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The clock is ticking on Jaune, Ren, and Yang's rescue mission. The Ace-Ops hold the line against Salem's forces.

"Witch" is the ninth episode of Volume 8 and the 101st episode of RWBY. It premiered for Rooster Teeth FIRST members on February 13th, 2021 and was made public on the Rooster Teeth site on February 20th, 2021.


Across the battlefield outside Atlas, as the Atlas Military continues to hold the line, corpses of the Atlas Soldiers can briefly be seen before Monstra is shown spilling out more Grimm.

Yang's Group manages to successfully infiltrate Monstra, stopping to catch their breath in one of the tunnels. As the group tries to figure out their next step, Lie Ren points out that he can feel some people's emotions deep within, to Yang Xiao Long's and Jaune Arc's surprise. They decide to follow Ren's lead.

Meanwhile, in the torture chambers, Oscar Pine recounts the fairy tale of the Woman Who Fell Through the World to himself, which Ozpin recognizes. Oscar compares himself to the girl in the excitement she felt about finding a new world, but now understands the sadness she felt when she came back home to find she wasn't the same person anymore. Ozpin believes their plan to divide Salem's allies failed, and offers to use his Magic to break them out. However, Oscar tells him he doesn't like using it, as he feels as though their souls merge faster as they do. Suddenly, the cell's door opens as Hazel Rainart lifts Oscar off the ground.

Meanwhile in the outskirts of Atlas, Winter Schnee orders squadron of soldiers, amongst them including Team FNKI to hold a landing zone for the bomb transport they plan to use on Monstra. Neon Katt and Flynt Coal attempt to comfort one another as Vine Zeki warns the squad of an incoming wave of Grimm. Watching the soldiers and the Ace-Ops climb out of a trench to fight, Marrow Amin solemnly remarks that they're just kids. Elm Ederne jumps into the trench, tells him to get ahold of his issues later and to fight.

In Monstra, Hazel drags Oscar to the room holding the Relic of Knowledge. He tells Oscar that he's been thinking about their conversation, telling him that if Oscar lied that Hazel would be punished before him; since Hazel doesn't know what will happen when the lamp activates, Oscar activating it should tell him what he needs to know. Emerald Sustrai walks in, but instead of intervening, she's also curious about what will happen. Oscar summons Jinn, who asks if he has a question for her. After a pause, an amazed Hazel tells Jinn his questions are already answered. He tells Oscar and Emerald he will do what his sister, Gretchen, would have done, which starts with getting the two of them away from Salem. Since moving the lamp now would trigger alarms throughout Monstra, Hazel says he'll come back for it later; without the password, Salem still can't use it. As they leave the room, a camouflaged figure peels off the wall, revealed to be Neopolitan. Removing her disguise, she moves towards the Relic.

In the tunnels, Jaune boosts Ren's Aura as he masks their emotions while searching for Oscar. Jaune's Aura starts to deplete, so he suggests Ren focus simply on locating Oscar and give Jaune directions so he can scout ahead for Grimm. After Jaune leaves, Yang jokingly comments that the two of them seem to have mended fences. Ren replies that she doesn't have to always hide her fear with humor, and both acknowledge that they are afraid, though Ren notes that Jaune doesn't seem to share it. Jaune suddenly rushes back, forcing the three of them to hide as a Seer floats down the passage. However, Ren's Aura finally gives out and the Seer sends out an alert of their presence.

Elsewhere in Monstra, as "Hazel" asks Emerald if "he" will be alright on his own, they run into Salem. When she asks whether Hazel's gotten answers from Oscar yet, he stammers, drawing her suspicions. However, she is distracted by the sound of the Seers, alerting her to intruders inside Monstra. Angered, she orders Hazel and Emerald to find them and protect the Lamp, then rushes away.

Outside on the battlefield, Team FNKI, the Ace-Ops and other Atlesians continue to hold the landing zone against the Grimm, just as a squadron of Mantas arrives; they are escorting a cargo ship carrying the bomb. Marrow worriedly urges "Juan" to hurry.

After defeating several Grimm, Yang, Jaune and Ren race through the tunnels until they run into Emerald and Hazel: as they prepare to attack, "Hazel" holds his hands in surrender, as Emerald's Semblance disguise disappears to reveal it is actually Oscar. Despite Yang's hostility toward Emerald, Ren acknowledges, without his Semblance, that they can trust her because she's just as afraid as they are. Emerald adds that she knows a way out of Monstra.

As the bomb is unloaded, Winter orders the Atlesians to clear a path through the Grimm to Monstra so they can set the timer. Marrow points out that Yang's group could still be alive inside, but Winter says she gave them their window and the Atlesians can't wait any longer. Marrow angrily asks what she would do if Weiss was inside, and whether she would be willing to tell her sister that she killed her friends. After a moment of hesitation, Winter sadly says she would, as it is her duty. She tells Marrow to do his.

Just as Emerald, Oscar, Yang, Jaune and Ren reach an exit in Monstra's side, they hear a rumbling sound, which Emerald recognizes in horror to be Salem; seconds later, she bursts through the wall in a blast of magic. Seizing Emerald, she coldly acknowledges that the latter has improved her Semblance. As Ren shoots at her with Stormflower, Salem turns and fires an energy blast at him: Jaune deflects it with his shield, but loses his Aura as they are both thrown backwards. Yang leaps forward, attaches sticky grenades to Salem's chest, and rockets away to detonate them. Salem's torso is ripped apart by the blast, but she merely projects a black tendril through her hand to snare Yang, easily pulling her back as she regenerates.

Oscar fires a blast of energy at Salem, causing her to stagger. Before he can attack again, Salem throws Yang at him and summons sigils underneath everyone, causing Shadow Hands to surge out and restrain the group.

She threateningly asks a terrified Emerald what she did with the Lamp, which has been taken. When Emerald insists she didn't do anything with it, Salem turns to Oscar, asking why he (Ozma) keeps coming back. Yang throws the question back at her, asking why Salem keeps bringing death and destruction on everyone else just because she didn't get "a fairy-tale ending". She adds that everything and everyone she's lost was due to Salem. When Salem asks who she took from Yang, she replies "Summer Rose... my mom", much to Salem's amusement.

Hazel suddenly arrives. Salem orders him to return Oscar to his cell, saying she has "work to do" on Emerald for her betrayal. After glancing at each of the captives, Hazel approaches and grabs Oscar, but mutters "No more Gretchens, boy" in his ear, and slips him The Long Memory. Just as Salem is about to torture Emerald, Hazel knocks her backward with a punch, releasing her grip on the others. Salem recovers, conjuring a tornado to lift her off the ground. Hazel tells them to flee, injecting various Dust crystals into his body and activating his Semblance. When Salem mocks him for giving up on avenging Gretchen, Hazel insists he's doing what his sister would have done, using various Dusts to match her magic. Once within range, he uses a combined Dust attack to bring her down, then smashes her torso and face apart with his fists. However, Salem finally overwhelms him, pulling him off her with Shadow Hands as she regenerates her body.

As Yang, Ren and Emerald escape from Monstra, Jaune urges Oscar to follow them, but Oscar points out that Salem will just come after them again. Salem hurls Hazel into a wall and smashes his head repeatedly against the ground, but pauses when she spots Oscar attempting to activate The Long Memory. She lunges toward him but Hazel restrains her her from behind. Salem summons more Shadow Hands to strangle him, but Hazel activates a Fire Dust crystal concealed in his mouth, engulfing himself and Salem in flames. As Salem thrashes and screams in rage, Hazel urges Oscar to "do it". Oscar activates the cane, which releases a green forcefield followed by a blast of light that engulfs all three of them.


As the Atlesian Military prepares to fight the scores of Grimm emerging from Monstra's body, Yang Xiao Long, Jaune Arc, and Lie Ren sprint down a corridor within the gigantic Grimm. They stop to catch their breath.

Yang: Well, that was harrowing.

Jaune: We're not in the clear yet. We still have to search this whole thing and find Oscar before the Ace Ops blow us to pieces.

Yang: How are we supposed to find Oscar? It's going to be like finding a needle in a... giant... whale. Why did we think this was a good idea?

Ren looks thoughtfully down the corridor.

Ren: I... I might be able to help. I can sense spikes of people's emotions, I think. It happened on Winter's ship. If I focus my Aura, I can keep it up.

Yang: Okay, that's new. Maybe one of them is Oscar.

Ren touches his temples with his fingertips, focusing.

Ren: I can sort of tell where they are, but not who. They're more of less in the same area though. Further in. I can lead.

Ren makes to move down the corridor, but Jaune stops him with a hand on his shoulder.

Jaune: Hey, you don't have to drain yourself. I can help too.

Ren: Yeah, good thinking. Thanks.

Jaune: Well, lead the way.

Jaune awkwardly points finger guns at Ren while Yang rolls her eyes.

Elsewhere in Monstra, Oscar lies on his side on the ground.

Oscar: She brushed off her bumps and bruises, for nothing hurt worse than the loneliness in her chest.

Ozpin: I recognize that. The Girl Who Fell Through The World?

Oscar chuckles, turning to lie on his back.

Oscar: I shouldn't be surprised you're so familiar with fairy tales.

Ozpin: I've lived through my share of them. How are you holding up?

Oscar: I thought the idea of falling through Remnant into a new world was exciting. I never understood why she was so sad when she finally made it back home. But now it makes more sense.

Oscar stretches out toward the light emanating from beyond a membrane on the ceiling, and studies his gloved hand.

Ozpin: She wasn't the same girl anymore.

Oscar: Yeah.

Ozpin: I think this plan to divide might have run its course. It's time we start thinking about a way out. Not having our cane certainly limits the options, so...

With effort, Oscar curls into a fetal position.

Oscar: No, I don't like what happens when we use magic. Every time we use it, I can feel us merging faster. I'm not ready for that.

Ozpin: I don't blame you. Honestly, I think you're doing just fine on your own.

The door opens and Hazel Rainart enters. Oscar pushes himself into a supine position just before Hazel grabs him by the collar and hauls him up.

Outside of Monstra, Atlesian soldiers are lined up on either side of a trench. Winter Schnee is walking between the rows, addressing her troops. Amongst the soldiers is Team FNKI.

Winter: Listen up everyone. We're keeping this LZ clear for the payload we're going to put aboard that thing. If we can't hold this line, it will continue to spit out Grimm and we lose the city. Is that understood?

Soldiers: Yes, ma'am.

Neon Katt turns to her teammate Flynt Coal, trying to stay upbeat.

Neon: You wouldn't happen to know a tune for this, huh?

Flynt: I don't know that anybody does.

Vine Zeki leaps clear over the trench, using his Semblance to move faster.

Vine: Another wave incoming. Keep them back.

With one last determined look at each other, Neon and Flynt climb the sides of the trench and join the fray alongside their fellow soldiers.

Soldier: Move, move, move!

Marrow Amin remains in the trench, watching them mobilize.

Marrow: But... they're just kids.

Elm Ederne touches down in the trench to admonish her teammate, her hammer at the ready.

Elm: You can hash out your issues later. Right now, just kill Grimm.

She climbs back out of the trench and scrambles across the battlefield.

Meanwhile, Hazel enters the room where Relic of Knowledge is being kept, and crudely drops Oscar along the path.

Oscar: Why did you bring me here?

Hazel takes a moment to examine the Lamp on its pedestal before he responds. As he speaks, he circles the Lamp, eyeing it suspiciously.

Hazel: I've been thinking about what you said. If it's a lie and I took that lie to Salem, the punishment would fall on my head before yours. If what you said is true and I used the password myself, well, I don't know what happens when this thing activates.

Hazel turns back to look down at Oscar.

Hazel: So let's see if you're bluffing.

Oscar: You want me to summon her?

Hazel: Either way, it'll tell me what I need to know.

Emerald Sustrai appears, looking between Hazel and Oscar with a concerned expression.

Emerald: What are you doing?

Hazel grunts noncommittally, joining her behind Oscar.

Hazel: Let's find out.

Oscar slowly gets up, holding his side. He takes a deep breath.

Oscar: Jinn.

Cyan mist unfurls from the Lamp. A nearby bubble of Grimm Liquid bursts and its droplets freeze in place. Hazel holds a protective arm out in front of Emerald, who takes a step back. Both look on in awe. Jinn materializes and stretches, settling into a relaxed position.

Jinn: Why, hello again, old man. Did you have a question for me?

Oscar chuckles, waving hello to Jinn. He turns to look at Hazel.

Hazel: Actually, I think all my questions are answered now.

Jinn looks on bemusedly.

Oscar: What are you going to do?

Hazel momentarily closes his eyes, likely in remembrance of his sister.

Hazel: What Gretchen would have done. And that starts with getting you away from here. Both of you.

He turns to Emerald, who can only blink in concern. Oscar approaches Hazel.

Oscar: I'm going to need something before I go.

Jinn: So just to be clear, none of you have a question for me?

Oscar: No, but we'll be bringing you with us.

Hazel and Emerald trade uneasy looks.

Hazel: The moment we move that thing, this place goes on high alert. Better to get you out first.

Oscar: But...

Hazel: I'll come back for it. Not like she knows the password anyway.

Hazel and Emerald turn to leave. With one last backward glance at Jinn, Oscar wordlessly follows them. Jinn looks to the side, before returning to the Lamp in a puff of cyan smoke. In the darkness next to the door, a pair of differently-colored eyes can be seen watching the trio leave. A featureless red figure steps out into the light, shimmers, and turns into Neopolitan. She slowly approaches the Lamp.

Yang, Jaune, and Ren are moving down a corridor. Jaune is using his Semblance to amplify Ren's. Before long, Jaune's Aura shimmers, and he splutters, short of breath.

Jaune: Sorry.

Jaune tries to put his hand on a wall for support, but it glides off the mucus-covered surface, and he shakes the goop from his hand, disgusted.

Ren: It's not your fault. I'm masking and tracking at the same time.

Yang: Do you guys need a minute?

Jaune: We don't know how much longer we have. Why don't you give masking a break? Give me directions and I can scout ahead.

Ren: Thanks. We should be heading straight for a while.

Jaune takes off down the corridor, raising an arm in farewell. The other two watch him go.

Yang: Well, at least you guys being friends again takes the sting out of impending doom.

Ren: It's okay to be afraid, you know. You don't always have to hide it with a joke.

Yang: Glad I'm not the only one who's scared.

Ren: Of course I'm scared.

Ren turns back to look in Jaune's direction.

Ren: Him on the other hand... There's no fear at all. I can see it, he believes we're going to get this done.

Ren turns back to face Yang, who chuckles.

Yang: Then I do too.

Suddenly, Jaune comes sprinting at full force toward them. He hurries them into an alcove and crouches by its entrance, expanding his shield and drawing his sword.

Jaune: Mask us, Ren!

The trio turns monochrome as Ren uses his Semblance. A Seer hovers into the nearby corridor. Ren's Aura shimmers, and he struggles to keep his Semblance active. The Seer floats past them, but stops in its tracks after Ren's Aura breaks and his Semblance deactivates.

Emerald and (what appears to be) Hazel are moving down a hallway within Monstra.

Hazel: You sure he'll be okay on his own?

Emerald: I don't know, we just need to get... Wait.

Emerald holds a hand out in front of Hazel, who comes to an awkward stop. Salem is coming down the corridor toward them. Emerald quickly grabs Hazel's arm, pulling him out of Salem's way. They stand to the side with their heads bowed in deference.

Salem: Ah, Hazel. Have you gotten what we need yet?

Hazel turns to look at her, his eyes wide. He glances down at Emerald.

Hazel: I... I, uh...

Salem's eyes narrow suspiciously. Suddenly, a loud screech echoes through the corridors, and she turns away.

Salem: The Seers... seems we have guests.

Her eyes widen, and her calm demeanor drops.

Salem: The Lamp! Find them!

She speeds unnaturally fast down the hallway.

Yang, Jaune and Ren have just finished destroying the small troop of Grimm that the Seer had called after them.

Ren: What now?

Yang: Let's do what we do best, charge blindly into danger.

Jaune: Would've gone with "keep moving forward," but sure. Ren?

Ren: Forward, no matter what.

The three move onward down the hallway.

Outside Monstra, Atlesian Paladins make short work of a pair of Megoliaths while Vine and Elm clean up the smaller Grimm. Neon and Flynt get into formation, warding off a Manticore. Marrow is also doing his part.

Marrow: Stay!

He uses his Semblance to immobilize an airborne Winged Beringel, which is taken down by Harriet Bree shortly after. After touching down, she contacts Winter over military comms.

Harriet: How much longer for the payload?

Winter: (over comms) It's approaching the LZ now.

Overhead, an Atlesian Airship flies in Monstra's direction, flanked by several Mantas. Marrow casts a worried glance at Monstra.

Marrow: Come on, Juan.

Yang, Jaune, and Ren round a corner, coming face-to-face with Emerald and her companion.

Yang: You.

Emerald has her weapons leveled at the trio, but "Hazel" steps forward, holding his hands out.

Hazel: No, wait, stop!

His image shimmers and fades, revealing Oscar in the hallucination's place. Yang and Ren lower their weapons with relieved smiles, but Jaune drops his sword and shield, running forward to embrace Oscar.

Jaune: Oscar!

Oscar winces in pain, but chuckles weakly and returns the embrace.

Emerald: I knew I sensed some weak minds nearby.

The group's reunion is cut short, and they all stare at Emerald.

Jaune: What's going on here?

Oscar: It's a long story.

Yang steps forward warily.

Yang: You're gonna have to try and summarize it. Why should we trust you?

Ren: Because she's scared. Just like us.

Emerald raises her eyebrows in surprise. Yang and Jaune's expressions soften.

Emerald: Or maybe because I know how to get out of here.

She moves forward down the corridor past them, only sparing a glance in their direction.

Emerald: Anybody coming?

Winter steps aboard the landed bomb carrier, receiving a Scroll from a nearby soldier. She then turns to address the ranks of troops behind her. Marrow is at the front of the crowd.

Winter: This is it, everyone. We're going to clear a path to that monster. We get the payload aboard, set the timer, and then we're out.

The soldiers salute her and disperse. Marrow runs onboard as Winter turns to inspect the explosive.

Marrow: They might still be alive in there.

Winter: I gave them their window. We can't wait any longer.

Marrow: Would you say the same thing if it was your sister inside? Are you gonna tell her what you did to her friends?

As Marrow speaks, Winter's expression becomes more and more pained. Finally, she turns around, her demeanor not quite as composed as before.

Winter: Yes, Marrow, because that's my duty. Now you do yours.

She places a sympathetic hand on Marrow's shoulder before he morosely turns and leaves.

Meanwhile, Yang, Jaune, Ren, Oscar, and Emerald head for one of Monstra's open-air landing bays. The outskirts of Atlas are visible in the distance.

Oscar: We're almost out!

A terrific rumble shakes the ground, forcing them to stop.

Jaune: What is that?

Emerald stares blankly straight head, the horror evident in her expression.

Emerald: It's her.

A massive screech sends the five of them covering their ears as the whale shakes. Then everyone except Emerald is knocked off their feet by a blast of purple magic. Salem stands at a freshly carved hole in the wall, her eyes sweeping over Oscar, then travelling to Emerald. The girl turns to run, but Salem extends her arms, grabbing her and pulling her close.

Salem: You really have been honing that Semblance of yours.

Ren fires at Salem, who turns and retaliates with another blast of magic. Jaune steps forward with his shield, but both he and Ren are blown off their feet and into the wall behind them, breaking the former's Aura. Yang presses on, jabbing at Salem's front and planting her explosives there. She quickly gets out of range and detonates them.

Salem's upper body bends backwards from the force with her chest ripped open. Her free hand then twists and spit outs an adhesive substance in Yang's direction. She blocks it with her gauntlets, but Salem pulls, reining the girl in as her body regenerates. She finally closes her hand on one of Yang's gauntlets.

Oscar: Let them go!

Salem turns to face him, and takes a green beam of magic to the chest. She staggers, then glares and hurls Yang at Oscar. They tumble bodily on the ground. Sigils appear on the ground, spawning Shadow Hands that immobilize Yang, Jaune, Ren, and Oscar. She uses one last sigil to immobilize Emerald upright. A roiling ball of magic appears in her hand as she interrogates Emerald.

Salem: What did you do with the Lamp?

Emerald: Nothing.

Emerald appears resolute at first, but turns away when Salem moves the ball of magic toward her face.

Salem: It's missing. Where is it?

Emerald: I didn't do anything with it.

Emerald squeezes her eyes shut as Salem turns to look at Oscar.

Salem: Where is it?

The Shadow Hands binding Oscar force him into an upright position, his hands bound. Salem slowly approaches him.

Salem: (sighs) Look how you've diminished. How you've lessened yourself, and for what? These children, this ruined world?

Overcome by rage, she suddenly grabs Oscar's head from both sides, holding her thumbnails threateningly close to his eyes.


Yang: Why do you?!

Salem's gaze shift to Yang, who is still pinned to the ground. As Yang speaks, she ignores the Shadow Hands tightening around her.

Yang: All of this endless death, because something bad happened to you once upon a time?!

Salem moves away from Oscar, slowly moving toward Yang.

Yang: Nobody gets a fairy-tale ending! Everything I've lost, every person I've lost, is because of you!

Salem: (scornfully) And who is it I've taken from you, girl?

Yang glares angrily at her captor.

Yang: Summer Rose. My mom.

Salem chuckles, bending forward to look at Yang with a bemused expression.

Salem: Hm...Her, again.

Hazel: Your grace.

Hazel enters the scene, passing in front of a still bound Emerald.

Salem: Ah, Hazel. I found our guests.

Salem gestures at the subdued teens as Shadow Hands shoot up to cover Yang's mouth.

Yang: No!

Salem conjures another ball of magic in her palm, turning to look at Emerald.

Salem: This one was helping them.

Emerald looks at Hazel, pleading with her eyes, but his expression is indecipherable. The hands holding Oscar retract, unceremoniously dropping him tot he ground.

Salem: Take the boy back to his chamber. I have work to do with this one.

Salem caresses a now tearful Emerald's cheek with the back of her hand, the churning magic inches from her face.

Hazel: Yes, of course.

As Hazel moves behind Salem to get to Oscar, Emerald's wide, panicked eyes track him. He looks at Yang, Jaune, and Ren as he passes by, then finally grabs Oscar by the collar and lifts him up to eye-level. He regards him for a moment, grimacing, before pulling him close to whisper in his ear.

Hazel: No more Gretchens, boy.

He drops Oscar, who lifts his right hand to find his The Long Memory. Hazel heads back toward Salem and Emerald.

Emerald: I really don't know!

Salem pulls her hand back to use her magic on Emerald, but is sent flying by a punch from Hazel. She cushions her fall with a swirling cyclone, and Hazel moves forward to do battle. The Grimm arms and sigils binding the others disappear. Hazel discards his vest, and produces a large Dust crystal.

Hazel: Go! Now!

He embeds crystal after crystal of various types into his shoulders: ice, fire, lightning, earth, wind. Each sends tracks of glowing energy out under his skin, and his eyes start to glow from the power he is channeling.

Emerald: Hazel.

Hazel turns to look at Emerald. Her eyes are glimmering, and she gives him a subtle shake of the head. He gives her a determined and reassuring smile, denying her wordless plea.

Hazel: Go.

He turns back to face Salem, who has levitated higher into the air.

Salem: So you've decided against vengeance for your sister, after all this time.

Hazel sets his fists ablaze, settling into a boxer's stance.

Hazel: I'm doing what Gretchen would have done!

Salem gathers her magic, sending it at Hazel in short bursts. He uses Lightning Dust to augment his speed, weaving and dodging between them, then sends a barrage of fireballs at Salem. She easily dodges them, and sends a spread of beams his way. He dodges, before slamming Wind Dust at his feet. The resulting burst of air launches him toward Salem.

Hazel then combines the Dust between his palms, creating an oversized ball of rock, fire, and lightning, which he slams into Salem. She is knocked to the ground, and he bashes her stomach upon landing, slamming his fists into her face and head. The ground is quickly covered in dark, glistening blood. Even as she is beaten to pieces, Salem's hand crooks upright to make a gesture; her sigil appears on the ground, and Shadow Hands lunge out to immobilize Hazel's limbs, lifting him into the air.

Emerald can only watch, dismayed. She notices Yang, Jaune, and Ren making an escape behind her, and gives Hazel one last glance before taking off as well.

Jaune: Come on everyone, out!

Emerald races past him, and she, Yang, and Ren safely make it outside.

Jaune: Wait, Oscar?!

Oscar solemnly turns to face Jaune, holding up his cane.

Oscar: She'll just come after us.

Oscar turns back to face the battle, extending his cane.

Still holding Hazel immobile, Salem regenerates her head, her jaw cracking and popping back into place. Hazel readies a crystal hidden in his palm, and uses it to block Salem's burst of magic with a Hard-Light shield. Salem uses her Shadow Hands to fling him into a distant wall as Oscar watches. She grabs the back of Hazel's head and slams it into the ground repeatedly, the disappointment evident on her face.

The gears in The Long Memory start to glow, and a sudden breeze ruffles his collar and hair. Salem turns to look at him, then glides across the floor toward him at an alarming speed. However, Hazel stops her, closing his arms around her waist and lifting her off the ground. A sigil appears at his feet, causing Shadow Hands to wrap around his ankles and his throat. In one last act of defiance, Hazel parts his lips to reveal a Fire Dust crystal, which he then crushes between his teeth. Both he and Salem are engulfed in flames. The latter starts screaming in rage.

The hands around Hazel's neck tighten, and he painstakingly cranes his neck to lock eyes with Oscar.

Hazel: Do it.

Oscar readies his now glowing cane as Hazel gasps, his eyes becoming unfocused. The boy depresses the lever on his weapon, causing its length to shimmer gold. A sphere of crackling green magic forms around him, and the immediate area is filled with bright yellow light.



  • The fight between Salem and Hazel contains small references towards the former's literary allusion as the Wicked Witch of the West, in the form of Salem initially surrounding herself like a twister, just as Dorothy was caught in one in the the original story.
  • Hazel says he's doing what Gretchen would have wanted. The siblings allude to the story of Hansel and Gretel, who burned a witch in her own oven. The last thing Hazel does in this episode is break a fire dust crystal, engulfing the witch Salem in flames.
  • Marrow mispronouncing Jaune's name is a callback to "Pomp and Circumstance".
  • The score that plays in the moment Hazel tells Oscar and Ozpin to not repeat their mistakes was composed/produced by Martin Gonzalez of Ok Goodnight. The episode as a whole featured a wave of new musicians.[1]
  • The episode had several cut moments, primarily revolving around Emerald Sustrai and Yang Xiao Long:[2]
    • In the scene where Emerald and Oscar find the heroes, Emerald tells the group that she's nothing like them.
    • In another, it is revealed Yang's Group entered Monstra through its mouth, and she questions Emerald whether they're exiting through its posterior. Emerald and Yang bicker over the attempted banter.
  • Jaune says Monty Oum's motto "keep moving forward".
  • The shot of Marrow with Winter's hand on his shoulder on the ship with the bomb was mirrored and lighter in the Volume 8 Midseason Trailer.
  • When Connor Pickens asked Kerry Shawcross and Eddy Rivas if the fight inside Monstra's "Docking Bay" in "Witch" was planned from the start, they confirmed that it was what they had in mind when it was conceptualized with them calling it "The Hangar Bay Fight" except everything was made of flesh.[3]
  • While writing this episode, Eddy wondered how they were going to show Yang, Jaune and Ren get into Monstra. He eventually opted to have their infiltration occur offscreen during the break between episodes.[4]
  • The writers originally wanted to show more of Team FNKI's role in the Battle of Atlas, but their screen time had to be limited to focus on the fight with Salem and other elements much more relevant to the plot.[5]
  • The countdown to the bomb was added to increase the tension and to emphasize that Yang's Group was faced with more threats than just what was inside Monstra.[6]
  • Paula Decanini draws parallels between Marrow and Hazel, who are both questioning their loyalty and considering what their next moves should be.[7]
  • The scene with Ren and Yang as Jaune briefly scouts ahead was added in the outlining stage because they found that they had time for an extra scene and thought it would be nice to include a quiet moment between Ren and Yang. They wanted to show that Ren and Yang had grown closer as friends and were able to be honest with each other in a way that the two of them hadn't had a chance to in the past. Jaune had previously shown that his mentality was that he had a job to do and they wanted someone to comment on that Before the end of the volume when he is forced to make a hard decision.[8]
  • Salem zooming down the hall is a reference to the "Yubaba Glide" from the anime film "Spirited Away" since she couldn't run in her dress.[9]
  • The moment where Yang defied Salem is meant to mirror how Ruby Rose defied James Ironwood in his office during "Gravity".[10]

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