Saw that gaudy ship of yours in town. I guess you're here, too.
Qrow Branwen, speaking to Winter Schnee

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Winter's Airship was a transport aircraft used by Winter Schnee and Jacques Schnee. It seemed to have quite a distinctive or unique appearance, as both Weiss Schnee and Qrow Branwen were able to identify it and its passenger on sight. The ship was a Schnee Dust Company airship used by the members of the Schnee family.[1]

It first appeared in "New Challengers...", when Winter Schnee used it to fly to Beacon Academy.


Winter's airship was a small transport aircraft, comparable in size to a Bullhead. The airframe consisted of a main fuselage, which contained the cockpit and passenger compartment, and four nacelles which were arranged diagonally opposite one another in a roughly X-shaped configuration. Four long blue ribbons or banners were attached to each nacelle and stream out behind the aircraft. There were also two smaller wings located just behind the upper nacelles. Passengers board and disembark from a ramp that extended down from a hatch at the aft section of the main compartment.

The Airship had the capacity for a small escort along with the pilot.

Like most aircraft in Remnant, the airship stayed airborne using Dust or other technology.


Flying above Vale and past Amity Colosseum, Weiss and Qrow both catch sight of the aircraft and surmise that Winter is nearby, which seems to bring Weiss a great deal of joy. In "It's Brawl in the Family", the aircraft lands at the cliffside docking area of Beacon Academy and Winter disembarks with several Atlesian Knight-200 androids as Weiss excitedly greets her.

It later appears again in "Pomp and Circumstance" when Jacques Schnee confronts General James Ironwood after he takes control of one of his old mines.


  • The commentary for the Volume 7 episode "Pomp and Circumstance" calls the vehicle a "Schnee Dust Company Airship", while the Volume 3 concept art as well as "The World of RWBY: The Official Companion" calls it "Winter's Airship".


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