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The White Fang Throne Room was a building in Mistral and functioned as the seat of authority of the White Fang. It served as the location for the leader of the White Fang to preside over the organization. It first appeared in "Dread in the Air". It served as the throne room for the White Fang's former leader, Sienna Khan, before she was killed by Adam Taurus.

After the failed attack on Haven Academy, the remaining White Fang Goons stationed here encountered Adam after he fled from the academy without his men. After refusing to follow his orders and being taunted about losing to Blake Belladonna, Adam snaps and kills all of the soldiers here while also destroying the throne.


The White Fang throne room is a long hall made from stone and bricks and lined with columns. The walls feature a geometrical pattern and there are red banners with the White Fang symbol hanging from the columns. The floor has a red carpet that leads the length of the hall and leads to a simple, elevated throne.

The walls of the hall are lined with niches containing statues of a mysterious cloaked Faunus wielding a spear.


The hall is the headquarters for the leader of the White Fang, Sienna. It is first seen when she summons Adam to explain his role in the Fall of Beacon. Sienna states that he should be trying to beg for forgiveness, berating him over the ramifications the White Fang is faced with due to their part in the Fall of Beacon and for leaning on the support of Salem's Inner Circle. Adam then reveals he brought Hazel Rainart as a representative to meet her, but he is unable to persuade her. Sienna asserts her decision to not invade Haven Academy and orders her guards to apprehend Hazel and Adam. But the guards do not comply, and Adam reveals that he has staged a coup against her, as more Faunus enter the room and train their weapons toward her. Sienna stands her ground but is impaled mid-sentence by Adam. Using the sword to lift and bring her closer, Adam thanks Sienna for her service to the White Fang and told her that he is the leader now. After her death, Adam then instructed the mutineers present that Sienna was to be considered a martyr and to inform the rest of the White Fang that a Human Huntsman assassinated her. This act earned Adam contempt from Hazel, due to Adam's hidden plan and the use of violence.

After failing to destroy Haven Academy, Adam returns to the throne room only to be berated by his underlings, who were incensed at him abandoning their comrades at Haven. The conversation grew more heated until one of his subordinates pointed out that he retreated because of Blake, prompting him to murder everyone in the hall. Adam pondered about Blake Belladonna, then vandalized his own throne and screamed in rage over the humiliation he believed she had caused him. It is unknown what to happened the base afterwards, but it's highly likely abandoned following the old White Fang's collapse.


  • Sana Freeman, the designer of the hall, stated that she took influences from medieval cathedrals due to the lower detail of the architecture and ominous lighting due to the lower light.[1]


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