Volume 7

Cordially Invited

Hello darling.
—Willow, greeting Weiss in Jacques' study room
I’m sorry I couldn’t come down for your party, I’m... afraid I’m not feeling well.
—Willow, to Weiss
That’s right, you... left. You left.
—Willow, to Weiss
He started locking his home computer. But... he still has blind spots.
—Willow, to Weiss about Jacques
I put them in every room of this house, for our safety, in case I ever needed to…
—Willow, to Weiss about her reason why she put cameras in every room of the Schnee Manor
You haven’t come back to stay, have you?
—Willow, to Weiss
A man came by. I’m afraid your father may be involved in something more dangerous than he realizes.
—Willow, to Weiss about Watts visiting Jacques in "Pomp and Circumstance"
No matter what happens, Weiss... please don’t forget about your brother.
—Wilow, to Weiss about Whitley
Of course not, you left him alone. With us.
—Willow, to Weiss about leaving Whitley with her and Jacques

Volume 8


Believe it or not, I am above drinking in the dark.
—Willow, to Whitley
I can't do this. I can't do this!
—Willow, panicking before she quickly leaves in fear
Above you!
—Willow, to Weiss before the Hound attacks her
I... I can see it. It's outside Winter's old room. I- You can kill it? Can't you?
—Willow, to Weiss while using the camera feeds to locate the Hound
I'm not sure. It's acting strange. Why is it here?
—Willow, to Weiss about the Hound
Right. Right. Okay. It's moving again. Heading towards... Oh dear, no.
—Willow, realizing where the Hound is heading

DC Comics

Chapter 9: "Weiss: Part Two The Hind"

Weiss... I know I have... And haven't... been hard on you. But it has been because...Out of everyone in this family... I was the one who believed in you. I know what they all say about me... whispers that I've lost even what little touch of summoning and strength I ever had.
—Willow, to Weiss about how she lost most of her abilities in the years
Your father got the name he wanted when we married... He thought he got the heir he wanted in Winter... And the son he wanted in Whitley...But You... I fought for you. I knew you could be so much more, so much better... Because you were like me.
—Willow, to Weiss compare herself to her than her children and husband
Why don't we... D-Do something special... just mother and daughter... I want a new pet... For my Menagerie. Something to love... something to love me. Why don't you help me? Show me all you learned at Beacon...
—Willow, requests Weiss for a new pet
Esteemed guests... of my husband... please behold-- The beautiful, powerful, beloved Hart I have won-- The legendary hailstone hind!
—Willow, taking credit of capturing a hailstone hind to everyone
Ladies and gentlemen, A correction. Let me give full and proper credit where credit is due. Raise your glasses... to the Schnee who captured and ensnared the hailstone hind... for our very own manor... My own true daughter... Weiss Schnee
—Willow, to everyone

About Willow

When I was ten, my dad finally admitted to my mom that the only reason he married her was for the family name. It was actually on my birthday. He missed the big dinner, she got mad, he finally snapped. I think she already knew. Looking back, I think I knew too. But hearing him say it finally pushed her over the edge. First it was separate lunches and dinners, opposite balconies at my recitals, a glass of wine here, a glass of wine there. Then, it was no dinners, no recitals, a bottle of wine here and... well, you get the idea.
Weiss Schnee to Yang Xiao Long, about what happened to her mother in "Alone Together"
You know... your mother was devastated when you left. Didn’t leave her room for days. You know how… she gets... when she’s upset.
—Jacques, to Weiss about her mother and her current condition in "Pomp and Circumstance"
You are the last thing I need.
—Whitley, about his mother after he hung up on her in "Dark"
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