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The White Fang Hideout,[1] is a secret location somewhere in Menagerie and functioned as Corsac and Fennec Albain's base of operations. It is seen in the episode "Necessary Sacrifice" of RWBY Volume 5.


The only seen part of the hideout is the main room. It has a dark and warm color scheme with a red carpet on the marble ground, red kneeling pillows around the room and red banners featuring the White Fang emblem lining the walls. Light is given off by many candles positioned all around the room

The main wall features a painting of a mysterious cloaked Faunus. On the desk under the painting is the holographic projector that the brothers used to communicate with Adam Taurus.

Opposite the main wall is a simple wooden door leading to a dark hallway and us the only entrance and exit to the room. The two side walls have bookshelves filled with books and low desks.

The desks are lined with plants, candles, a tea set, books, incense sticks and a small statue of the cloaked Faunus.


The room is seen in "Necessary Sacrifice" when Corsac and Fennec Albain discuss their next step in helping Adam Taurus take over the White Fang. They then welcome Ilia Amitola and discuss her next mission. She is to help in eliminating Ghira and Kali Belladonna. After she leaves they receive Adam's transmission from Mistral. They note that Adam seems to be growing more unstable, but that he is, for now, useful. Yuma enters and reports that he has prevented Ghira's messenger from reaching Mistral.


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