For the sister of Weiss Schnee, see Winter Schnee.
My name is Winter. I am on a journey, and I am waiting for my sisters.
—Winter, introducing herself

Winter is a character from the Fairy Tale The Story of the Seasons and the first Winter Maiden. She was the sister of Summer, Spring and Fall. She was first seen in the episode "Fall" of Volume 3.


In this fairy tale, Winter appears to be a young girl with long white hair tied up and light blue eyes. She wears a blue coat with a white trim, hoodie and sash.


Winter was said to be very calm and collected. She was also shown to be kind much like her three sisters, setting the table in preparation for a feast for them and the old wizard. She had a tendency to meditate to herself outside, even in rigid conditions.

Powers and Abilities

Maiden Powers

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After receiving powers from the Wizard, Winter showed the ability to freeze water. Like the other Maidens, she is able to control other elements.

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