Then let’s go for both. Get Amity up and running and evacuate Mantle.

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Yang's Group (unofficial) was a group consisting of Yang Xiao Long, Jaune Arc, Lie Ren and Oscar Pine formed to help the citizens of Mantle evacuate. It was disbanded after the members of the group reunited with Ruby's Group.


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Following the disagreement between Ruby Rose and Yang on whether to prioritize Mantle over Amity, she alongside Jaune Arc and Lie Ren decided to leave the group and stay to ensure the safety of Mantle's citizens. Oscar Pine joined them as well and head off to Pietro's Pharmacy.


After arriving at Pietro's Pharmacy and taking out the knights guarding it, the group finds three hover bikes that they use to traverse the city of Mantle. The group assist some citizens of Mantle in evacuating to the Crater. After receiving instructions from Fiona Thyme on Grimm actives in the East, Yang's Group went to deal with it. However, The Hound then appears and knocks Oscar unconscious. Yang, Jaune, and Ren attempt to rescue Oscar only for the mysterious new Grimm to use Oscar as a shield, preventing them from attacking before speaking shocking the three. The Hound Proceeds to fly away with Oscar with the trio following after them.

The trio follows The Hound and Oscar outside of Mantle into a canyon. Despite the trio's best effort, The Hound manages to get Oscar to Monstra while all but two of the hover bikes are destroyed while one is damaged. While traveling to an outpost Ren saw, the latter argues with Yang on their actions lead to the current situation with both Atlas and Mantle, while asking whether or not they are ready to be Huntsmen. The argument ends with Jaune attempting to intervene only for Ren to snap about how he cheated his way into Beacon. They ended up reaching the outpost with Yang working on repairing the bike, Jaune resting, and Ren standing outside in the cold.

Meanwhile Oscar is tortured by Salem for information on both the Relic of Choice and Relic of Knowledge. After Oscar refuses to answer her questions, Salem leaves him to Hazel Rainart who proceeds to beat Oscar for the information.

Later the trio later see the broadcast of Ruby's message from Amity Communications Tower before it was cut off. Yang, Jaune, and Ren quickly left the outpost when they heard something. They discovered a river of Grimm Liquid flowing from Monstra into Mantle.

Meanwhile, Oscar forms a plan with Ozpin on sabotaging Salem's Inner Circle from within. When Hazel returns, the latter ask why he works for Salem and attempts to warn him only for Salem to show up.

Yang, Jaune, and Ren attempted to call Atlas to warn them with Winter Schnee and the Ace Operatives hearing the signal and traveling to the location. After an argument about where Penny Polendina is only to their horror to witness the Grimm Liquid rise up to Atlas and destroying the Hard Light shield, allowing Salem and her forces to invade Atlas.

The group, now apprehended by the Ace-Ops, overhears Ironwood's plan to blow up Monstra from within. Begging to give them the chance to find Oscar, they convince Winter Schnee to allow them to be the ones to try and detonate the bomb. Winter agrees, but warns them that the bombs will be blown regardless of who's inside in order to slay the Grimm.

Yang and her group managed to enter Monstra. Still, they were uncertain about finding Oscar, with the Ace-Ops' objective’s adding tension to their mission. Guided by Ren’s evolved Semblance to sense emotions, they searched the whale’s inside while also avoiding attention from the Seers. They soon crossed paths with Emerald Sustrai, who had a change of heart and decided to escape Salem alongside Oscar with Hazel’s help. However, their rescue is halted by Salem’s untimely arrival. Yang and her group fought back but were overwhelmed by her power. Though with Hazel deciding to fight Salem, it gives the group a chance to escape as they all leave Monstra. However, Oscar stayed behind to aid Hazel in preventing Salem from coming after them. Hazel sacrifices his life to temporarily put Salem out of commission, but Oscar managed to survive and rejoin the group.

While Jaune heals Oscar from the attack, the group decided to reunite with Ruby's Group while bringing Emerald along with them. While they go through the subways of Atlas to head to Schnee Manor, Yang argues that bringing Emerald with them might be a mistake because she helped cause the Fall of Beacon and forced her to use a prosthetic arm. While Oscar and Ren argue against this and Emerald agrees with Yang, they come across the people of Atlas that were forced to evacuate to the subways for safety. Emerald notices how frightened they all are, but the group keeps moving forward. Eventually they all rejoin the main group back at the manor, merging back with Ruby's Group.


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