Season 1

Sissy Fight

I have tolerated your foolishness for too long!
—Weiss, to Ruby

Prank Wars

Ha! Now that's ice water!
—Weiss, to Ruby, after she pranks her
I think she's pranked, is what she is!
—Weiss, to Ruby

Ren Plays Tag

Ruby, I really just need to focus.
—Weiss, to Ruby

Love Triangle

Oooh. I'm actually more productive when studying on my own. Sorry. Maybe another time... or not.
—Weiss, rejecting Jaune's offer to study with him
Well hello, Pyrrha. I couldn't help but notice how well you did on our last exam. Perhaps we could study for this next one together? I believe the two smartest girls in class could easily handle whatever Oobleck has to throw at us.
—Weiss, propose to Pyrrha that they study together
Hmm... A for effort. But F for following the rules.
—Weiss, to Blake about her painting of Zwei
It's... beautiful.
—Weiss, about Ren's painting of Zwei

Little Red Riding Hood

Why do I have to be the woodsman, again? And why does this weapon have two axe blades? You can't even aim!
—Weiss, complaining her role as woodsman

Spin the Bottle

This is so childish.
—Weiss to Pyrrha

Bike Race

Stardust awaaay!
—Weiss, start the race with her bike

Evil Plans

Since when were drapes flammable?
—Weiss, to Ruby after setting fire to the kitchen curtains

Pillow Fight

Ha ha ha. Don't make me laugh as I did just now.
—Weiss to Ruby

Roman's Revenge

Huh? What? Why're you looking at me like that? Blake? Is it... Is it that thing I did? (gasp) How did you find out about that!? You can't tell anyone! Look, I'll make it worth your while! A lifetime supply of tuna! Deal?
—Weiss, to Blake's shadow clone

Cinder Who?

My dearest Winter. My time at Beacon is going well thus far. Unfortunately, I was not selected to be Team Leader. But worry not. Our team has a capable leader at the helm. She's... Interesting. She's also... A person.
—Weiss, writing a letter to Winter about her days in Beacon Academy

Season 2

Director Ozpin

This is so unprofessional.
—Weiss, about unexpected malfunction title intro

Geist Buster

I don't understand, why is this happening?
—Weiss, about the haunting books

Girls Rock!

And I am musically gifted.
—Weiss to Nora, after she mention about the Battle of the Bands

Super Besties

What a strange dream. I must be studying too hard. Better get some rest.
—Weiss, after waking up from a "strange dream"
That sounds super fun, even though I'm screaming on the inside.
—Weiss to Ruby

Parent Teacher Conference

Oh my gosh! We killed Professor Port!
—Weiss, as Port reacts to a surprise party with a heart attack

Season 3

Road Trip

How do you "accidentally" rob a bank?!
—Weiss, to Ruby while being pursued by the police

Grimm Passengers

That... that wasn't even... "punny!"
—Weiss, getting annoyed by Yang and Tai's jokes

Teenage Faunus Ninja Catgirl

Of course! People can't get enough of me. You get used to it.
—Weiss to Ruby

Kids vs Adults vs Pups

I sneak the treats. I'm the best girl!
—Zwei's image of Weiss

Play With Penny

If only someone had a secret superpower capable of taking an enemy that big.
—Weiss to everyone

RWBY Dreams

Please! There has to be more I can learn! Like... extra credit!
—Weiss to Oobleck
Minor Characters

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