I’m sorry I couldn’t come down for your party, I’m... afraid I’m not feeling well.
—Willow, to Weiss about not attending the banquet at the Schnee Manor

Willow Schnee[2] is the mother of Weiss, Winter and Whitley Schnee, as well as the estranged wife of Jacques Schnee and daughter of Nicholas Schnee. A portrait of her was first seen in "Remembrance". Her first full appearance was in "Cordially Invited".


Portrait Outfit

Willow is a fair-skinned woman with slate-blue eyes. She wears her white hair tied up in a bun, low on the right side of the back of her head, while her bangs are shaped around the left side of her face and a small curled lock of hair reaching almost to her shoulders.

Her attire is colored navy blue, white and gray, consisting of a white coat with sleeves that expose her upper arms, a red-lined high collar and a red brooch.

Current Outfit

In the present, Willow wears her hair in a low ponytail over her left shoulder. Her attire consists of a white cravat secured by a silver brooch set with a red stone; as well as a light purple jacket with light sleeves, a wide belt around her waist, a matching pencil skirt with black tights and slippers.

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From Weiss' own words, it can be implied that Willow was once a caring, loving and affectionate parent, as stated by Weiss when she immediately felt anger at the fact her husband had forgotten to attend their second daughter's tenth birthday, implying that she cared for her daughter greatly and was frustrated at her husband's lack of attentiveness to their children's emotional needs. Willow was also noted to have loved her husband during the first few years of their marriage as despite having suspicions regarding the true reason as to why Jacques married her, she still attempted to make their relationship work and stayed with him.

However upon her husband angrily revealing the true reason as to why he married her and the subsequent realization of her sham marriage, Willow's mental and emotional health seemed to have greatly plummeted, with the end result of her entering into a deep state of depressive compliance in her unhappy marriage, having not bothered to do anything to better her life with Jacques and has turned a completely blind and indifferent eye towards all of his amoral actions in the SDC and has instead fallen into alcoholism to cope with her misery.

In "Cordially Invited", Willow has displayed herself to possess a depressive, melancholic aura due to having long since given up on fighting back against her husband and has become content on simply standing back and turning a blind eye to his amoral actions in running the SDC and other affairs. Willow having realized this, has also displayed signs of severe self-loathing due to her miserable marriage and her compliance to simply ignore her husband's actions. As seen in her conversation with her second daughter, who bitterly called her out on how she has done nothing to stop Jacques and how she was simply content in assuming he was doing something wrong and doing nothing against it, causing her to feel anger at both herself and Weiss and drink an entire bottle of Vodka to soothe herself of these feelings.

As seen in "Dark", due to her emotional issues, Willow has been shown to be easily prone to panic attacks and hysteria when she loses her cool. This is seen during the Invasion of Atlas by Salem's forces and the Hound attack to the Schnee Manor, where while Willow managed to initially keep herself calm, she gradually began losing control of herself and began shaking and trembling uncontrollably due to the tension and fear rising and beginning to get to her. Eventually when it became too much for her to handle, Willow immediately ran away in a panic and screamed in a hysteric fit that she "Couldn't do this!" and ran away to her room in order to isolate herself and cope with more alcohol.

Willow has also displayed severe paranoia and fear of her husband, as seen when she placed hidden cameras all over the Schnee Manor due to fearing that Jacques would do something to her and their children.

However, despite her issues, Willow has still showcased her strong maternal love for her children, as seen in "Cordially Invited" and "Pomp and Circumstance" where Willow had gone into a deep possibly fatal depressional episode upon learning her second daughter had left her as well. Willow later again displayed her strong maternal love for her children when she revealed to Weiss on how she placed hidden camera's all over the Schnee Manor to have some protection for her children against her abusive husband should he do something against them and later came to the bitter realization that both Jacques and herself were the true sources of their children's misery and was bitterly happy on learning that Weiss did not come back to stay with them despite clearly missing her. And when Weiss reveals that she will now begin actively investigate her father's activities and do something about his amorality and put a stop to it, Willow knowing her son would side with and help his father, pleaded with her not to forget about her younger brother and try and help him as well despite their strained relationship, showing that she loves them equally.

Later in "As Above, So Below", Willow again displayed her love for her children as seen in her obvious self guilt and disappointment in herself due to the emotionally distant relationship she has with her children, as seen when she looked saddened and disappointed in herself due to her inability to comfort her son upon his father's arrest.

As seen in "Dark", while being emotionally fragile and prone to panic, Willow has shown that she is more than capable of getting a grip on herself and overcomes her fear in order to protect her children. This is seen where after the Hound had managed to successfully enter into the Schnee Manor, Willow managed to successfully regain her grip on the situation and use her surveillance camera's around the Manor to help Weiss track down the Hound and kill it. Later after realizing that the Hound had cornered Whitley in his father's study, Willow immediately rushed to his aid to protect him despite her fear for her own life.

As seen during the events of "Risk" and "Creation", Willow was shown to have become noticeably healthier emotionally and psychologically. This is seen where unlike before, she no longer constantly carries a bottle of alcohol wherever she goes, a clear sign of her beginning to get over her dependence on alcohol to cope with her unhappiness. Willow is also shown to have developed a closer, more familial closeness with her two children, Whitely and Weiss, this is seen where she is shown to interact with them in a much healthier manner. As seen where she fully supports Weiss in her efforts to save the people of Mantle and Atlas and showed visible pride at her daughter. Willow would also now interact with her son in a healthier manner, as seen where she would be seen frequently holding his shoulders maternally.

Powers & Abilities


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Willow has the Schnee family Semblance of Glyphs. In "Dark", she summons a Boarbatusk to protect her son from The Hound, during its hunt in the Schnee Manor.

Willow's Summons


Color Naming Rule

  • Willow is a genus of trees, bringing to mind the colors green and gray.
    • The surname Schnee means "snow" in German.


  • Willow's name was first discovered on September 9th, 2014, when Monty Oum tweeted a photograph of his computer screen while transferring files onto his work computer after he had been out of town.[3] The screen showed two partially obscured Windows Explorer windows, and fans were able to detect the name "Willow Schnee" between "White Fang" and "Winter Schnee".


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