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Winter's Swords are Winter Schnee's weapons of choice. They made their first appearance in the Volume 3 Opening.


Winter's Swords in their initial form are combined into one sword. The sword has a single edged, slightly curved blade. The sword's hilt sports a wide, crescent shaped guard that envelops the hand of the person that wields it, purposefully protecting the hand and fingers from any angle. The hilt has a spiral design etched down it that stops at an orb shaped pommel similar to that of The Long Memory. There is a trigger located between the hilt and the guard that opens the hilt. The lower side of the hilt sports a light blue component that is embedded or inserted onto/into the side.

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Closeup on the sword's mechanism

When Winter's sword hilt is opened, it reveals a second hilt within. This hilt is a part to another sword which is sheathed in the hollow fuller of the sword. Together they resemble upper-class dueling sabers. Winter wields both weapons when separated, and fights in a style similar to fencing with a sword and a main gauche, or parrying dagger. She wields the second sword in her left hand and the main sword in her right, occasionally in a reverse grip.

Like her sister, Weiss Schnee, Winter wields her weapons in conjunction with her Semblance. Each blade has one type of Dust in it.[1]

After her battle with Cinder Fall in "The Enemy of Trust", Winter drops the secondary blade off of the Atlas "Donut", into the Solitas tundra.


  • According to the Volume 3 DVD Director's Commentary, Winter's weapon used to be two individual rapiers, and Weiss based Myrtenaster off of it.[1]
  • In Amity Arena, Winter's Queen Winter outfit paints the whole weapon gold.


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