But Grimm aren't that smart.
—Jaune, about The Hound

"Yang, Jaune, Ren and Oscar vs. The Hound" was a battle that occurred in "Refuge" and "Fault."

Preceding Events

Upon her arrival to Atlas, Salem commands The Hound to capture Oscar Pine and bring him so she can learn how to activate the Relic of Knowledge.

Meanwhile in Mantle, Ruby's Group have decided to split up, with Oscar, Yang Xiao Long, Jaune Arc, and Lie Ren deciding to remain in Mantle to assist the Happy Huntresses with evacuating the remaining civilians to safety. After dealing with stray Grimm in the eastern side of Mantle, they notice three Sabyrs approaching. However, before they attack, the Sabyrs suddenly stop and retreat, confusing the four as this behavior is unusual for Grimm. Before anyone can react, The Hound pounces on Oscar, knocking him and Ren off the HVB Rhino.

The Fight

The Hound continues mercilessly bodying Oscar, causing his Aura to flicker. Ren shouts out for him while he tries to kick the Hound off of him, but to no avail whatsoever. The beast jumps onto him one last time, breaking his Aura completely as well as knocking into a deep state of unconsciousness.

The Hound picks up Oscar in its hand, and Yang drives her HVB Rhino into the beast it in attempt to attack it. However, it puts Oscar forward in Yang's direction, causing her to swerve out of the way. The Hound then grabs Yang by her head off of the bike and throws her into the building. Ren fires a couple shots from his weapons at it, then uses its grapple-hooks to latch onto it. However, it pulls Ren toward itself and swats him aside as well. Jaune unsheathes his sword, while he and Yang note the Hound's ingenuity, stating that no Grimm has ever acted as such before.

Ren aims at the Hound from his position, but it continues with its unexplained intellect and brings up Oscar's body in the way. When Ren demands for the beast to give Oscar back, it shifts some of its neck innards before saying, "No."

This response throws the entire team into a state of utter shock and bewilderment, and it transforms to grow wings out of its back after putting Oscar on the ground. Thereafter, it takes Oscar in its mouth and flies away. The team recovers and pursue the Grimm. When Fiona Thyme asks them for their status over the radio, they say that they have an emergency and that she wouldn't believe them if they told her what was going on.

The Huntsmen continue their chase on their bikes into the Solitas Tundra, with Oscar still in the Hound's clutches. Jaune expresses his worry that it may evade them through the mountains, as they can't keep up due to the cold messing with the engines. Ren tells the others that he doesn't think the bikes will last much longer, allowing for Yang to express her wish that one of them could fly. This gives Jaune an idea, and tells Ren that he is to go up onto the Hound to try and get Oscar. Ren jumps off his bike onto Jaune's shield, and leaps off of it with all his might as well as the assistance from Jaune's strength and the Gravity Dust embedded in the shield. All this is enough to throw Ren far enough for him to fire one of his blades' grapples and have it latch onto the Hound's foot. Yang compliments Jaune with a high-five, which sends Jaune off balance, though he is quickly able to take control again.

Meanwhile, Ren struggles to stay airborne as the Hound has flown between two mountains and its strange maneuvers cause Ren to hit the sides of the cliffs. Ren still holds on while Jaune notes that the Hound is indeed slowing down a bit and encourages Ren. Ren spots a medium-sized rock on the ground and uses his other blade's grapple to hook onto it in an attempt to slow the Hound even more. Yang and Jaune take this opportunity to get closer, but the Hound notices this and flies higher, ceasing the grapple's grasp onto the mini-boulder and knocking Ren around some more. As Ren hits a wall of rock, some of it breaks off and nearly hits Yang, but she is able to dodge and climb onto a hill to their left after she spots it, gaining some altitude and proximity. She catches up to the Hound in terms of horizontal distance and fires at it with her robotic arm. The Hound is unaffected, however, and propels forward, losing Yang, and, putting Oscar in its hands from its mouth, gives out a loud screech while the Huntsmen continue pursuing it. The screech summons dozens of Centinels, much to Yang's surprise.

Jaune is forced to evade the Centinels that have sprouted from the ground, while Yang continues on the hillside. A Teryx appears and flies at Yang who narrowly dodges it. She then continues onward, while Jaune kills all the Centinels that are in his way while he proceeds. Oscar, all the while, is still showing no signs of regaining consciousness anytime soon. Ren tries to get himself closer to the Hound by climbing up the rope, while Jaune continues to fend off the Centinels. However, one Centinel that he merely avoided instead of killed spits out some acid from its mouth onto Jaune's bike's engine. Afterward, it couples with another Centinel and they both launch themselves in a cooperative circular motion as the engine fails. Jaune is forced to abandon his bike.

He jumps off of it and half-somersaults onto another Centinel, which he kills by launching off of with his shield's Gravity Dust. He lands on his feet onto the ramp that Yang had took earlier and rolls afterward to attain balance, although that does not fully work. Yang drives by him as he is trying to gain balance and, grabbing him by his arm, seats him onto her bike behind her. She then accelerates full speed, swiftly dodging each and every Centinel, but the aforementioned Teryx lands in front of them. Jaune throws his disc grenade at a boulder which generates a hard-light shield in front of the boulder upon landing. Yang drives into the hard-light, making it lean against the boulder, and then drives onto it as a ramp, lauching them into the air above the Teryx. They do have a rough landing however, but they manage to reorient themselves and avoid all Centinels. However, when they look forward, they see that they have reached the end of the tundra and are met with a cliff. Yang desperately tries to veer to a side to halt the bike, but the bike tips over and crashes into a nearby rock after they fall off of it. Jaune tries to stop them from falling off the cliff -- as they are tumbling -- by sticking his sword onto the ground right next to the drop, however, he is unable to get a sufficient grip on his sword before he and Yang fall to their deaths.

Ren sees this and jumps down to save them, letting the Hound get away with Oscar in the process. He essentially hitches one rope onto Crocea Mors and the other onto Jaune's foot, while Jaune holds onto Yang's hand. The Teryx flies by them, but Ren activates his Semblance to mask their negative emotions, causing the Teryx to be unable to detect them. It flies away and the other Teryxes and Centinels leave, while Ren looks on at the Hound flying away with Oscar to Monstra and Salem.


Now stranded in the tundra with their remaining HVB Rhino damaged, Jaune tries to find a signal and call for transport back to Mantle as Yang picks up and gathers any pieces left behind by the bike. Ren, however, does nothing to help, frustrated of what happened recently.


  • During the Volume 8 Directors Commentary, Miles Luna and Kerry Shawcross praised the shot of The Hound attacking Oscar for its brutality. Paula Decanini credits senior animator Megan Pellino for the shot.[1]
  • Connor Pickens drew inspiration from racing games like "Star Wars Podracing" and "Mario Kart" when directing the chase sequence.[2]
  • Ren being the MVP of the chase and having to save Jaune and Yang makes him feel like he is carrying the rest of the group and adds to his resentment he displays later.[3]

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