Before the start of the series, Jacques married into the Schnee family, taking the Schnee name as his own. He later took over the Schnee Dust Company after convincing the founder, Nicholas Schnee, that he would be the perfect successor when Nicholas' health began to fail. Later, he and Willow had three children together: Winter, Weiss, and Whitley.

On the day of Weiss' tenth birthday, Willow attempted to have her husband go to their daughter's party, which eventually somehow erupted into a large argument between them, where Jacques finally admitted to Willow that the only reason he married her was for the family name. Weiss suspects that her mother already knew this beforehand, but hearing from Jacques pushed her to the edge of her mental health. The two became more and more distant, with Willow taking to drinking to cope with her misery and pain. This eventually caused her to completely closing herself off from the rest of her family to the point where Winter had to take on a motherly role for Weiss.


A Banquet at Schnee Manor

Weiss finds out her mother had put security cameras all over the Schnee Manor.

During Ironwood's trial over hold over a seat in the Atlesian Council, Weiss, having sneaked into Jacques' office, encounters Willow, who is hiding away from the party, claiming to not be feeling well. Willow questions why Weiss is in the office and why she ran away from home, drinking away from a bottle of vodka.

The two talk about Jacques' suspicious actions, and Willow reveals that she has installed cameras throughout the manor, claiming to have done it for their safety in case he ever did something to them. She gives Weiss a Scroll that has a video of Jacques and Arthur Watts on it, and as she leaves the room, she briefly speaks to Weiss about Whitley, pleading her to not forget her brother. Weiss tells her that Whitley doesn't like her, to which Willow responds that it's natural because Weiss left him alone with her and Jacques.

Watching her husband arrested

After Jacques' crimes is revealed to the Atlas Council and General Ironwood, Willow watched her husband being forcibly detained into a prison transport before checking on Whitley, who ran upstairs to be alone and deal with his grief. Willow sees this but does nothing.

After Jacques' arrest, Willow locks herself in her room.

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Attack at the Schnee Manor

After the power to the Schnee Manor would be cut off due to the ongoing Grimm Invasion by Salem, Willow would come out of her room and tell Ruby and Blake about the Auxiliary Power Generator installed in the Mansion grounds as one of the SDC Executives Perks to help them with Penny's repair. Having come out due to disliking drinking in the dark, but in truth is implied to be worried for her children.

Later as the Grimm would begin attacking the Manor, Willow could be seen staying with Klein in Weiss room. However due to the attack of the Grimm, Willow was shown to have gradually begun to lose her cool and begin to tremble nearly uncontrollably in fear. Eventually upon Penny waking up and acting erratically and releasing her magic to counter Watt's virus, Willow was shown to have succumbed to her panic and hysterically screamed that she couldn't handle the situation and frantically ran out of the Room despite the danger of the Grimm and Klein's call to come back in order to stick together for their own safety.

Willow and Whitley fleeing from the enraged Hound.

Later Willow would panickingly return to her own room and attempt to get more alcohol to soothe herself. However, Willow realizing the seriousness of the situation, was beginning to second guess her dependence at the drink. Eventually by the time that the Hound had entered into the Manor, Willow was shown to have worked up her resolve and help protect her children instead of numbing herself, smashing her bottle of vodka in order to deny herself alcohol.

Using her surveillance camera's around the Manor, Willow managed to locate the Hound and tell her daughter Weiss of its movements. Later upon noticing its odd behavior and noticing its heading towards Jacques's study, Willow would attempt to frantically call her son to warn him of the threat. Despite being brushed off by Whitley, Willow nonetheless frantically ran to her son's side to protect him, successfully saving him just in time using her Boarbatusk Summon to fend the Grimm off as she and Whitley made their escape.

The two would then make a run for it away from the Hound as the Grimm began pursuing them and would eventually be saved by the timely arrival of Weiss, who blocked the Grimm's path with an ice wall. Seeing the Grimm beginning to breach the Ice wall, Weiss told her mother and brother to run way from there as fast as they can, before leaving, Willow was seen to reassuringly touch her daughters shoulder and wishing her luck in battle.

Eventually the two would make their way to the Manor's main entrance foyer, where thy also meet up with Penny. Noticing that she was acting strangely, Whitley would ask what she was doing, causing her to robotically explain her directives given to her by Watts.

However the Hound immediately burst into foyer and after a short scuffle managed to knock Penny out. Afraid, Willow could only protectively hold her son as the Hound was confronted by Ruby, Weiss and Blake. Willow and Whitley would then bear witness to Ruby's usage of her Silver Eyes to severely weaken the Grimm and see it be flung from the foyer main window.

Whitley and Willow successfully killing the Hound

Later, Willow would see the Hound viciously climb back into the manor in its weakened state and see its original core as a male Faunus. Willow would then witness its crazed ramblings to "take the girl" and it slowly began dragging itself towards Ruby, Weiss and Blake to claim Penny.

Noticing that it was weakened and directly below one of the Armas Gigas metal statue in the foyer grand staircase, Willow and Whitley proceeded to push the statue to fall on the Grimm, successfully killing it before it could attack the girls.

Winter is later present to watch Ruby's Group plan their next move. Willow is later seen with Klein and Whitley on the Manta as Team RWBY and Penny head for the Vault. She is later seen with Klein and Whitley having safely evacuated to Vacuo with the other refugees.

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