Season 1Edit

Fighting GameEdit

You know, when this is all over, maybe I can teach you a couple combos! Let you learn from the real master!
—Yang, to Ruby
Zwei! What did I say!? Blake is not a chew toy!
—Yang, to Zwei

Little Red Riding HoodEdit

Who's got time for sleep when I've prepared this great song and dance number?! And-a-one, and-a-two–
—Yang to everyone
Easy there, Wolfy! You haven't even bought me dinner yet! Heyo!
—Yang to Blake
Oh, woe is me! I was too young to die! Despite what many thought, seeing as I was a grandmother...
—Yang to Blake
"Loved by many and known for her hood?" You totally based her off yourself!
—Yang to Ruby

Spin the BottleEdit

She's not human...
—Yang, to Ruby and Blake, about Nora

Neptune's PhobiaEdit

Off. Now.
—Yang, telling Jaune to get off her motorbike

Bike RaceEdit

Well I hope Nana taught you to lose, princess. 'Cause you don't have the horsepower.
—Yang, to Weiss
Hey everyone! Don't forget the tournament starts next week! It's "vital" we all do our best! As in, the Vytal Tournament? Hello? This is on, right?
—Yang to everyone
Wait, wait, wait. You haven't heard about that time I, uh... fought a Nevermore! Yeah! It was a pretty "Grimm" situation!
—Yang, to everyone

Save Nora!Edit

Here's your hero!
—Yang, knocking out a Beowolf to save Nora

Evil PlansEdit

Face... my... fury!
—Yang, unleashing her power to open a pickle jar

Pillow FightEdit

NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! She was so young!
—Yang, mourning over Ruby's "death"

A Slip Through Time and SpaceEdit

Yeah, Jaune wore a dress and you guys all did that awesome dance together. You guys were so in sync. Team JNPR must really have their act together, 'cause there's no way we would be able to improvise something like that on the spot just like that.
—Yang to Pyrrha, about Beacon Dance

The One with a Laugh TrackEdit

Oh, well, the boys' fight class is about to let out. I think I can see the showers from here.
—Yang, to everyone

Season 2Edit

Director OzpinEdit

Hurry up and pick so we can kick your butt, Jaune.
—Yang, to Jaune
Not the face!
—Yang, to Penny

Geist BusterEdit

Fire in the hole!
—Yang, launching a book at the enemy
It's like I always suspected, textbooks are evil!
—Yang, about textbooks attacking them

Dad JokesEdit

It probably would have been butter, if you never started.
—Yang, to Taiyang

Girls Rock!Edit

You're not ready for our rock! We will melt your boooooooooooooooooooooones!
—Yang, to everyone

Coming Home to RoostEdit

That's it. Now you're being a Yang man.
—Yang, to everyone

Cool DadEdit

You know, like love is for suckers and rules are for fools.
—Yang to Taiyang
Yeah, that's way better than being cool. Now please, stop trying to get yourself killed.
—Yang, to Taiyang

Parent Teacher ConferenceEdit

Cruising on your motorcycle? Dancing at a shady club all night long? Beating down a room full of bad guys?
—Yang, to her team


I was gonna ask you the same thing. You just, beat me to the punch.
—Yang, to Taiyang

Steals and WheelsEdit

Heh, what? I'm too awesome? I make this look easy? I care too much? You could stop me any time.
—Yang, to Neptune
This'll be satisfying alright.
—Yang, to Roman and Neo, about payback for scamming her and the others

Season 3Edit

Road TripEdit

This is gonna be the best heckin' road trip, ever!
—Yang, to her team
If you want girls to like you, we have to make you sound more dangerous.
—Yang, to Taiyang, helping to improve his dating profile
There we go! The "LoveDaddy" is officially on the hunt! Look out, ladies.
—Yang to Taiyang

Mortal FrenemiesEdit

You're so primitive. No, let me demonstrate. (picks up Zwei) Zwei, you are a loved and valued member of this family, we need to take action so that you can live your life.
—Yang, to Zwei

Girls' Night OutEdit

Sorry guys, this is a girls' night out. No boys allowed.
—Yang, to Jaune and Ren

Kids vs Adults vs PupsEdit

I'm the Yang! Let's fight!
—Zwei's image of Yang

Nefarious DreamsEdit

They say once you become an adult, your brain doesn't work as goodly.
—Yang, to Ruby
Dad, sometimes you have to think with your fists. You want me to bust you out the "Yang way"?
—Yang, to Taiyang

Play With PennyEdit

Oh, hey! I wanna punch that! I mean, I doubt it'll do much... But I'm still gonna punch it!
—Yang, to the giant Grimm
I was right, it was pointless... I'm not sorry.
—Yang, after being defeated by the giant Grimm

RWBY DreamsEdit

I'll tell you where I'm going: anywhere I want!
—Yang, to Taiyang
Suck rainbow, authority figures!
—Yang, to everyone

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