Volume 3

It's Brawl in the Family

Only a novice would refer to that as a victory. I counted at least three strikes missed.
—Winter, criticizing Weiss Schnee's performance
Silence, you boob!
—Winter silencing Weiss
I don't recall asking about your ranking, I'm asking how you've been. Are you eating properly? Have you taken up any hobbies? Are you making new friends?
—Winter, showing concern for Weiss
I see. So this is the leader you wrote of. How appropriately... underwhelming.
—Winter greets Ruby Rose
Greetings, Ruby Rose. I wish to thank you for taking an interest in my sister.
—Winter greets Ruby more warmly
I wish to inspect them to make sure they are up to my personal standards.
—Winter, asking Weiss to show her to team RWBY's "quarters."
Bunk... beds?
—Winter's reaction to Weiss' assurance that "the bunk beds only look unstable"
Weiss, it's time for you to go.
—Winter, upon Qrow's mention of Ozpin
If you won't hold your tongue, then I will gladly remove it for you!
—Winter, to Qrow Branwen

Lessons Learned

We Schnees are unique. Unlike many, our Semblance is hereditary. But that doesn't mean it will come easily. Your Semblance is like a muscle. The more you practice with it, the stronger it will become. But if you only focus on one aspect of it, if you fail to test the limits of what you think is possible, then you'll never truly grow.
—Winter, to Weiss on their shared Semblance
If this is what you call trying, then you have no hope of winning the tournament, let alone succeeding as a Huntress!
—Winter, to Weiss
Emotions can grant you strength. But you must never let them overpower you.
—Winter, to Weiss
It sounds to me like you have two choices in front of you. You can either call him, beg for his money back, and explain once more why you would want to study at Beacon over Atlas, or you could continue to explore Remnant, discovering more about the world and honestly, more about yourself.
—Winter's advice to Weiss on handling the situation with their father
Until next time, sister.
—Winter's farewell to Weiss.

Volume 5

Volume 5 Weiss Character Short

I'm not always going to be around to save you, Weiss.
—Winter, after ending a training simulation Weiss failed
You'll have to if you ever want to leave.
—Winter, in response to Weiss promising to improve her skills

RWBY Chibi


Now, let's review how your classes have been going. I'll also need you to show me your living quarters to make sure they're up to my standards. I refuse to allow my little sister to stay in any abode that's not up to code. And don't mistake my rhyming for a cheery demeanor.
—Winter, to Weiss upon her arrival

Mortal Frenemies

I demand noodles of a delicious nature and in a timely manner.
—Winter, to the Shopkeep
This is unacceptable!
—Winter, after not being able to get her noodles.

About Winter

True, but you can't deny her resolve.
Whitley Schnee, when Weiss says he never liked Winter.
Winter is one of my best. If she's telling me there's a threat in Mistral then I am not going to take that news lightly.
James Ironwood, when talking to Jacques Schnee about her reports in Mistral.
I suppose she'd be the only family you have left after tonight.
—Klein, to Weiss about Winter
What's going to make this complicated is when my sister finds out I didn't make it to Mistral. You know my sister, don't you? Winter Schnee? Special Operative of the Atlas Military? She's in Mistral now, and when she hears I'm missing, it won't take her long to find me - and you.
—Weiss, to Vernal about Winter
Minor Characters

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