RWBY: Amity ArenaEdit

Kiddie gloves are comin' off!
—Biker Yang
—Rocket Yang

RWBY: Grimm EclipseEdit

—Yang's character taunt
Let's start this mission with a Yang!
—Yang, in Chapter 1
Kiddie gloves are coming' off!
—Yang, before entering combat
Found a thingy!
—Yang, after collecting an artifact
They say there's no I in team, but 'I' just did that.
—Yang, after performing a Team Attack

RWBY: The Official MangaEdit

Chapter 5Edit

I'm kinda jealous of how in-sync they are actually. Please screw up already!
—Yang, commenting about Weiss and Blake's teamwork
Yayyy! Congrats!! You did it, Ruby!! My marvelous sisterrrrrr!
—Yang, to Ruby after she was made leader of Team RWBY

Chapter 6Edit

You gotta stop making those assumptions, is what I'm saying. Blake already explained it to you.
—Yang, to Weiss

Chapter 7Edit

Honestly... I dunno what the right move is. Back there... I couldn't let myself chase after her. Cuz if I did... And if I learned the truth... It'd feel like... we could never go back to how things were.
—Yang's reason why she didn't go after Blake, to Ruby

Chapter 8Edit

Darn you... For making me worry like that!!
—Yang, to Blake
You can forgive her, right Blake? 'Specially since she was running around for you all night worried sick.
—Yang explaining to Blake about how Weiss been looking for her

Chapter 9Edit

We know, Blake. You're been holding it in ever since that night. Itching to run off and take care of business, right?
—Yang, to Blake about the incident with the White Fang

Chapter 10Edit

So, Roman Torchwick teamed up with the White Fang. Any clue what they're planning? C'mon, tell me. We're friends, right?
—Yang, to Junior

Chapter 11Edit

Get the heck away from... My partner!!
—Yang, to Roman

Chapter 15Edit

A globetrotting adventurer... who doles out punishment to villains in styles!
—Yang's reason why she wants to become a Huntress, to Oobleck

Chapter 16Edit

Don't lay a hand... on my sis!!
—Yang, to White Fang goons
See, We're here not to fight villains. We fight to protect.
—Yang, to Roman

DC ComicsEdit

Chapter 3: "Yang: Part One Rebuilding"Edit

Yang don't do it. Don't get your hopes up. ...You also go to a monster-hunting school and your soul gives you superpowers. Maybe keep an open mind. And what if this is why dad sent me here...
—Yang, to herself
Oh. So. Was this--What? Some--Morality play? Like, showing me "The true power was inside me all along" That kind of thing? Or was I just here to prove to you that I really coild do this stuff just as well as anyone in the village? which is somehow even grosser, since then I'm not even the hero of my own story.
—Yang, to Mallari

Chapter 7: "Yang: Part Two Magic Words"Edit

I'll be better sister and a better friend! I'm starting today, I promise! Those are magic words, right?
—Yang, promise to keep her words about being better person

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