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Winter's Weapon is Winter Schnee's weapon of choice. It made its first appearance in the Volume 3 Opening.


Winter's Weapon resembles an upper-class dueling saber. The sword has a single edged, slightly curved blade. The sword's hilt sports a wide, crescent shaped guard that envelops the hand of the person that wields it, purposefully protecting the hand and fingers from any angle. The hilt has a spiral design etched down it that stops at an orb shaped pommel similar to that of The Long Memory. There is a trigger located between the hilt and the guard that opens the hilt. The lower side of the hilt sports a light blue component that is embedded or inserted onto/into the side.

Winters Sword Mechanisam

The frame in which Winter opens the hilt to obtain the second sword

Winter's weapon has a function that allows the hilt to slide open and reveal a second hilt within. This hilt is a part to another sword which is sheathed in the hollow fuller of the sword. Winter wields both weapons when separated, and fights in a style similar to fencing with a sword and a main gauche, or parrying dagger. She wields the second sword in her left hand and the main sword in her right, occasionally in a reverse grip.

Like her sister, Weiss Schnee, Winter wields her weapon in conjunction with her Semblance. This technique that Winter shares with her sister could be because their Semblances are the same. Each blade has one type of Dust in it.[1]


  • According to the Volume 3 DVD Director's Commentary, Winter's weapon used to be two individual rapiers, and Weiss based Myrtenaster off of it.[1]


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