Whitley is a member of the Schnee family, owners of one of the largest producers of Dust in Remnant, the Schnee Dust Company.


At the Schnee HomeEdit

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Greeting his older sister before she goes to see their father

Whitley is first seen in the Schnee home when his sister Weiss Schnee is on her way to speak with their father, Jacques Schnee. He affectionately notes that she is out of her room. He heard their father asked to speak with Weiss, and he wished to warn her that he heard their father shouting with a man in his study. He also informs Weiss that their mother most likely is drinking in the family garden. He compliments Weiss' strength by comparing her to their eldest sister, Winter Schnee. When Weiss notes his dislike for Winter, he affirms it, but adds that he admires Winter's resolve. Weiss tells Whitley he seems different, to which he says he grew a lot while she was away at Beacon Academy. Whitley bids Weiss good luck with their father, and she continues on her way.

Later he is present at the charity concert Weiss is singing at and the after-party, chatting with Jacques Schnee and the party guests. He does not say anything during the conversation, but unlike everyone else in the room smiles during Weiss' outburst.

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"Reassuring" his sister that their family name is in good hands

Following the incident at the after-party, Weiss' status as heiress of the Schnee Dust Company was revoked to be passed onto Whitley. When Weiss confronts him about this, he states that it is foolish to go against their father and that the Schnee name is in good hands. When Weiss takes to training in her room, he taunts her further with the fact that he gets to leave the house and meet business partners. He refers to the abilities of Huntsmen as barbaric compared to leading an army.

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A Visitor at the Schnee HomeEdit

Whitley met a man named Arthur Watts, who suddenly waltzed into the Schnee Manor, and led Watts to his father's study. He informed his father about Watts, who complimented Whitley's resemblance with his father. Whitley was told to shut the door, leaving his father and Watts to have a private discussion in the study room.

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