Schnee Dust Company

The Schnee Dust Company was a largely successful and prominent business founded by Weiss' family and was run by her father Jacques Schnee at the beginning of the series. After her father took over the company from her grandfather Nicholas Schnee, he began using controversial practices such as abusing Faunus workers and worked with shady business partners.

Later in "Alone Together", Weiss revealed to Yang Xiao Long that after her father didn't celebrate her 10th birthday and her mother Willow Schnee confronted him about this that the only reason he married her was to obtain the Schnee family name, fortune and the company for himself. After her mother heard him say this, Willow began to stop being a part of her children's lives and started to drink.

Due to her offended response to Blake Belladonna's remark regarding the SDC, Weiss was originally defensive of her family's business. Weiss also acknowledged in "Mountain Glenn" that she was not happy with how her father was running the company.

during her time at Beacon, Weiss was continuously called by her father and always refused to answer her Scroll. Eventually, her father cut off her access to the Schnee family fortune in order to get her to call him. After the Fall of Beacon, her father came to pick her up himself and took her back to Atlas due to worrying about how the incident would affect their family name.

After Weiss was forced to obey her father by putting on a charity concert for the Fall of Beacon without her knowing about it before and overhearing how slather the guests really were to the situation, Weiss snapped at all of them and her father while accidentally summoning a Boarbatusk to attack one of the guests. Before it could attack however, James Ironwood killed it and refused to arrest Weiss after the guest told him to while scorning the crowd. After the incident, her father was furious at her for costing him the money from the charity.

After Weiss challenged her father and told him off for only marrying into the family, he slapped her on the face, decided to confine here to the Schnee Manor instead of allowing her to become a Huntress and disinherited her for the Schnee Dust Company in favor of her brother Whitley Schnee while coming up with a false reason for the public. After Weiss was disinherited, she chose to escape from the Manor with the help of her family butler Klein Sieben to find her sister Winter Schnee in Mistral. After Jacques learned that Klein helped Weiss escape, he has him fired from his job.

During a mission in an abandoned Dust Mine and Weiss saw the Schnee Dust Company logo in "Ace Operatives", she was shown to be unhappy about going inside. Later when she remembers the incident when the mine caved in and her father only cared about the loss of profit rather than how many Faunus workers were killed in the accident, she apologized to Blake for how her family and the SDC have treated their faunus workers and their prejudice towards them.

After she was forced to confront her father again in "Pomp and Circumstance" and he began emotionally abusing her, she defied him again after he began to insult her Team and called them her family in front of him. Later when she learned that her father won the election thanks to Arthur Watts rigging it in his favor and getting security evidence from her mother, she presented it to the council and showed them how little he actually cared about his workers. Once her father tried to run away, she stopped him using her Glyphs and arrested him.

Following her father's arrest, all of the workers in the company quit and Whitley was left alone in the Manor while their mother locked herself in her room. While Whitley was originally mad at Weiss for her actions affecting their family name, they eventually reconciled with each other after Whitley called Klein for help with Nora Valkyrie. Following this, Weiss and Whitley used the company to try and evacuate Mantle before Ironwood destroyed the ships they sent.

After Weiss and her group restrained Ironwood, they locked him in the cell next to her father to prevent them from getting in the way of evacuations. Despite Weiss' hatred of her father, she was willing to come back to bring him with them. However, it is unknown if she knew that Ironwood killed her father after Watts help him escape.

Beacon Academy

Weiss is a former first-year student at Beacon Academy. She decided to attend Beacon against the wishes of her father who wanted her to attend Atlas Academy instead. She was only allowed to attend after she defeated the Arma Gigas that her father created.

However, her father attempted to call her every chance he got in an attempt to bring her back to Atlas under his control. After Beacon was destroyed, Weiss was forced to return to Atlas after her father came to bring her back due to being worried about how the incident would affect their family name.


Weiss is a member of Team RWBY. Despite not being made the leader of the team as she had hoped, she was determined to work well with her teammates. This especially includes her partner Ruby Rose, whose childishness she had to make herself tolerate until she became more accepting of her. Early on during her time at Beacon, Weiss openly considered herself superior to her teammates, but quickly came to appreciate their skills and characters.

Over time, Weiss becomes on friendlier terms with the rest of Team RWBY, being seen socializing with them, joining in a food fight or even playing card games with them. During her time back in Atlas, Weiss demonstrates how great an impact they had on her when she finally broke away from her overbearing family and fled Atlas to get back to them. Eventually, she considers her teammates more as a family than her father and brother, as seen in "Pomp and Circumstance".


Jacques Schnee

Jacques Schnee was Weiss' father. Weiss briefly talked about him in "The Stray", saying that he always came home angry because of the White Fang's action. Her father's anger caused a difficult childhood, causing her to have a poor relationship with him. She was also constant abused at the hands of her father, which could explain her reason for how she acted at the beginning of the series.

In "A Minor Hiccup", when Weiss contacted the Schnee Company World Headquarters in Atlas, Weiss refused to speak to her father, despite the attendant asking her if she wanted to talk to him. After the call ended, she stared down from the screen with a sad face. It was possible she was afraid of her father since she brushed off the subject. According to Weiss, ever since her father took lead over the Schnee Dust Company, it had hit a moral gray area. As a result, she decided that she would not let him be the end of her family's heritage, taking up the career of a Huntress to redeem them.

"Round One" further showed how strained the relationship was when Weiss refused to answer a call from him. Her card being declined mere minutes afterwards was a result of her rejecting his call. Her sister, Winter Schnee, gave her two options on what she could do about their father as advice: One, call or answer his call and beg for his money back, under the likeness that the conversation or heated argument would be needless. The other, she can continue to explore Remnant and discover more about herself, intentionally neglecting the concept of calling their father. After her sister left Beacon, Weiss still refused to answer her father's call, planning on following up on Winter's second option.

After the Battle of Beacon, her father arrived in Vale and collected her personally to take her back to Atlas, deeming it far safer. In reality, he only cares about the Schnee family name and how his daughter being in the incident would affect the company. Weiss was seen accompanying him with a morose look on her face.

Weiss challenges her father.

Several months later, Weiss showed reluctant compliance toward her father's influence despite her dislike of his wishes. During the Vale charity event, Jacques acted controlling of her, not even wanting to let her leave his side to get herself a drink. When she lost her temper in front of all the attendees, she openly struggled against his attempt to get a grip on her. When they argued privately afterwards, Weiss challenged his right to the family name, resulting in her getting slapped in response. Her father also grounded her to the house and decided to remove her claim to the Schnee Dust Company.

Their relationship only continued to plummet due to Weiss' continued and now open defiance, as seen in "Pomp and Circumstance" where Weiss openly insulted her father in front of General Ironwood and her teammates, worsening their relationship further. Jacques retaliated by mentioning her mother's growing instability to alcoholism and depression and claimed she had another depression episode due to Weiss leaving the family again. Upon seeing Weiss' reaction, he smirked, pleased that he had emotionally hurt her.

Later after the events of a "A Night Off" and "Cordially Invited", Weiss' opinion of her father diminished to the point that she would even suspect her father would even align with Salem in order to win and started actively investigating her father's activities to put a stop to his amoral actions.

Weiss uses her Arma Gigas to stop her father from escaping and arrests him

In "As Above, So Below", Weiss had little to no hesitation revealing the video evidence of her father's treasonous actions by accepting help from Arthur Watts to illegally win the Atlas Council election to the other Council members and James Ironwood despite knowing what would happen to him and later upon his attempts to escape, Weiss had little hesitation or pity in stopping him despite him pleading to her for help. Weiss then proceeded to arrest him with her new authority as a Huntress.

Despite her hatred of him, she had requested he be rescued along with Ironwood in "Creation", indicating she couldn't bring herself to let him die. She is unaware that Ironwood killed her father when he was freed by Watts.

Willow Schnee

Weiss tells Yang about how, on her tenth birthday, her father admitted that he didn't love her mother. Weiss insinuates that Jacques married her mother for control of the SDC, and she seems to blame Jacques for the Schnee family's currently fractured state, including her mother's descent into alcoholism as a way of coping with her sham of a marriage. Prior to this, it seems that Weiss' mother cared a great deal for her, as she was recounted as angrily berating Jacques for missing Weiss' tenth birthday, which led to the argument during which Jacques admitted his true feelings, after which her mother began drinking. Although aware that Jacques was to blame for her mother's depression, Weiss still clearly felt neglected by Willow after the schism between her parents, describing to Yang how Willow first attended her singing recitals separately, then stopped coming as she descended further into alcoholism.

Despite this strained relationship, Weiss still shows evident love and worry for her mother. In "Pomp and Circumstance", Weiss' distress and worry for her mother becomes apparent after Jacques claims that Willow had refused to leave her room for days after Weiss had disappeared again.

A bittersweet reunion

In "Cordially Invited", Weiss' discomfort for her mother's drinking habits is fully shown, and later displayed her resentment towards her mother for sitting by and doing nothing despite knowing that Jacques is doing morally questionable things, earning her mother's slight anger and further causing tension between them.

Willow, in turn, shows clear love and longing for her daughter and has not entirely absorbed the fact that she has left her. There is tension when Weiss calls her out for doing nothing about Jacques' wrongdoings, and she decides to help Weiss by showing her the hidden camera she placed in Jacques' office. After explaining that she set cameras all over the manor due to feeling unsafe, she shows bitter happiness that Weiss has not come back to stay with them, having come to the painful realization she and her husband would only bring their daughter misery if she stayed with them.

As seen in "Dark", Weiss is shown to greatly care for her mother and during The Hound's attack on the Schnee Manor, Weiss attempted to protect her with the best of her abilities. Albeit Weiss herself was going through much difficulty and annoyance in doing so due to Willow's emotional issues initially causing her to act erratically during the crisis.

Later after Willow got her grip on the situation, Willow began assisting Weiss in helping her track the Hound and later upon her mother rescuing Whitley and being chased by the Grimm, Weiss would protect and defend them by creating a Ice wall to stop the Grimm and state that she didn't forget about them. Later upon having her mother and brother leave to fight the Hound, Willow would hold her daughters shoulder and express her pride at her daughter and wished her good luck, with Weiss returning her mother's small gesture.

As seen during the events of "Creation" and "Risk", Weiss was shown to now have a much healthier relationship with her mother upon her finally beginning to get over her emotional issues and her now beginning to lose her addiction to alcohol. This is seen where Willow is now doing her best to support Weiss and her friends to save the people of Atlas and Mantle.

Winter Schnee

Winter Schnee is Weiss' elder sister and spent at least one evening training her prior to Weiss' departure from Atlas. At first, Weiss declined to interact with her, indicating a strained relationship, just like with her father. However, at the finale of "New Challengers..." Weiss is somewhat delighted by her sister's arrival, which leads to the conclusion that Weiss actually looks up to her older sister. Their subsequent conversations both in front of Beacon and later when they share tea, show that Winter has something of a mentor role but that there is also affection between the two sisters.

Sisterly advice

In "Lessons Learned", Winter makes an effort to instruct Weiss on her summoning ability, and Weiss insists that she is unable to summon despite it being a solid aspect of her Semblance. Winter then chides her sister for giving up on herself, leading to her giving an empowering advice about their father and warmly embracing her little sister.

Given their family history, Winter's strong concern for Weiss was a result of their family's fractured state, filling for their mother in seeing to Weiss' well-being and psychological health by inquiring about if she's made any friends upon greeting her younger sister. It is clear that despite the distance in their family that the sisters care very much about one another. Winter appears to serve as a mentor figure to Weiss, teaching her that by facing the challenges of remaining at Beacon and not relying on their father's wealth, that she might be able to learn more about herself and the world around her. Winter's strict demeanor when tutoring Weiss belies the bond the two share, and she genuinely cares for Weiss.

In "The Greatest Kingdom", Weiss was thinking about calling Winter so she and her friends can go to Atlas and meet up with Ironwood until Blake shows her an auto broadcast of her addressing the citizens of Mantle. Weiss becomes sad and distraught on how much Winter has changed in Atlas and she was willing to agree with Ironwood's strict rules.

However despite these circumstances, Weiss still retains the same close and sisterly relationship with Winter, which is requited. In "Sparks", the two confide in and comfort each other regarding the state of their home Kingdom, and Winter even goes as far as showing Weiss the Winter Maiden, Fria, revealing her assignment to become Fria's successor. At first, Weiss was bothered by this, as Ironwood chose this fate for Winter. However, when Winter explained the growing feelings of honor, pride and responsibility she felt at having the chance to make a genuine difference in the world, Weiss came to respect her sister's choice and admires her commitment and selflessness.

In "With Friends Like These" and "The Enemy of Trust", Weiss' relationship with Winter became strained, as seen in Winter's horror and disappointment with Weiss upon seeing her now becoming wanted in Atlas and was later seen worryingly wondering on what she did to anger the General to the extent of making her a wanted criminal.

Concerned for her older sister

Later, upon Weiss arriving to help her fend off Cinder, the first thing Winter did upon reuniting was angrily asking her sister on what she did, showing that Winter was both disappointed and worried with Weiss due to her actions.

Upon heaving herself up and tending to her wounds, Winter attempted to convince her sister and Ruby to give up and comply with General Ironwood's orders and upon their refusal, Winter told Weiss that she should leave and escape while she can and leave her.

Weiss in return has displayed her strong love for Winter and worriedly tried to care for her due to her extensive injuries and stated that she refused to leave her sister like this. Winter, in return, emotionally told her that she wasn't leaving her and thus then proceeded to call Atlas back up to her location, showing that despite deeply loving Weiss and caring for her, her loyalty to Ironwood would always come first for her and despite her own feelings on capturing her own sister for him, Winter still cannot bring herself to do it without at least giving her a chance.

Weiss in turn sadly complied and silently wished her sister luck with her chosen path and choices before then leaving her to pursue her own path.

In "Creation", Weiss and Winter successfully repaired their relationship upon Winter finally turning against General Ironwood after realizing how far he was willing to go for what he believed was "right". This was seen where the two then began collaborating to out maneuver Ironwood and began making plans to evacuate the people of Mantle and Atlas to Vacuo.

After Penny died and winter became the new Winter Maiden, she went through the Evacuation Central Location to help Weiss and her friends fight against Cinder Fall while helping get the citizens through the portal. After Weiss fell into the void, Winter screamed in horror as her sister fell; despite following Jaune Arc's advise to retreat, Winter vows vengeance against Cinder for what she did to Weiss and Penny. Upon reaching Vacuo, Winter dispensed with her composure and took her grief over losing her sister out on the masses of Grimm.

Whitley Schnee

Whitley could not care less.

Weiss initially does not have a good relationship with her younger brother. She states that Whitley never liked her, however, he acts supportive of Weiss after she comes home from Beacon. Although at first suspicious, Weiss appeared to be happy that her brother had changed.

After the charity event, Weiss feels betrayed by Whitley when she comes to believe that the true reason for his kindness toward her was to become the heir to the Schnee Dust Company. Subsequently, their relationship becomes more tumultuous.

In "Two Steps Forward, Two Steps Back", Whitley visits her in her room, offering to pick something up for her while he is in the city with Jacques, due to her being stuck at home. Weiss reacts negatively, assuming that he is taunting her, and she accuses him of being jealous of her and Winter's abilities. He denies it, claiming to find it, in general, to be barbaric. With her glyphs, she slams the door shut on him.

Whitley's emulation of their father's less than savory personality seems to be one of the driving forces behind the siblings' animosity towards one another.

During the events of "Cordially Invited", their mother Willow insinuates that Whitley's spiteful behavior towards his sister may be due to him feeling abandoned and betrayed by Weiss, who left him alone with their abusive father and unstable mother, greatly surprising Weiss.

In "Fault", Weiss has no problem threatening Whitley if he refuses to let her and the others in the Schnee Manor to hide from the Atlas Military. When he asks her what he is suppose to do, she orders him to go to his room.

Weiss and Whitley beginning to make up

In "War", Weiss and Whitley's relationship was shown to begun getting better. As seen in Weiss's argument with May Marigold about trying to help protect Atlas, Weiss still retains her care and familial love for her remaining relatives in Atlas, specifically her mother and her brother Whitley, despite everything that happened between them and their issues and attempted to convince her that they also needed to protect Atlas as well. Whitely having overheard their argument, was shown to have been genuinely touched by his sister's continued care for him despite everything he put her through and leading him to finally begin to understand his sister for the first time.

This leads Whitley to begin attempting to become a better person and letting more of his kinder aspects surface, as shown when he contacted Klein Sieben asking for his help in treating Nora Valkyrie. This particular act would make Weiss very proud of him due to him still possessing a level of kindness, empathy and selflessness for others despite his attempts to emulate their selfish and apathetic father, leading to Weiss proudly hugging him. Whitley in turn returned the gesture, finally starting to make up.

In "Dark", due to Whitley deciding to try and be a better person, he and Weiss are shown to have become more closer and have a much healthier relationship with each other. This is seen where she and Whitley began collaborating together in using the SDC's resources to help the people of Mantle using the company's fleet of cargo ships to evacuate them. Later the two could be seen playfully bantering with each other in a more familial tone together.

As seen in "Creation", Weiss now has a more loving relationship with her brother, this is seen where Weiss would smile in pride upon Whitley contributing to help in the evacuation plans of Atlas and Mantle without hesitation. Weiss herself is shown to now fully trust him and their mother as they began supporting her and her friends in saving the people.

Schnee Manor

Klein Sieben

Weiss shows kindness toward the butler, as seen in "Remembrance". Klein cheers her up after she has an unhappy conversation with her father and calls her his "happy Little Snowflake".

True family

In "Two Steps Forward, Two Steps Back", Klein comes to her room and asks if she is alright after hearing her window break. When he sees her summoned Arma Gigas, he is impressed. Weiss asks him a favor, and he nods, another indication that he is more loyal toward her than her father.

In "Taking Control", Klein shows his loyalty to Weiss by helping her escape the Schnee Manor. Before she leaves, both Weiss and Klein acknowledge that, including Winter, they are and always will be each other's family. This declaration of devotion is sealed with a goodbye hug. Based on Klein's more friendly and amicable disposition towards Weiss, it can be assumed that he held similar loyalty to Winter due to her and Weiss' shared ambitions of serving the public good and selfless personalities. Klein often treats Weiss with an extremely familial tone, using humor to ease Weiss' burdened mind, being there with a quip and a concerned voice, giving Weiss a stalwart confidant to go to. Based on their relationship following the Fall of Beacon and Weiss' return to Atlas, it can be inferred that the two have been close friends for many years.

In "Cordially Invited", Weiss shows sadness and guilt upon learning that Klein was fired after helping her escape the Schnee Manor.

In "War", Weiss looks happy to see Klein again after Whitely calls him to check on Nora. She apologizes to him for getting fired because of her, but Klein doesn't blame her. Following this, he helps out Weiss and her friends with helping Nora and Penny and later their plan to use the Relic of Creation to evacuate the citizens of the Kingdom to Vacuo.

Manor Staff

In "Cordially Invited", Weiss politely interacted with the staff at the manor and thanked them for their work.

Beacon Academy


In "Uncovered", Weiss is upset with Ozpin's decision to withhold important information about the Relic of Knowledge, and to hide Leonardo Lionheart's treachery from the people of Mistral. She takes this as a sign of him deciding what is best for everyone and not being able to choose what is best for herself. In "So That's How It Is", Weiss is discouraged when Ozpin leaves them by sealing himself in Oscar Pine's mind.

When Ozpin returned to the group and apologized for not trusting them however, Weiss and the others forgave him due to their experience with Ironwood teaching them that trust is a big risk.

Peter Port

Explaining her desire of being the team leader

Professor Port is Weiss' Grimm Studies teacher. Weiss is one of the few people in his class that actually pays attention, taking notes during his opening speech, but begins to focus more on Ruby when Professor Port starts recalling a story from his past.

Weiss then goes to Port when she questions Ozpin's decision to make Ruby the leader and is visibly angry when he disagrees with her. Port praises Weiss' ability on the battlefield but is aware of her attitude toward Ruby and her position on the team. A talk between them spurs Weiss into accepting Ruby's leadership and trying to better herself, both as a person and a teammate.


Ruby Rose

Not off to a good start

Ruby is Weiss' partner and team leader. The two get off to a bad start when Ruby knocks over her expensive luggage and nearly blows them off the cliff from a Dust accident. Weiss initially considers Ruby beneath her, due to the latter's younger age, childlike behavior, and her apparent lack of knowledge about Dust and herself. When Ruby offers to try and make it up to her, Weiss tells her she can start by leaving her alone.

When the two meet up in the Emerald Forest during "The First Step, Pt.2", Weiss' first instinct is to walk away, leaving Ruby behind. She only decides to partner with Ruby after seeing that her other option was Jaune Arc, which delights Ruby.

At first, Weiss doesn't think much of Ruby's abilities, seeing herself as vastly superior in combat. Weiss is surprised by Ruby's speed but considers her to have bad form, and initially the two don't work well together due to their lack of communication and coordination. At one point, she gets upset when Ruby attacks a Beowolf she herself was about to attack, causing her to set off a small forest fire when she redirected her attack away from Ruby. However, Ruby's mistakes are largely a result of Ruby constantly trying to prove herself to Weiss.

Because of their vastly different personalities, Weiss and Ruby normally have different opinions and argue on various points. Weiss tries to always be correct, which conflicts with Ruby's somewhat carefree approach to things. In "The Emerald Forest, Pt.2", Weiss refuses to admit she is lost and then criticizes Ruby for doing nothing, despite Ruby stating that at least she can admit they are lost. This leads to another blowout, with Ruby calling Weiss bossy, and the latter calling Ruby childish, also stating that she is leagues better than Ruby, who is shown to be visibly hurt by the comment.

Despite Weiss always feeling the need to be right, Ruby has been able to talk her into doing things, such as riding on the talons of a Nevermore, which Weiss later regretted. Ruby also managed to talk her into turning the beds in their dorm into bunk beds to save space, which Weiss initially thought would be dangerous. Additionally, Weiss didn't agree with Ruby being made the leader of their team, seeing her as too immature for the role, while Weiss has trained for years to become a Huntress.

At times, however, the two are able to get along. When Ruby was about to be killed by the Death Stalker and Yang Xiao Long couldn't reach her in time, Weiss rushed out and saved her. Weiss then tells Ruby that they are a team and she will be nicer if Ruby would stop trying to show off; with Ruby saying she was only showing off to impress Weiss and prove she could handle herself. Later, after getting some advice from Port, she acknowledges that Ruby at least has the potential to become a good leader and tells Ruby she will be the best teammate she can be, even going so far as to get her coffee.

It was then that Weiss and Ruby get on friendlier terms, though she is still stern when correcting Ruby's misunderstanding of Pyrrha Nikos' Semblance, as Ruby thought of "polarity" as being able to control poles rather than magnetism. Along with Ruby, both smile in agreement with Pyrrha in keeping her assistance during Jaune's fight with the Ursa a secret. In "The Stray", both girls show some camaraderie regarding their "combat skirts" after Blake quips about Weiss fighting in a dress.

The camaraderie is shown to have improved, as evidenced by when Weiss loses her entire army in Remnant: The Game and Ruby who also lost a lot in the previous turn hugs Weiss and they "cry" together. The two overall work well together as a team.

When Ruby falls through a cave on the street, while following the White Fang, she shows concern for her partner, and even after they find her. The two are also seen to have full trust in each other, as they seem to understand one another well enough to communicate without words. This is seen in "No Brakes", where both merely smile and nod at one another and Weiss forms a large ice dome around the team to protect them from being seriously injured from a train crash.

Despite being friends, Weiss denies being close to her, as seen in "Round One" when she denies Ruby suggesting that they were "BFFs", though she introduces Ruby as one of her friends in "It's Brawl in the Family" when her sister arrives.

"No, we will find them."

However, Weiss is relieved when she sees Ruby again in "End of the Beginning" and goes with her to find Jaune and Pyrrha, showing total faith in her. This also demonstrates her acceptance of Ruby as her partner as she will not let Ruby fight without her.

In "Known by its Song" after being reunited with Ruby, Weiss shares an emotional reunion hug with her alongside Yang; initially, Weiss doesn't partake in the hug, only silently wiping a tear away, supposedly believing she wouldn't be welcome in a family reunion. However, both Ruby and Yang invite her into the embrace, wordlessly assuring her that she's as much family to them now. In "Haven's Fate" the two fight together against Hazel, Emerald and Mercury before being joined by Blake. Weiss is shown to follow Ruby's orders without hesitation during the battle. Later when the battle is over, Weiss catches Ruby when she falls to her knees from exhaustion and asks her if she is okay.

In "The Coming Storm", Weiss questions Ruby about their mission to take the Relic of Knowledge to Atlas, asking if there is a point now that they know that Salem is immortal. She later gets on her leader's bad side in "Alone in the Woods" when she is more doubtful of the mission, but she later apologizes about giving up while they escape from Brunswick Farms, her earlier misgivings having been exaserbated by the Apathy.

She immediately catches Ruby after she falls off the Colossus with her queen lancer Summon in "The Lady in the Shoe", asking Ruby what would have happened if she hadn't caught her to which Ruby replied "I knew you would!" with a wide grin. In "Seeing Red", Weiss slows Ruby's fall with her Glyphs after her partner destroys the cannon of the Colossus. In "Our Way", Weiss helps Ruby in their fight against the Leviathan by carrying her partner on her Lancer summon to the giant Grimm.

In "Ace Operatives" Weiss is shown to be understanding of Ruby's doubts and reasons for not telling general Ironwood about the truth on Ozpin's disappearance and Salem's immortality, supporting that they'll have to wait that he can be trusted with the truth before telling him.

In "Gravity" Weiss is concerned for Ruby during her emotionnal breakdown after Salem implied that she was responsible for Ruby's mother disappearance.

In "Friends like These" Weiss helps Ruby to end her fight with Harriet Bree by creating a wall of ice while Harriet is charging at Ruby causing her to slam into it and to knock her out. She later goes with Ruby to seek the Winter Maiden.

In "The Final Word" Weiss instinctively pushes Ruby away when Cinder Fall generates an explosion under them, sacrificing her own Aura to keep her friend safe. She sheds tears when she witnesses Ruby and Blake fall into the void shortly after, vengefully attacking Cinder without any regard for her own safety.

Blake Belladonna

Blake is one of Weiss' teammates. When the two first meet, Weiss is angry with Blake for insulting the Schnee Dust Company. However, they seem to make up to some extent afterwards; Blake cheers on Weiss in her fight against the Boarbatusk that Peter Port had her fight in class when she volunteered to do so.

Toward the end of the season, however, Blake becomes angered by Weiss' racism toward the Faunus. After an incident in which Blake accidentally implies that she was a member of the White Fang, Weiss' trust in her is completely shattered due to an ongoing conflict between her company and the Faunus organization. During this same incident, Blake accidentally reveals herself to be a Faunus and flees, further increasing the gap between the two. When Ruby mentions Blake's two days of absence, Weiss seemingly shows no interest in finding her teammate, saying she is a big girl and criticizing her for being a former White Fang member.

The trust between the two girls may have shattered after Blake's revelations, one of which has Weiss questioning Blake's true loyalty. Despite this, Weiss becomes concerned about finding Blake; she notes it took twelve hours to find her. In the end, Weiss says she does not care if Blake was a former member of the White Fang but is glad to know she is safe. Through this, the trust between the two is seemingly repaired, ergo, possibly even their friendship. Weiss also mentions if any major incident occurs, Blake should call on her team instead of someone like Sun Wukong.

By "Welcome to Beacon", the two seem to be on friendly terms, as also shown when Weiss shows concern for Blake's recent behavior, saying it is unacceptable and that she made a promise to her team to tell them if anything is wrong, which implies a high amount of mutual trust. After Blake brings out her worries about both Roman and the White Fang and proposes they fight their enemies, Weiss agrees, commenting it might be fun. Trust between the two has increased to the point both are able to work well together, showing good team coordination in their fight against Roman when he pilots the Atlesian Paladin-290.

"Here, this should help you."

As time passes, Weiss' trust in Blake increases. She even goes as far as to hand her a cartridge of Dust for her weapon.

Before Pyrrha's fight against Penny, Blake and Weiss decide they have seen enough fighting and get drinks together instead.

Later on, the two exchange worrying looks when Cinder Fall addresses the whole of Remnant in "PvP". In "Battle of Beacon", they fight together, Weiss defending Blake from a group of White Fang fanatics. When they are torn between stopping a Grimm and saving civilians from an Atlesian Paladin, Weiss tells Blake to "stay safe", indicating how far their friendship has come.

In "Alone Together", Weiss defends Blake's decision to leave Yang, who is clearly still hurt and emotionally wounded over Blake deciding to run away. Weiss explains that Blake kept her past a secret to both move on and protect others from it, but ultimately, her worst fears about her past came true when Adam dismembered Yang during the Fall of Beacon. Weiss' defense of her friend indicates she had developed a profound understanding of and sense of empathy towards the young Faunus despite their rocky start, and Weiss even states she would do anything for her friends - admitting that they are her true family for the first time. In "Downfall", Weiss is shocked when she sees that Blake has arrived at Haven Academy. In "Haven's Fate", Weiss welcomes Blake back to Team RWBY by opening her arms so she could share in the team's group hug.

In "Dead End", Weiss defends Blake when Cordovin refers her as a questionable character.

In "The Greatest Kingdom", Weiss takes offense after a drunk man called Blake a "stupid Faunus" and used her Glyphs to throw the man into a dumpster, claiming to her teammates that "it was worth it".

In "Ace Operatives", as they explore an abandoned S.D.C. Dust mine (which was the site of an explosion that killed a number of Faunus workers) Weiss apologizes to Blake for all the pain her family has caused the Faunus, and her own complicity in it.

In "Pomp and Circumstance", when she confronts her father, Blake takes Weiss' hand to comfort her as she stands up to her father.

Weiss holds a distraught Blake back from jumping into the void after Yang

In 'Worthy' , Weiss tearfully holds back a distraught Blake as she attempts to jump after Yang after she falls.

In "The Final Word" Weiss sheds tears when she sees both Blake and Ruby fall into the void, courtesy of Cinder. She then takes up Blake's weapon and vengefully uses it to attack the Fall Maiden, despite being completely outmatched.

Yang Xiao Long

Weiss after saving Yang in the tournament

Yang is one of Weiss' teammates at Beacon Academy. Their early interactions contain some hostility, triggered by Weiss' initial dislike of Yang's younger sister Ruby. However, the hostility does not last between the two in the passing months. Still, Yang is disturbed by how Weiss deliberately states that the White Fang are a terrorist group, that one of them robbed the Dust store and that they cannot be trusted.

By "Welcome to Beacon", Weiss and Yang seem to be on friendly terms; Weiss does not seem bothered or annoyed when the latter places her arm around her shoulder and helps her learn how to play Remnant: The Game. Despite this, Weiss loses to Yang—it was a plan to take out her armies. Weiss has also tried to make puns thinking Yang would like them, only to get negative feedback from her.

During their battle against Team FNKI, Yang defends Weiss after Flynt Coal insults her. Weiss later sacrifices herself to save Yang after Flynt attempts to sneak up on her.

During the Vytal Festival, after Yang gets their team disqualified for injuring Mercury Black, Weiss is one of the teammates who still trusts Yang.

Weiss reunites with Yang

In "Lighting the Fire", Weiss unexpectedly reunites with Yang when the latter comes to the Branwen tribe to meet with Raven Branwen. She is shocked to find the bandit leader who kidnapped her is Yang's mother. After everything calms down, Weiss leaps into a tearful embrace with Yang and tells her she missed her, a sentiment Yang returns, gently holding the back of Weiss' head. When Yang loses her temper in "Known by its Song", Weiss tries to calm her friend down and later tells her "it's okay if you're not okay".

However, despite their reunion, the two seem to possess some friction regarding Blake's abandonment of the team following the Fall of Beacon. Weiss makes it clear to Yang they are her family and that despite all they have endured she would do anything for them, even if it means defending Blake's actions despite the hurt Yang feels. The two come to terms with their differing feelings on what has transpired following the cataclysm. In addition, despite Weiss admitting she is not as close to Yang, their friendship has strengthened significantly since their reunion as Weiss promises to be there for Yang as family.


Jaune Arc

Jaune is one of Weiss' fellow students at Beacon Academy. Due to a sarcastic comment from Weiss about Jaune's looks that he overhears and misunderstands, Weiss is a target for Jaune's affections, though Weiss neither returns nor appreciates them. This has led to him calling Weiss "Snow Angel" and "Ice Queen".

Jaune's attempt at being a hero to Weiss backfires and ends in disaster

Her dislike for him is evidenced further when she is quick to partner with Ruby after Jaune turns out to be the only available alternative. Even after Jaune jumps out of a tree to save her when she falls from the Nevermore, Weiss seems momentarily impressed until they both start falling. When Weiss lands on his back, she sarcastically calls him her hero and is more concerned with her nails than Jaune's spine.

However, she shows concern for Jaune as he is bullied and is the first to try to assist him during his fight with an Ursa Major. Weiss also has little to no faith in Jaune's skills as a leader and makes fun of Jaune's habit of quoting his mother.

Weiss has explained that due to the constant attempts from other men to become suitors for her only for the sake of earning the perks of her last name, she has labeled Jaune in the same way. This leads her to mistake Jaune's intentions and results in Weiss coldly treating Jaune during every conversation they have. However, unknown to her, even though Jaune has quit in his pursuit to swoon her, he cares for her greatly, which Neptune Vasilias tells her.

During the match in "New Challengers...", Weiss positively comments of Jaune's improvement.

Weiss also shows concern for Jaune in "End of the Beginning" when he calls her in a desperate attempt to get someone to stop Pyrrha from fighting Cinder, going as far to ask if he was alright and worriedly calling for him when he does not respond.

In "Rest and Resolutions", the two can be seen sitting next to each other at dinner after Weiss and Yang have reunited with Ruby, Jaune, Nora and Ren at Haven. Weiss can be seen smiling at Jaune during the meal and laughing at their adventures and giggling at his nickname "Vomit Boy", showing that she views him in a much more positive light and how close the two have come since their first meeting.

In "Vault of the Spring Maiden", Weiss' life is saved by Jaune after she is fatally impaled by Cinder. When she comes to in "Downfall", Weiss is annoyed when Jaune tells her to stay with him while he heals her. But after her Aura is fully restored, she shows an expression of gratitude when she encourages him to keep it up.

In "Dead End", Weiss is unable to stop Jaune from assaulting Oscar. In "Lost", Weiss is shocked to Jaune's plan of stealing an Atlas airship, telling him that they will be doing more than just breaking the law.

In "A Night Off", she accepts Jaune and Oscar's offer to see a movie without a second thought.

In "Risk", Jaune boosts Weiss’ aura to enable her to hold down Penny. After Jaune saves Penny by boosting her aura, Weiss sits next to him and puts her hand on his shoulder to check if he is ok. Jaune then looks at Weiss when she starts crying.

In "The Final Word", they were both the last members of their respective teams left "alive" after the remaining members of Team RWBY plummeted to their apparent deaths and Team JNPR plus Emerald and Oscar were trapped on the other side of the portal to Vacuo. Both fight valiantly with Penny Polendina to prevent Cinder from getting both the Staff of Creation and the Winter Maiden's power. However, Cinder manages to critically wound Penny and Weiss is left fighting with a broken aura to buy him time to heal her. After Penny asks him to mercy kill her to deny Cinder the maiden's powers and Winter arrives to save them, Jaune is seen supporting a tired and wounded Weiss to the portal. Cinder then attempts to kill Weiss but Jaune manages to protect and defend her before Cinder detonates an explosion under them which shatters his aura and sends Weiss plummeting to her "death" as well. A horrified Jaune who just mercy-killed one friend and failed to save another, attempts to escape with Winter but both are still stuck in their grief and she passes thorough the portal realizing that Jaune won't make it.

Nora Valkyrie

Although the two do not interact much during their time at Beacon, Weiss and Nora are on good terms. In "Rest and Resolutions", when Nora disbelieves Weiss summoning a Boarbatusk and ruining the SDC cocktail party, Weiss summons it near Nora and scares her. Later, Weiss is mildly annoyed when Nora jokes about her nickname and her having a "warm heart" and more visibly annoyed when Nora challenges Yang to an arm wrestle.

In "Refuge", Nora ends up sending Weiss through a pneumatic tube in an unexpected moment while she was explaining how it worked. Weiss would immediately reprimand Nora for this action in "Strings" by pulling on her ear until it turned red.

Weiss caring for a badly injured Nora

Later in "Fault" and "War", Weiss was shown to greatly care for Nora as a dear friend of hers. This is seen where she hurriedly brought her to the Schnee Manor and placed her in her room and personally tended to her severe injuries brought about by her over use of her Semblance. Later Weiss would try and do her best to care for Nora's injuries at her bedside and later comment that they needed to get her to a proper doctor fast.

Pyrrha Nikos

Wanting Pyrrha as her partner

Pyrrha was one of Weiss' fellow students at Beacon. Weiss acts much kinder toward Pyrrha than the others, even wanting them to be partners once she learns teams would be formed.

However, her reasoning for wanting to be Pyrrha's partner is somewhat selfish; she believes with Pyrrha's fighting prowess and her intelligence, they will become popular and get perfect grades. She may also want to become partners because of Pyrrha's impressive achievements, seeing Pyrrha as an equal.

Her reaction about Pyrrha's death in "End of the Beginning" is unknown since it is never shown.

In the 2018 manga, her relationship with Pyrrha is similar from the show except she seems more friendly, honest, and respect towards her and she doesn't have a obsession scheme about partnering up with Pyrrha for her team.


Sun Wukong

Weiss first sees Sun in "The Stray", when she instantly decides to go after him, initially believing him to be a competitor in the Vytal Festival tournament. However, although they have not yet met, Weiss is very hostile toward him for being a Faunus and deems him a criminal, to the point of believing he would join the White Fang.

However, after the incident with the Dust cargo that is delivered from Atlas, she has a different attitude towards him. Although she states that she still does not know how she feels about him, she may possibly harbor more respect for him than she did before. However, Weiss does not seem to like it when Sun calls her Ice Queen, though that could just be her general reaction to being called that. Weiss has also shown him some disdain when she and her teammates find Sun hanging just outside the window of their dorm room in "A Minor Hiccup" minutes after she and the other girls change clothes. This is furthered when she learns "he does it all the time" before Sun clarifies he means climbing trees.

Later, in "Battle of Beacon", Weiss trusts Sun enough to leave her injured teammates, Blake and Yang, in his care, despite her obvious dislike of him. Sun also expresses concern when Weiss decides to run off to find Jaune and Pyrrha with Ruby, telling her they'd better be back.

In Chapter 8, Weiss asks Sun why he is in Vale in the first place. She is surprised that Sun comes from Mistral and he is planning to join the Vytal Festival.

Neptune Vasilias

Weiss first meets Neptune when he and Sun walk in on Team RWBY's board game. Neptune hits on Weiss, but much to the chagrin of Jaune and his previous efforts, he receives positive results. This is even with the nickname Snow Angel despite her taking offense to it in the past.

After Weiss and her team formulate their plan to investigate the White Fang and Schnee Dust Company, Weiss hints a liking or attraction to Neptune to the point of changing the groups to get some alone time with him, but Ruby denies the motion because she and Weiss are already partners. Weiss is disappointed as Ruby pulls her away despite protest.

Getting along at the dance

Weiss' attraction towards Neptune is further evidenced in "Burning the Candle" when she asks him if he would like to go to the dance with her. Neptune, however, refuses the offer to dance without explaining his reasons, resulting in Weiss going alone. After a conversation with Jaune, Neptune reconsiders her offer and joins her. When Weiss asks Neptune what made him change his mind, he points to Jaune and tells Weiss she has a good friend looking out for her.

However, in "New Challengers...", she cheers on Neptune at first before changing her mind after seeing Neptune flirting with the girls of Team NDGO, prompting her to yell for them to "break his stupid face". It is uncertain if this affects her attraction toward him in the future.

In "Heroes and Monsters", Neptune shows concern for Weiss when he calls out to her after she is struck by the new and improved Atlesian Paladin-290.


Fox Alistair

During Weiss' first semester at Beacon, Fox and Yatsuhashi Daichi confront Weiss about her attitude towards her team. Weiss does not realize Fox is blind at first, to which he jokes about at her expense, much to her dismay. By the second semester, the two are less confrontational. Weiss respects CFVY's reputation and hopes to crush their records.

Velvet Scarlatina

Despite her usual attitude toward the Faunus, Weiss acts respectfully toward Velvet. In "Field Trip", when Team CFVY returns from a mission late, Weiss is the second on her team to rush to Velvet and question her.

In "Heroes and Monsters", Weiss is concerned about Velvet fighting an Atlesian Paladin-290 alone in combat, even going as far as to shout at Coco Adel for allowing her teammate to do so. Later, Weiss comes to Velvet's aid when she is knocked down by the machine.

Yatsuhashi Daichi

Yatsuhashi and Fox confront Weiss about her attitude towards her teammates in the first semester of class. He tries to defuse the situation so that it would not escalate. Weiss respects Yatsuhashi and his team.


Flynt Coal

At first, Flynt resents Weiss because the Schnee Dust Company ran his Father out of business. After the doubles round of the Vytal Festival Tournament, he starts to respect her because of her sacrifice, saying that it was a gutsy move.


Raven Branwen

In "Dread in the Air", Weiss was captured by Raven personally. Later, in "Lighting the Fire", she learned that the bandit leader is Yang's mother. In "Known by its Song", Weiss is hostile and called Raven obnoxious. She originally did not believe what Raven said about Salem, reincarnation and magic, so she was shocked as she saw Raven transform from an actual raven.

Qrow Branwen

Although they have not had much interaction, Weiss is very annoyed with him. After their first meeting, Weiss calls him a crazy guy for attacking her sister. Weiss appears to be on better terms with him when they meet again in Mistral after the fall of Beacon.

In "Uncovered", Weiss points her sword in hostility against Qrow when he tries to defend Ozpin's actions. In "Alone in the Woods", Weiss helps Ruby in pushing out a drunken Qrow away from the incoming Apathy.

Despite this, it is suggested that Qrow does care about Weiss, either because or in spite of his love for his neices, as is demonstrated in "Sparks" when he tells Clover Ebi that all of the kids are special.

Ironwood's Group

James Ironwood

James defends Weiss after he refused to arrest her

Ironwood originally showed Weiss respect when they encountered each other and assured her of always having a place at Atlas Academy if she should want it. Weiss had stated that she trusted the Atlas general, defending him from her father in "Remembrance" when the latter insulted him. In "Tipping Point", Ironwood refused to arrest Weiss when she unintentionally summoned a Boarbatusk from her glyphs to attack a woman, claiming Weiss was the only one at the party making sense. Due to Ironwood's increasing distancing of himself from Jacques Schnee due to their difference in opinions regarding national security, Ironwood had lost any respect for the Schnee family save for the warriors of the family, such as Weiss and Winter, as James showed none of the increasing impatience and animosity he had shown towards Jacques when addressing Weiss.

This positive relationship was proven true as seen in "Pomp and Circumstance" where Ironwood defended Weiss from her Father when he began taking a more hostile tone towards her for calling him out on his flimsy morals and questionable character.

In "As Above, So Below", Weiss defended Ironwood during his trial by showing the council room a recording revealing that Arthur Watts was the individual who framed him and was still alive, having helped her father win the election illegally. After calling for her father's arrest, she questioned Ironwood if she was able to do so.

In "Gravity", Weiss' relationship with Ironwood became strained when he told her that he'd sent Winter to claim the power of the Winter Maiden and that he intended to abandon Mantle by raising Atlas into the atmosphere to keep both the Maiden and the Relic from Salem, which left her shocked.

In "Ultimatum", Weiss was horrified when Ironwood stated that he planned on destroying Mantle if Penny didn't return to him within an hour. Later when her sister decided to betray Ironwood and help her instead, they manage to detain him in a cell next to her father so they wouldn't get in the way of evacuations. It is unknown if Weiss knew that Ironwood had killed her father after Watts freed him.

Penny Polendina

Weiss reassuring Penny with her chosen choice

Weiss literally ran into Penny in downtown Vale when she and Team RWBY chase down Sun Wukong during "The Stray". Penny's somewhat robotic characteristics and lack of hostility toward Weiss after their collision led Weiss to originally have mixed feelings about Penny, and her appearing in front of them after they left her behind visibly unnerved Weiss. When Penny showed up out of nowhere during "Black and White", Weiss and Yang took the opportunity to abandon her with Ruby, possibly not wanting another awkward situation.

In "Battle of Beacon", Weiss appeared to show some grief toward Penny after she was destroyed.

In "The Greatest Kingdom", like Ruby, she was shocked to see Penny alive and well and was glad to see that she was alright.

After escaping Atlas, Weiss could be seen comforting Penny after she made her decision to come with them instead of siding with Ironwood.

After Ironwood attempted to recapture Penny and later hacked her, Weiss and the rest of the group decided to use the Relic of Creation to save Penny from succumbing to the virus.

It is unclear if Weiss was aware of Jaune mercy killing Penny or whether she thought Penny succumbed to the wounds she received from Cinder but Weiss was saddened when she saw that Penny had died again.

Happy Huntresses

May Marigold

Weiss sympathizing and understanding May's resentment for her family in Atlas

Weiss and May were shown working together in Ruby's Group in attempting to get Amity Communications Tower online by sneaking into the Atlesian Military compound to get General Ironwood's credentials to launch Amity.

Later during "War", May was shown to have a more complicated relationship with Weiss. During their debate on what to do, May wanted to abandon Atlas in favor of protecting Mantle, causing Weiss to disagree with her and her wanting to help protect Atlas as well and tried to get sympathy from May by asking about her still having family within the City. This in turn caused May to reveal more about her past and her relationship with the Marigolds, who disowned her after making her choice to help Mantle and causing May to in turn disown them and no longer see them as her family.

During this conversation, May was shown to greatly sympathies with Weiss due to their similar situations of being disowned and shunned by their respective Families due to not accepting their life choices and simply being replaced by their "spares", with Weiss showing to understand and empathize with May's feelings. May herself was shown to be somewhat confused and angered by Weiss due to her continued desire to help her family within Atlas and saving the city despite this treatment to them.

Branwen Tribe


Because she was kidnapped by the Branwen Tribe, Weiss showed nothing but hostility towards Vernal. When they later battle in "The More the Merrier", Weiss fought Vernal to prove that she was more than a name but was easily defeated, largely due to her over-reliance of her Arma Gigas summons. Later in "Haven's Fate", she learned from Yang that Vernal was killed by Cinder Fall but never learned that she wasn't the real spring maiden.



Weiss at first glance does not seem to be pleased with Zwei, but she becomes quickly enamored with the dog, petting him and baby-talking to him.

Oscar Pine

After meeting Oscar Pine in Mistral, Weiss doesn't have much interaction with him. But after finding him in "Lost", Weiss tells him that he had her and everyone else worried sick after he goes missing.

Maria Calavera

Not much interaction happens between Weiss and Maria after they meet. But in "Stealing from the Elderly", after smuggling Maria onto an airship, Weiss expresses concern for the elder flying the ship due to her prosthetic eyes needing repairs, and is later angry at her for aggravating Cordovin.

Henry Marigold

Weiss takes an instant dislike to Henry for his attitude and lack of understanding about what happened to Vale. She orders him to leave and threatens to call security to escort him out.

Caroline Cordovin

In "Dead End", Weiss is upset with Cordovin when she refers to Blake as a questionable character. In "Stealing from the Elderly", she has to put up with the operative while trying to smuggle Maria Calavera onto an airship.

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