You guys wouldn't happen to have seen a girl in a red hood would you?
—Yang making one-sided conversation with the Ursai

"Yang and Blake vs. Ursai" is a conflict that occurred in the Emerald Forest during "The Emerald Forest". In this battle, Yang Xiao Long fights two Ursai and is later assisted by Blake Belladonna.

Preceding EventsEdit

After being launched off Beacon Cliff, Yang skillfully lands deep within the Emerald Forest and proceeds to wanders around.

However, as she wanders around, she hear a rustle in the bushes near her and proceeds to poke her head through, suspecting Ruby Rose as the source of the noise. Instead, she is greeted by the presence of two hostile Ursai, who begin to attack her.

The FightEdit

Immediately readying Ember Celica, Yang intercepts the first Ursa's lunge and sends it flying with a shot to the gut. The second one soon follows, and Yang uses her gauntlet's recoil to propel her through the air to deal a strong kick to the other Ursa, sending it back as well.

Yang attempts some witty banter in the form of a one-liner but is interrupted when the first Ursa gets back up and swipes at her. Yang easily backflips out of the way, but the Ursa manages to sever a single strand of Yang's golden hair in the process.

Infuriated, Yang's eyes turn red as she dashes for the Ursa that grazed her hair. She proceeds to first launch the Ursa into the air with an uppercut, and a barrage of bullet-enhanced punches at staggering speeds commences, sending the Ursa flying back with Yang closely following after. This barrage ends when Yang delivers a particularly powerful punch that sends it through multiple trees and leaves a trail of fire behind it in the process.

With the first Ursa out of the picture, Yang immediately turns her attention to the second, purposely provoking it. However, before either can act, the second Ursa falls over dead, with Gambol Shroud in kusari-gama form embedded in the back of its shoulders. Blake is revealed standing behind the fallen Ursa and casually retrieves her weapon by yanking the ribbon.


  • Chapter 3 of the RWBY: The Official Manga depicts the battle except some scenes are different and some are extended.

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