Schnee Dust CompanyEdit

The Schnee Dust Company is owned by Whitley's family. He became the chosen heir to the company after Jacques Schnee stripped Weiss Schnee of her status.


Weiss SchneeEdit

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Interrupting his older sister's training on purpose

Weiss is the younger of Whitley's two older sisters and the middle child of the family. Their true relationship is unknown, but Weiss states that Whitley never truly liked her. However, upon Weiss' return from Beacon, Whitley stays extremely supportive of his sister, warning her about their father and clapping for her after her singing. The reason for this is revealed after their father takes the title of heiress away from Weiss, leading her to deduce that this was Whitley's plan all along.

In "Two Steps Forward, Two Steps Back", Whitley mocks Weiss for being grounded and disinherited. He also adds that he finds her Huntress talents to be barbaric.

Winter SchneeEdit

Winter is Whitley's older sister and the eldest sibling of the three. According to Weiss, he dislikes her, but he claims to have a strong respect for her sense of resolve.

Jacques SchneeEdit

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Standing by his father's side

Jacques is Whitley's father. It is uncertain if he has a strained relationship with his father like his sisters do. However, it is implied that he is the favorite child.

Hints were shown on the family portrait where Whitley is the only person other than his father to smile, and the only photo on Jacques' desk is of his son.

In "Tipping Point", he appears to never leave his father's side, suggesting that he is very loyal toward him.

Unnamed MotherEdit

When Weiss asks where their mother is, Whitley casually says that she is drinking in the garden. This suggests while Whitley is aware of his mother's alcoholism, he is apathetic towards it.


James IronwoodEdit

Although they are never seen interacting, Whitley does know the general to some extent due to the latter being a friend to the Schnee family.

However, like Jacques, Whitley has developed a low opinion of Ironwood. In "Two Steps Forward, Two Steps Back", Whitley goes as far to refer to the general as a fool.

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