Schnee Dust Company

Willow is the daughter of Nicholas Schnee, the founder and first CEO of the SDC. As such, Willow was most likely the initial heiress to the Schnee business and fortune. However, it's unknown if Willow herself possessed any form of authority within the company herself since her husband, Jacques Schnee, took control of it.

Later in "Cordially Invited", Willow has shown that due to her compliance, fear and depression caused to her by her husband, she was content to simply "assume" that Jacques was doing "something wrong" with the SDC and turned a blind eye to it despite the obvious amoral and abhorrent actions done by him since he took over the company and simply chose not to involve herself with any of the companies operations or businesses until it's destruction in "The Final Word".


Nicholas Schnee

Willow is the daughter of Nicholas, the founder of the Schnee Dust Company and its first CEO. It is currently unknown what their relationship was like.

Jacques Schnee

Willow's relationship with her husband was one of anger, distrust and depression for them both. While initially, it was possible that Willow did genuinely love her husband, and had initially attempted to make their marriage work if only for the sake of their children, despite her already growing suspicions on the true reason as to why Jacques married her.

However their relationship took a turn for the worse during the tenth birthday of their second daughter Weiss, Jacques had forgotten and later refused to attend the party which then resulted in Willow confronting him and trying to convince him to go with her. Eventually, this ignited into a gigantic argument between the two, where Jacques finally in anger admitted that the sole reason he married her was for the sole sake of wrestling control of the SDC from her father, completely and utterly pushing Willow down the peak of her mental health. Since then Willow began a steady descent into alcoholism in order to cope with her depression upon realizing that her entire marriage and relationship to Jacques was a sham solely for him to obtain power, causing her to slowly distance herself from both him and their children and seemingly resulting them in having frequent loud angry fights against each other that would occur almost regularly during their children's childhood years.

Jacques in return became completely apathetic to his wife's dwindling emotional health, doing absolutely nothing to stop or help her in her growing alcoholism and depression, and simply indulged her in her growing dependence on alcoholic beverages to cope. Jacques himself had little to no shame in bringing up his wife's declining stability towards their own daughter for the sole sake of satiating his sense of spite at her continued defiance to his authority.

During the events of "Cordially Invited" the full extent of their relationship was shown, where Willow became paranoid and distrustful enough to place hidden cameras in every room of the Schnee Manor, stating that she has done so for her family's safety. Willow's lack of action against his wrongdoings was also shown when Weiss makes a remark about actually trying to do something about it instead of simply assuming, which then caused Willow to drink excessively in order to soothe her self loathing and anger.

Despite all her resentment, Willow still had some concern for Jacques, telling Weiss that by getting involved with Arthur Watts, she feared that Jacques may be getting in over his head.

Later upon Jacques being finally being held accountable for his amoral actions and being arrested and detained for trial during the events of "As Above, So Below", Willow looked solemnly at her husband as he was dragged off by the authorities, having seemingly shown to be neither happy or sad at her husband's downfall despite everything he put her through. It's unknown if she knew that Jacques was kill in "Worthy" by James Ironwood, but she like didn't care that he was killed due to his past abuse.

Winter Schnee

Willow's exact relationship with her eldest daughter is unknown, but it has been implied that Winter is aware of her alcoholism and depression and has seemingly taken her role of being a maternal figure towards her younger daughter Weiss in her place. In "The Final Word", Winter gave her mother, brother and Klein a tearful look, indicating her regret of being unable to save her sister, indicating that Winter acknowledges their mother's love for all of her children.

Weiss Schnee

A bittersweet reunion

The relationship between Willow and her second daughter is complex with various levels and factors creating and keeping it together. During Weiss' childhood, Willow is stated to have been a caring and attentive parent, as implied in "Alone Together" when Weiss states that Willow argued with Jacques for missing Weiss' birthday party. This implies that Willow was angered by his lack of attentiveness with their children. However, during this argument, Jacques angrily revealed that he did not love Willow and had only married and put up with her for the sole reason of obtaining the SDC from her father, dealing a severe emotional and psychological blow to Willow, who soon afterwards began her gradual descent into alcoholism and distanced herself more and more from her husband and children due to her inability and difficulty in coping with this painful revelation. She eventually ceased to interact with any of her family and instead spent her time drinking bottles of wine daily to cope with her loveless marriage to Jacques and had seemingly begun having violent angry fights with him frequently during her children's childhoods,making her relationship with Weiss even more unstable.

However despite these issues, Weiss still loves her mother despite everything, as seen in "Pomp and Circumstance" where she feels worried, saddened and guilty after Jacques claims that Willow had shut herself away for days following Weiss once again leaving the family.

In "Cordially Invited", Willow's interactions with her second daughter shows that she still has not fully absorbed the fact Weiss left the family permanently. During their conversation, Weiss calls her out for being content to stand by and do nothing despite knowing that Jacques is doing things that are wrong. Willow is shown to become tense in response to this, and she begins drinking directly from her bottle of Six Swans vodka. Upon seeing Weiss' upset reaction to her drinking, Willow decides to help her by showing her the camera she had installed in Jacques' office. She confides in Weiss that she has installed cameras all over the manor in fear of her family's safety. She then expresses bitter happiness that Weiss has not come back to stay, realizing that Weiss would only ever be miserable with her and her husband.

As seen in "Dark", Weiss truly cares about her mother and tried to do her best to protect her during the crisis of The Hound's attack on the Schnee Manor, but faced difficulty due to her erratic behavior. Willow in turn, while initially succumbing to her panic and fear, eventually managed to pull herself together and assist Weiss in combating the Grimm by using her Camera's keep an eye on it and follow its movements and relying this information to Weiss.

Later upon being chased by the Hound alongside Whitley, Weiss would successfully defend her family by creating a wall of ice to block its path and buying her mother and brother time to escape as she prepared to confront it. During which, before leaving, Willow touched her daughter's shoulder and wished her luck in battle, with Weiss warmly returning the small gesture.

As seen in "Risk" and "Creation", Willow's relationship with Weiss was noted to have become much closer and healthier upon her finally beginning to get over her emotional issues and dependence on alcohol, as seen where she fully supports Weiss and her friends in their endeavors to save the people of Atlas and Mantle and smiled with pride at her daughter.

Whitley Schnee

Willow's exact relationship with her youngest child and only son is unknown, but given that Whitley is already aware of her alcoholism and is seemingly apathetic to it, it is likely her personal relationship with her son is not be as good with her daughters. Despite this, Willow loves and cares about her son just as much as her daughters, as seen in "Cordially Invited" when she pleads with Weiss to not forget about him. She seems aware that she is partially responsible for Whitley's suffering, rather than placing all of the blame on Jacques, as she states that Whitley's resentment toward Weiss may be due to Weiss leaving him alone with Jacques and herself.

A bitter rift between a mother and son

Later during her husband's arrest due to his part of assisting Arthur Watts and subsequent transportation to prison awaiting trial, Willow directed a worried look at Whitley, who was clearly distraught at his father's arrest, but due to their strained/emotionally distant relationship, Willow was not able to comfort her son in dealing with his grief and instead watched him run off deeper into the manor to be alone, much to her self-sadness, guilt and shame due to her failings as a mother to her son.

However despite their strained relationship, it is evident that like her daughters, Whitley still retains a level of maternal love and care for Willow. This is seen in "Fault", where Whitley implied that he was worried for her after she had locked herself in her room after Jacques's arrest and after the staff left the Manor and leaving the two of them to fend for themselves.

As seen in "Dark", Willow and Whitley have a somewhat hostile interactions with each other. This is seen where Whitley himself is actively condescending, disrespectful and sarcastic when speaking with his mother, likely due to his resentment towards her for her shortcomings and drinking habits.

Willow protectively holding Whitely as she watches the Hound hold Penny hostage

Later after The Hound got into the Schnee Manor and began hunting for Penny, Willow was shown to have been horrified when she realized that the Hound had entered into Jacques's study and cornered Whitley. Fearing for her son's life and despite her own unstable emotional insecurities, Willow immediately rushed to warn him about the Grimm and despite being brushed off by her son, Willow still frantically rushed to his side to protect him and successfully summoned a Boarbatusk Summon to save him. Willow would later rush to take him to safety away from the Hound.

As the Hound confronted Ruby, Weiss and Blake to get Penny, Willow would protectively held her son close to her. Later upon seeing the Grimm weakened by Ruby's silver eyes as it approaches the girls, Willow and Whitley would kill it by pushing one of the Manor's giant metal armors to fall on it, successfully killing it.

As seen during the events of "Risk" and "Creation", Willow's relationship with her son has notably gotten much better and healthier upon her finally beginning to overcome her emotional issues and dependence on alcohol. This is seen where she st began interacting with her son much more familiarly as they began supporting and assisting Weiss and her friends in their effort to save the people of Atlas and Mantle.

Schnee Manor

Klein Sieben

Klein was the family butler to the Schnee Family and loyally served both Jacques and her children since their early childhoods and as such also likely cared for and served Willow with the same devotion.

As seen in "Dark", upon seeing Klein once again in the Manor caring for Penny and Nora, Willow was shown to look at surprise at Klein and later politely but hesitantly greet him, hinting that Willow did not approve of Klein's dismissal by her husband and was worried of his reaction at seeing her again.

Willow has a friendly enough relationship with Klein is shown to be quite familiar with him due to his long employment to the Schnee Family. Later Willow would stay with him during the Hound's attack on the Manor and sit beside him as he watched over Penny and Nora. Klein in turn has shown to be quite familiar with Willow herself and has shown to have strong concern for her, this is seen after she hysterically ran away from the room in a panicked fit after the fear and tension began getting to her and he tried calling her back in order to stick together upon the Grimm entering the Manor.

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