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Winter possibly alludes to the titular character of Hans Christian Andersen's The Snow Queen.

  • Winter is a highly regarded member of the Atlesian military, and the eventual leader of the Ace-Ops following the death of Clover Ebi. This would effectively make winter comparable to a queen amongst her peers.
  • She eventually obtains the Winter Maiden's powers, furthering the idea of her being a queen in the figurative sense.
  • Her color scheme is primarily white, and her given name calls to mind ice and snow.


Available concept art of Winter Schnee for Volume 3 shows her wearing the same outfit seen in her final design.

One piece shows her with different hairstyles, all of which feature long, curly bangs that cover her right eye and reach down to her chest. The first hairstyle has her hair down, the second has her hair in a bun, the third has a high ponytail and the fourth has a braid over her left shoulder.

During Volume 7, Erin Winn released 4 more designs of Winter. These feature her in different hairstyles and outfits.

  • The first outfit features her in a blue turtleneck, blue gloves, white coat with gold accents, a blue girdle with red accents, and a pair of gold-trimmed, thigh high boots.
  • The second outfit is the same as her final look, except her hair lacks a bun and is longer in the back.
  • The third outfit has her in shorter hair and features her in a more militaristic uniform, she wears a high collar top with a strap and white vest underneath, a white shoulder cape with red lining, and blue thigh high boots.
  • The fourth outfit features her in another militaristic uniform, she wears a white tunic with blue rolled up cuffs, a blue vest with gold trimmings, and blue boots with gold accents.

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  • After Volume 3, Rooster Teeth changed animation software from Poser Pro 2013 to Autodesk Maya. With this change, the animation department also made all new models for RWBY.

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