RWBY: World of Remnant

The Lone Wizard

Before the start of the Story of the Seasons, the Wizard had isolated himself in a small, fragile home in the mountains in utter isolation, being so depressed that even the creatures of Grimm avoided him. There, he is visited by four sisters, who each in their own unique ways are kind to him. The first, Winter, encourages him to meditate and reflect; the second, Spring, brings him fruit and flowers and revitalizes his garden; the third, Summer, convinces him to step outside and embrace the world; and the fourth, Fall, urges him to be thankful for what he has.

Moved by their kindness, the Wizard gave the four sisters great powers so that they may travel throughout Remnant continuing to share their gifts. The four sisters promise to return and visit him yearly.

After his death, Ozma's soul eventually reincarnated into the King of Vale.

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