For Yang's Weapon, see Ember Celica.
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Yang's Prosthetic Arm is a prosthesis made by Pietro Polendina and James Ironwood. It was given to Yang Xiao Long after she lost her arm during the Fall of Beacon. It serves as a replacement arm as well as replacement for the Ember Celica she lost at Beacon.



The arm was originally silver, so Yang painted it gold to match her remaining gauntlet.

The arm has a black base with gold plating. The fingers are golden with black joints. The shotgun function is hidden on its wrist.


After getting to Atlas, the arm was upgraded by its original creator, Pietro Polendina. The arm can now transform into a larger, bulkier, and stronger Version similar to Ember Celica.


The arm was created by Pietro as a request from General James Ironwood. It is advanced enough to function like a human arm and Yang even comments that she is surprised at how natural it feels. The arm is stronger than a normal human arm and much more durable as it was able to withstand an attack from Adam Taurus' Semblance.

Yang can channel Aura through her arm, adding another layer of protection and is able to detach it on command.

The arm has a built-in shotgun that functions like her Ember Celica, allowing Yang to use her fighting style just like she did before the loss of her arm.


During the Battle of Beacon in "Heroes and Monsters", Yang's right arm, along with its gauntlet, was severed by Adam's attack. It is unknown if the weapon was recovered afterward. While recuperating at home in Patch, a package came for Yang with her new arm. The arm was created by Pietro Polendina as a personal request from General Ironwood for Yang's bravery during the battle at Beacon.

Although hesitant at first she tried it on to train with her father, Taiyang Xiao Long. When she decided to go after her sister, Ruby Rose, she painted it gold to match her remaining gauntlet.

During her fight with Adam, he used his Semblance to attack but she was able to withstand it with just a few scratches on the arm.

When Team RWBY, Team JNR, Oscar Pine, Qrow Branwen and Maria Calavera arrived at Mantle, Atlas, they visited Pietro who revealed that he created the arm. After being taken to Atlas Academy, James Ironwood decided that it's time for everyone to receive upgrades to their weapons. Dr. Polendina upgraded Yang's arm to be larger, bulkier and stronger.