Schnee Dust Company

The Schnee Dust Company was owned by Whitley's family. After Weiss Schnee lost her heiress title following her outburst at the charity ball in "Tipping Point", Whitley became the chosen heir to the company Jacques Schnee. Whitley almost immediately began meeting with the company's board members and high executives in order to develop a good enough relationship with them for when he took over the company.

Following Jacques arrest in "As Above, So Below" however, the Schnee Manor staff and all of the company's workers all quit due to Jacques actions and left Whitley all alone with his mother. After making up with his sister, Whitley decided to use the company's resources to evacuate the citizens of Mantle using drones. Following Atlas' destruction, the company was destroyed after Jacques was killed and the company's headquarters and Dust operations in the Kingdom were destroyed.


Weiss Schnee

Interrupting his older sister's training on purpose

Weiss is the younger of Whitley's two older sisters and the middle child of the family. Their true relationship is unknown, but Weiss states that Whitley never truly liked her. However, upon Weiss' return from Beacon Academy, Whitley stays extremely supportive of his sister, warning her about their father being in a bad mood and clapping for her after her singing. After their father takes the title of heiress away from Weiss, she assumes that this was Whitley's plan all along.

In "Two Steps Forward, Two Steps Back", Whitley stops by Weiss' room to offer to pick something up for her while he and Jacques are in the city, due to her being stuck at home. She reacts negatively, accusing him of being jealous of her and Winter's talents, which leads him to say he finds Huntsmen to be barbaric.

In "Cordially Invited", their mother, Willow Schnee, implies that his spiteful behavior towards Weiss may have been due to him feeling abandoned and betrayed by her for leaving him alone with their abusive father and unstable mother.

In "Fault", he takes a patronizing tone when Weiss and her friends barge into the Schnee Manor unannounced, but does eventually ask what he can do to help after Ruby Rose convinced him on allowing to stay. However, Weiss instead orders him to go to his room. Whitley sighs, but listens to her and does so.

Whitley and Weiss finally making up

In "War", Whitley was seen to have overheard May Marigold's explanation about why she left Atlas and her family and her later empathizing with Weiss due to their similar situations with their respective families not accepting their choices and hearing Weiss's continued care for him and their mother and her attempts to convince May that Atlas also needed to be saved despite everything that happened between them, Whitley was shown to have been genuinely touched by his sister's continued care for him, causing him to finally begin to understand and sympathize with his sister for the first time and reevaluate himself and his actions.

This leads Whitley to seemingly try to become a better person, as seen where he had called upon Klein to come to the manor to help Nora Valkyrie. This act genuinely touched his sister due to him showcasing that, like herself and despite his attempts to emulate their father, Whitley also still possesses a sense of kindness/empathy and selflessness for others, causing her to proudly hug him with Whitley whole heartily returning it and finally beginning to patch up the issues between the two siblings.

As seen in "Dark", due to Whitley now making up his mind on trying to be a better person, Weiss and him have shown to have now begun having a proper sibling like relationship with each other and now appear to be more relaxed and closer when interacting with each other. This is seen where he and Weiss now banter with each other in more of a familial manner than having actual hostility against each other and both now assisting each other in making use of the SDC's resources to help the people of Mantle during the crisis of Salem's invasion.

As seen in "Ultimatum" and "Creation", Weiss and Whitely now have a closer, more loving, brother-sister relationship. This is seen where Whitely is fully willing to help anyway he can in helping the evacuation of Mantle and Atlas, causing Weiss to smile proudly to her brother. Later Whitely, along with Willow and Klein would lend their full support to Weiss and her friends in their plans to save the people.

Winter Schnee

Winter is Whitley's older sister and the eldest sibling of the three. According to Weiss, he dislikes her, but he claims to have a strong respect for her sense of resolve.

Jacques Schnee

Standing by his father's side

Jacques was Whitley's father. It was originally uncertain if he had a strained relationship with his father like his sisters did. However, it was implied that he was the favorite child.

Hints were shown on the family portrait where Whitley was the only person other than his father to smile, and the only photo on Jacques' desk was of his son.

In "Tipping Point", he appeared to never leave his father's side.

In "Pomp and Circumstance", Whitley seemed to be scared of him after he hesitated to listen to his father to close the door.

Later during the events of "As Above, So Below", Whitley was seen being upset by his father's arrest and at him being dragged away by the Atlas Police awaiting trial. When his mother noticed, he turned and ran back upstairs.

As seen in "Amity", Whitely was sitting down in his father desk in his study when Ruby's video message went online and where he watched it with a somber look, implying that he felt most comfortable there.

As stated by Willow, despite his near constant compliance to follow his father's orders, Whitley solely latched on to his father in order to protect himself. This was primarily due to Winter and Weiss leaving the family to pursue their personal freedoms away from their father's controlling nature, leading him to stay close to his father and try to appease him as much as he can. Willow herself implied that Jacques hold on Whitley wasn't as strong as he thinks.

This could be seen in "Fault", where despite Jacques being confident that Whitley was rounding up his legal team and making all the necessary arrangements to get him out of prison as fast as he can, Whitely himself was in no clear rush to help his father and has shown that he has done nothing so far to help his father's situation. This implies that Whitely himself does not care as much for his father as much as he thinks or like his elder sisters, secretly harbors his own resentment to him and actually finds his absence refreshing.

It is unknown if he knew that General James Ironwood killed his father following his escape in "Worthy".

Willow Schnee

In "Remembrance", when Weiss asks where their mother is, Whitley casually says that she is already drinking in the garden. This suggests that Whitley has grown used to and has become apathetic towards their mother's alcoholism and other issues.

In "Cordially Invited", Willow shows that she still loves and cares about her son just as much as her daughters, as when Weiss was leaving, she pleaded with her daughter not to forget about him and try to help him as well despite their strained relationship.

A bitter rift between a mother and son

During his father's arrest in "As Above, So Bellow", Willow aimed a worried look at Whitley due to him being upset by his father's arrest. However, Whitley did not seek comfort from his mother and instead opted to deal with his grief alone by running deeper into the Schnee Mansion away from her.

In "Fault", Whitley was shown to have some concern for his mother, as seen where it was implied that he was worried for her after she locked herself in her room after Jacques's arrest and the staff leaving the Manor, essentially leaving the two of them to fend for themselves.

In "Dark", Whitley is shown to have a level of animosity and dislike for his mother when interacting with her, likely due to her alcoholism and emotional issues. This is seen where he would sarcastically talk to her upon seeing her leaving her room when the power of the Schnee Manor went off.

Later upon working to command the SDC ships to help Mantle, Willow would try to contact and call her son to warn him about The Hound's infiltration into the Manor its heading towards Jacques's study where Whitely was in. Whitley however would then annoyingly ignore his mother's call and shut it off while she was in mid call and he would state that she was the last thing he needed, showing his frustration and dislike for his mother.

However despite this, Willow is shown to still greatly care about him and she immediately made her way to the study to protect her son. With Willow having successfully arrived just in time to save him and summon her Boarbatusk Summon to defend Whitley. Later she would hurriedly run with her son to get away from the Hound as it pursued them before being stopped by Weiss.

Later as the Hound would hold Penny hostage, Willow could be seen protectively holding Whitley as it confronted Ruby, Weiss and Blake. Later upon seeing the weakened Hound, Whitley would have his mother help him push the giant metal Arms Gigas Statue at the Hound before it pounced on the girls, successfully killing it together.

Whitely and Willow

As seen in "Risk","Creation" and "The Final Word", Whitely would now have a much closer relationship with his mother upon her finally beginning to get over her emotional issues and dependence on alcohol. This is seen where Willow would now hold Whitely in a more familial/motherly way, such as holding his shoulders, more often and Whitely no longer having his initially rude and angry disposition to his mother.

Schnee Manor

Klein Sieben

Whitley's exact relationship with Klein is unknown, but like the other members of his family Klein has faithfully served and catered to all of his needs and wants, as seen when he would prepare meals for Whitley and follow his orders and demands without question.

Whitley in turn has shown to appreciate his skills and seems to be great full enough to complement him on his cooking skills, as seen when Whitley explained his good mood was from Klein preparing crêpes for breakfast to Weiss.

However, upon Klein being let go from the Schnee Manor staff due to assisting Weiss' escape from the Manor, Whitley is shown to be indifferent from his dismissal despite Klein's years of faithful service to him and his family and has even shown himself to not be above using it to subtly emotionally hurt Weiss by insinuating the reason to his dismissal.

During Salem's invasion of Atlas, Whitley, who had previously overheard Ruby's Group's conversation with May Marigold, ends up calling Klein so he can help Nora recover from her injuries. In "Dark", Klein can be seen to have a level of care for Whitley safety, as seen where he worriedly reported his absence from Weiss's room, alongside him and Nora during the Hound's invasion of the Schnee mansion.


James Ironwood

Although they were never seen interacting, Whitley dis know the general to some extent due to the latter being a friend to the Schnee family. However, like Jacques, Whitley developed a low opinion of Ironwood. In "Two Steps Forward, Two Steps Back", Whitley went as far to refer to the general as a fool.

Later when Ironwood's men arrested Jacques, Whitley was shown to be sad at losing his father. After Whitley makes up with his sister and used the company's resources and drones to help evacuate the people of Mantle, Ironwood ordered his men to destroy the ships sent by Whitley. It is unknown if Whitley knew that Ironwood killed his father.

Arthur Watts

In "Pomp and Circumstance", Whitley seemed suspicious and nervous of Watts, who suddenly waltzed into the Schnee Manor and wished to speak with his father. Watts even compared Whitley to his father by resemblance.

Nora Valkyrie

After Nora was brought to the Schnee Manor severely injured by Weiss, Whitley initially showcased annoyance at his sister's actions, but upon seeing how injured Nora was allows them into the Manor.

Later Whitley would contact Klein due to him being concerned for Nora's condition and her obvious need for medical assistance. Showing that despite barely knowing her, Whitley emphasized and cared enough for Nora to get her proper treatment.

May Marigold

Though their interaction was only brief, May Marigold holds a strong dislike for Whitley believing him to be cut from the same mold as her own family and the rest of the Atlas Elite who only care about themselves and not being worth saving. Having vehemently expressed her contempt for him during her explanation at her refusal to save Atlas towards his sister Weiss. With her having unknowingly revealed her opinion of him due Whitley himself having secretly overhearing her words.

Ironically her harsh words would turn out to be exactly what Whitley needed to hear in order to finally make a decision to change for the better and help Nora get medical assistance.

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