White Fang members attending the meeting

The White Fang Faction Meeting is an event that occurred in "Painting the Town...". Blake Belladonna and Sun Wukong infiltrated the meeting to learn about what Roman Torchwick and the White Fang were planning. The event immediately preceded the battle with the Atlesian Paladin-290 piloted by Roman.


According to Blake, such meetings are routine events in which the White Fang hand out orders and recruit new members. New recruits come in with plain clothes, but are given a Grimm mask to wear at the meeting. Locations of meetings appear to be secret with the white claw marks from the group's logo identifying an area as a meeting spot.


The meeting is first mentioned in "A Minor Hiccup" by Blake where she announces her intention to sneak into the meeting along with Sun to learn more about the plans of the White Fang.

Roman revealing the Atlesian Paladin at the meeting

Blake and Sun arrived at the meeting in "Painting the Town..." and put on the Grimm masks commonly worn by White Fang members. Upon getting inside, the leader at the meeting reveals the partnership with Roman. Several members are outraged at the presence of a human, but Roman quickly wins them over by appealing to their common hostility towards the ruling human authorities.

Roman subsequently reveals the Atlesian Paladin that his employers have managed to obtain and explains that several have been acquired, which pleases the crowd. After the new recruits are called to move to the front, Sun and Blake become antsy. Roman spots them in the crowd and Blake knocks out the power to allow them to escape the meeting, though Roman pursues them with the Paladin.

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