The Whale Grimm (unofficial) is a gargantuan, flying, whale-like Creature of Grimm first seen in "The Enemy of Trust", as a mount for Salem.


The Whale Grimm is shown to be a humongous, sperm whale-like Grimm, exponentially dwarfing Nevermores and Sphinxes. It has an orange glow, similar to that of a Seer, in its nose. The Whale Grimm appears to have giant, purple crystalline spikes and gray rocks on its upper and lower body and is shown to have red bat-wing-like fins, allowing for flight.

The purple crystals on its body are very similar to those found in the Land of Darkness, although it is unknown if these crystals serve any specific purpose other than functioning as armor.


When Salem first arrives in Atlas, she is shown to be standing atop this Grimm, casting a shadow over the city.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

The Whale Grimm is shown to be capable of flight, though it appears somewhat slow.


  • The Whale Grimm may be based on Monstro, the fearsome sperm whale that appeared as the final antagonist in the Disney film Pinocchio.
    • Alternately, the Whale Grimm may also be a nod to the titular white sperm whale from Moby-Dick.

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