Well you animals passed through the wrong town!
—A Human supremacist

"White Fang vs. Supremacists" is a fight between the White Fang and a group of Human supremacists.

Preceding EventsEdit

The battle starts off as the White Fang are under attack by a group of Human supremacists who refuse to let them through. The leader of the White Fang, Ghira Belladonna attempts to reason with one of the supremacists, but he is shot and his Aura is depleted.

The FightEdit

Adam Taurus starts off fighting the supremacists and manages to defeat them without killing them. However, when Adam sees one of the supremacists attempting to kill Ghira, he activates his Semblance and unintentionally kills the supremacist.

The battle ends with Ghira telling Adam out that it was not necessary to kill a Human. However, Sienna defends Adam and calls him a hero. Several members of the White Fang cheer for Adam for killing a Human.

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