Before the start of the series, Jacques married into the Schnee family, taking the Schnee name as his own. He later took over the Schnee Dust Company after convincing the founder, Nicholas Schnee, that he would be the perfect successor when Nicholas' health began to fail. Later, he and Willow had three children together: Winter, Weiss, and Whitley.

On the day of Weiss' tenth birthday, Willow attempted to have her husband go to their daughter's party, which eventually somehow erupted into a large argument between them, where Jacques finally admitted to Willow that the only reason he married her was for the family name. Weiss suspects that her mother already knew this beforehand, but hearing Jacques says it pushed her to the edge of her mental health. The two became more and more distant, with Willow taking to drinking to cope with her misery and pain. This eventually caused her to completely closing herself off from the rest of her family to the point where Winter had to take on a motherly role for Weiss.


A Banquet at Schnee ManorEdit

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Weiss finds out her mother had put security cameras all over the Schnee Manor.

During Ironwood's trial over hold over a seat in the Atlesian Council, Weiss, having sneaked into Jacques' office, encounters Willow, who is hiding away from the party, claiming to not be feeling well. Willow questions why Weiss is in the office and why she ran away from home, drinking away from a bottle of vodka.

The two talk about Jacques' suspicious actions, and Willow reveals that she has installed cameras throughout the manor, claiming to have done it for their safety in case he ever did something to them. She gives Weiss a Scroll that has a video of Jacques and Arthur Watts on it, and as she leaves the room, she briefly speaks to Weiss about Whitley, pleading her to not forget her brother. Weiss tells her that Whitley doesn't like her, to which Willow responds that it's natural because Weiss left him alone with her and Jacques.

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Watching her husband arrested

After Jacques' crimes is revealed to the Atlas Council and General Ironwood, Willow watched her husband being forcibly detained into a prison transport before checking on Whitley, who ran upstairs to be alone and deal with his grief. Willow sees this but does nothing.

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