shady Man's foot, knocking him to the ground, before Yang delivers a left twirling kick to a trio of bandits that try to attack her from behind. As Yang tosses another bandit to the ground, the Shady Man gets back up and fires his pistol at Yang, though she dodges the shot.

She knocks out the two remaining bandits before using her Ember Celica to project herself toward the Shady Man. The Shady Man, out of bullets, uses the blade on his pistol's handle to try and slash at Yang as she gets closer, but Yang uses her left Ember Celica to twirl over him, before she uses her prosthetic to deliver a powerful strike that knocks the Shady Man into another bandit that got back up, only to be knocked down again. With all the bandits down, the fight is over.

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