RWBY: Amity ArenaEdit

Aww, too cold for you?
—Ice Weiss

RWBY: Grimm EclipseEdit

Perfect form.
—Weiss' character taunt
And that's why they call me the Ice Queen.
—Weiss, after freezing an enemy


Chapter 1Edit

There is still much we don't know about Dust's exact origin.
—Weiss, trying to explain basics to Ruby

RWBY: The Official MangaEdit

Chapter 2Edit

When I find myself in need of a knight who reeks of vomit, you'll be the first to know.
—Weiss, to Jaune
Absolutely not. Not in a million years... Weiss Schnee's pair... will not be that child!!
—Weiss, monologue about refusing to be partner with Ruby
I am a Schnee. My partner must be the perfect specimen...
—Weiss, about her ideal partner

Chapter 3Edit

For all your big talk... you really are just getting in my way. Stand up, we're a pair, aren't we? Ruby?
—Weiss, to Ruby after she saves her from a Death Stalker

Chapter 4Edit

Failure is not an option...
—Weiss, to Blake

Chapter 5Edit

If you have the time to whine and whimper... spend it coming up with another plan. After all... It was you who started this fight. In return... No matter how outrageous this gets... We'll overcome it together.
—Weiss, to Ruby
Unbelievable... Kudos for coming up with such as ridiculous plan.
—Weiss, about Ruby's next plan to defeat a Nevermore

Chapter 6Edit

What are you talking about? Those criminals have attacked my father's company... and even... killed employees, associates, friends, and family. They're turned my life upside down, and you have the nerve... to tell me that's I'm to blame...?! They're nothing but murders!!
—Weiss, to Blake about how she sees Faunus as killers

Chapter 7Edit

Oh please. If she's a member of a terrorist organization... Then there's no explanation... It's inexcusable.
—Weiss, to Ruby about Blake

Chapter 8Edit

No, I do believe you. I spend the night making up my mind. I... Believe in the person that I've come to know. Meaning... No more disappearing acts. Instead, we talk things out. Because... we're a team after.
—Weiss, accepting Blake as a Faunus and a member of Team RWBY

Chapter 9Edit

I will exact revenge upon these fools!
—Weiss, after getting pie by accident from Nora
Frankly, I'm insulted. Your problem... isn't just your own to handle. We are a team after all.
—Weiss, to Blake

Chapter 10Edit

I'll be contracting my family's company to ask about any and all attacks by the White Fang. As an outsider, You'll only get in the way.
—Weiss, to Ruby about contracting her family's company about the White Fang

Chapter 15Edit

One prouder and more virtuous than any other. A warrior who can annihilate evil in a flash.
—Weiss' reason why she wants to become a Huntress, to Oobleck

RWBY (comic)Edit

Chapter 5: "Weiss: Part One Look At Me"Edit

My parents had me fetched from Beacon the day after the atack. Our family has always been influential wealthy. Famous, really. Our name goes back a hundred years, and my grandfather made the Schnee Dust Company into... A titan. My sister, Winter, is the perfect heir to the family throne. But It was... well. What's that phrase about the duty of a queen? The one about providing two children? "An heir and a spare."
—Weiss' inner monologue about her family history to herself
You're going to learn how wrong you are, Cardin Winchester. I'll prove I belong here. Just watch.
—Weiss, to Cardin
Come on, Cardin, weren't you scared you weren't going to have a worthy opponent?
—Weiss, mocking Cardin

Chapter 9: "Weiss: Part Two The Hind"Edit

Mother, You're not well. But this more than the drinking. Don't make me disposable
—Weiss, standing up to her mother about her drinking problems
Yes you did. After what you said about us being mother and daughter, It's still the wine and the pets and the self-medication you love-- You meant it!
—Weiss, to Willow
I wanted to be a Huntress.' To show the world that this--who and what and how I am-- is because of me, and me alone. not my family. Not my name. I am me. Look at me, Mother. Look at me now.
—Weiss' inner monologue about how she wants to be a Huntress



When will we finally win? When Cinder falls.
—Weiss' joke, a pun on Cinder Fall's name

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