Just weapons? They're an extension of ourselves! They're a part of us! Oh, they're so cool.

The weapons of various characters in RWBY are used to fight enemies and monsters throughout Remnant.

Most often, they are based on real-life weapons, but they can be combined with other weapons or given additional features to increase their versatility and effectiveness in combat.



Though standard weapons exist, the majority of weapons shown in RWBY are usually designed to be transformable, using a foldable frame - a framework capable of shifting various sections to change the weapon from one form into another in mere seconds. Weapons with a foldable frame possess two or more selected forms, and the wielder is capable of freely swapping between each weapon state depending on their needs.

Typically, such weapons would have both a melee state and a ranged combat state, but are not necessarily limited to those specific types of attacks while in each state. Weapons can also have an inactive state known as a "sheathed" form, locking and securing the weapon while outside of combat, similar to the safety catch of a firearm. For example, Crescent Rose and Ember Celica shrink down to be holstered and carried easily, while Crocea Mors and Gambol Shroud both have separate sheaths to make them easy to carry.


Some weapons are shown to be fueled by Dust for a more "magical" style of combat. By doing so, Huntsmen combine the brute force of the weapons themselves with effects like object enchantment and elemental attacks such as weather and nature manipulation.

Most of the known weapons incorporate Dust into their designs, either by utilizing Dust into an attack, as seen with Myrtenaster, or using Dust in the form of bullets or ammunition.[1] It is implied that all "firearms" in Remnant use Dust ammunition.

While Dust is used in most weapons in the series, not all weapons use it like Gillian Asturias' due to her hatred of Dust.

Image Gallery of Weapons that use Dust


These weapons, while nearly impossible to create in reality, seem to be moderately easy to construct for the citizens of Remnant. Ruby had to design and build her weapon during her time at Signal Academy, and she expressed surprise at Jaune Arc for not making his own, indicating this is a common practice among future Huntsmen in Remnant.


When not in use, some people carry their weapons attached to magnetic clamps on their body. Ruby has one on her belt, Ren has two hanging from his hips and Nora, Blake and Neptune have one on their backs.

Beacon Academy students store their weapons in rocket propelled Lockers that can be called when needed.

List of Weapons

Name Owner Type Weapon Derivation
Crescent Rose Ruby Rose Melee, Ranged, Dust Scythe, Sniper-Rifle
Myrtenaster Weiss Schnee Melee, Ranged, Dust Rapier, Revolver
Gambol Shroud Blake Belladonna Melee, Ranged, Dust Katana, Cleaver, Pistol, Kusarigama
Ember Celica Yang Xiao Long Melee, Ranged Gauntlet, Shotgun
Yang's Prosthetic Arm Yang Xiao Long Melee, Ranged Prosthetic Arm, Gauntlet, Shotgun
Crocea Mors Jaune Arc (Formerly) Melee, Defensive, Dust Arming Sword, Shield, Sheath
Magnhild Nora Valkyrie Melee, Ranged, Dust War Hammer, Grenade Launcher
Miló and Akoúo̱ Pyrrha Nikos (Formerly) Melee, Ranged, Defensive Javelin, Xiphos, Rifle, Shield
StormFlower Lie Ren Melee, Ranged Dual SMGs, Wind and Fire Blades, Grappling Hooks
Ren's Dagger Lie Ren Melee Dagger
The Executioner Cardin Winchester Melee, Dust Mace
Shortwings Russel Thrush Melee, Dust Daggers
Hallshott Dove Bronzewing Melee, Ranged Sword, Revolver
Feather's Edge Sky Lark Melee, Ranged Halberd
Gianduja Coco Adel Melee, Ranged, Dust Handbag, Minigun
Sharp Retribution Fox Alistair Melee, Ranged Tonfa
Anesidora Velvet Scarlatina Melee, Ranged, Dust Box, Camera, Copy
Fulcrum Yatsuhashi Daichi Melee Sword
Ruyi Bang and Jingu Bang Sun Wukong Melee, Ranged, Dust Staff, Nunchaku, Lever Action Shotgun
Hook and Darling Scarlet David Melee, Ranged Flintlock Pistol, Cutlass, Grappling Hook
Pilgrim Sage Ayana Melee Sword
Tri-Hard Neptune Vasilias Ranged, Melee Guandao, Trident, Rifle
Arslan's Weapon Arslan Altan Melee Rope Dart, Dagger
Bolin's Staff Bolin Hori Melee Staff, Blades
Reese weapon hoverboard.png
Reese's Hoverboard Reese Chloris Melee, Ranged, Dust Hoverboard, Dual Revolvers
Nadir's Gun Nadir Shiko Ranged, Melee Assault Rifle, Sword
Brawnz's Claws Brawnz Ni (Formerly) Melee Claws
Roy's Saws Roy Stallion (Formerly) Melee, Ranged, Dust Circular Saws
Nolan's Cattle Prod Nolan Porfirio Melee Cattle Prod
May's Rifle (Formerly) May Zedong Ranged, Melee Sniper Rifle, Axe
Nebula's Crossbow Nebula Violette Ranged, Melee Crossbow, Sword
Dew's Spear Dew Gayl Melee, Dust Spear
Gwen's Knives Gwen Darcy Ranged, Melee, Dust Knives
Octavia's Dagger Octavia Ember Melee, Ranged, Dust Kris
Flynt's Trumpet Flynt Coal Ranged, Dust Trumpet
Neon's Nunchaku Neon Katt Melee, Dust Nunchaku
Ivori's Whip Ivori Melee Whip
The Long Memory Oscar Pine Melee, Magic Walking Stick
The Disciplinarian Glynda Goodwitch Dust Riding Crop
Blowhard Peter Port Melee, Ranged Axe, Blunderbuss
Antiquity's Roast Bartholomew Oobleck Melee, Ranged Thermos, Club, Flamethrower
Ironwood's Gun.png
Due Process James Ironwood (Formerly) Ranged, Dust Revolvers
Winter weapon1.png
Winter's Swords Winter Schnee Melee, Dust Sword
Floating Array Penny Polendina (Formerly) Melee, Ranged, Dust Swords, Guns, Puppet Strings
Kingfisher Clover Ebi (Formerly) Melee, Utility Fishing Pole
Fast Knuckles Harriet Bree Melee, Utility Gauntlets
Fetch Marrow Amin Melee, Ranged Boomerang, Rifle
Timber Elm Ederne Melee, Ranged Hammer, Rocket Launcher
Thorn Inactive Infobox Pic.png
Thorn Vine Zeki (Formerly) Melee, Ranged Throwing Star
Hard light shield mug.jpg
Disc Grenade Jaune Arc (Formerly) Utility, Defense, Dust Shield, Grenade
Robyn's Crossbow Robyn Hill Melee, Ranged, Dust Crossbow, Shield
Happy Huntresses' Weapons Happy Huntresses Melee, Ranged Crossbow, Staff
Omen Raven Branwen Melee, Dust Ōdachi
Harbinger Qrow Branwen Melee, Ranged Sword, Shotgun, Scythe
Stalwart (Formerly) Leonardo Lionheart Defensive, Ranged, Dust Shield
Amber's Staff Amber (Formerly) Melee, Ranged, Dust Staff
Ozma's Staff Mug.png
Ozma's Staff Ozma (Formerly) Ranged, Magic Staff
Life and Death Mug.png
Life and Death Maria Calavera Melee, Ranged, Dust Scythe, Kamas, Pistols
Vernal's Weapons Vernal (Formerly) Melee, Ranged, Dust Wind and Fire Blades, Gun
Junior's Bazooka Junior Xiong (Formerly) Melee, Ranged Rocket Launcher, Club
Melanie's Heels Melanie Malachite Melee High-heeled Boots
Miltia's Claws Miltia Malachite Melee Claws
Tock's Swords Mug.png
Tock's Swords Tock (Formerly) Melee Swords
Midnight Cinder Fall (Formerly) Melee, Ranged, Dust Blades, Bow
Cinder's Weapons Cinder Fall Melee, Ranged, Magic Various
Melodic Cudgel Roman Torchwick (Formerly) Ranged, Melee, Dust Cane, Flare Gun, Grappling Hook
Thief's Respite Emerald Sustrai Melee, Ranged Dual Revolvers, Sickles, Kusarigama
Talaria Mercury Black Melee, Ranged Boots, Guns
Neo umbrella.png
Hush Neopolitan Melee, Defensive Umbrella, Estoc, Shield
Tyrian blades active mode1.png
The Queen's Servants Tyrian Callows Melee, Ranged Wrist Blades, Guns
Watts revolver mug.png
Watts' Revolver Arthur Watts (Formerly) Ranged, Dust Revolver
Watts' Rings Arthur Watts (Formerly) Utility, Defensive, Dust Rings, Hacking, Shield
Wilt and Blush Adam Taurus (Formerly) Melee, Ranged, Dust Rifle, Chokutō
LieutenantChainsaw Thumb.png
Lieutenant's Chainsaw White Fang Lieutenant Melee Chainsaw
Lightning Lash Ilia Amitola Melee, Ranged, Dust Blade, Whip, Gun
Cyclone and Inferno Corsac Albain, Fennec Albain (Formerly) Melee, Ranged, Dust Dagger, Wand
Cerberus Whip Sienna Khan (Formerly) Melee, Ranged, Dust Blade, Whip
Carmine's Weapons Carmine Esclados (Formerly) Melee, Ranged Sai, Double-sided trident
Rhodes maces cropped.png
Rhodes' Weapons Rhodes, Cinder Fall (Formerly) Melee, Ranged Maces, Swords, Guns
Rasen Pyke Rite Melee, Ranged, Dust Drill Cannon
Windlass Arrastra Skye Melee, Ranged, Dust Pickaxe, Crossbow
Fortune's Fangs Asher Mora Melee, Dust, Utility Swordbreakers, Glaive, Grappling Hook
Pandora's Aegis Fenix Nemean Melee, Defensive Brass Claws, Arm Shields

Other Weapons

Li Ren's Bow

Li Ren holding his bow

Li Ren was the father of Lie Ren and a resident of Kuroyuri. He and his bow appeared in the episode "Kuroyuri". He was a hunter that gathered food for the city and used a bow. He used the bow when the Nuckelavee and other Grimm attacked the city. He faced the Nuckelavee, but it was ineffective and he was killed. Years later one of his arrows was found by Ren and Nora in the Nuckelavee's cave.

The bow is green, brown and gold and shares the aesthetic that Li, An and Ren all have. The arrow resembles a fleur-de-lis.

Shay's Pistol

Shay D. Mann is a member of the Branwen Tribe and uses a crude pistol cobbled together from different parts. He uses it in "Lighting the Fire" and "Rest and Resolutions".

The revolver appears to have been damaged multiple times as it has scratches all over and is partially held together by bits of red wire. The handle is a brass knuckle and the bottom features a blade for melee combat. The entire handle section is held together with string and wire.

The pistol has a tendency to jam, which happened when he attacked Yang Xiao Long with some other bandits.

Image Gallery

Dee's Club

Dee was a Huntsman seen in "Argus Limited" that worked on the Argus Limited train. He used a large club that was able to expand, spin and generate electricity. The weapon was ineffective against the fast, flying Manticores which lead to his death at their claws.

The club resembles the Japanese Kanabō club.

Image Gallery

Dudley's Rifle

Dudley is a Huntsman seen in "Argus Limited" that works on the Argus Limited train. His weapon of choice is a rifle, and he uses it to defend the train against the Manticores.

Image Gallery

Gillian's Bow

Gillian Asturias was a member of The Crown from RWBY: Before the Dawn.

Her weapon was a simple bow and arrow due to her hatred of technology. It also utilized no Dust in combat.

Jax's Sword

Jax Asturias was a member of The Crown from RWBY: Before the Dawn.

His weapon of choice was a simple sword, theorized to be an ancient sword from old Vacuo. However, he lacks much skill using it.

Umber's Whips

Umber Gorgoneion was a member of The Crown from RWBY: Before the Dawn.

Umber's weapon of choice was a series of whips. She can throw numerous whips at an opponent in order to restrain them, which Fox Alistair likens to a spider covering its prey with webs. She is also a skilled cage fighter, being able to hold her own in unarmed combat.

She uses it in RWBY: Before the Dawn.

The whips might allude to the snake theme of Umber's allusion of the Greek Medusa.

Mina's Shotgun-Axe

Part of the weapon held by Mina

Mina Lavender is a member of Team SMMK from RWBY: The Grimm Campaign.

She wields a shotgun-axe as her weapon. The weapon is silver, black and brown. The top has a silver plate that matches Mina's armor.

Mina also has a Semblance that allows her to produce spider webs as weapons.

Marton's Club

Marton is a member of Team SMMK from RWBY: The Grimm Campaign.

Marton wields a club which uses Dust to cause smokefields.

Vermillion's Flail

Vermillion Raddock fights using a 30-foot flail, combining the weapon with his own superhuman strength and reflexes in battle.

Abigail's Scimitar

Abigail Pyre's weapon of choice is a scimitar with a similar design to Asher's Fortune's Fangs.

Edward's Buckler Shield

Edward Caspian wields a small buckler shield with a removable metal blade attached to it, and it has a gun mounted onto it. The shield is very durable, withstanding several blows from Bertilak's weapon.

Xanthe Rumpole's Wheel

Xanthe Rumpole's weapon is a spiked wheel that is kept hidden beneath her hair. The golden cord that keeps her braid bound is a part of the wheel, which she can use to spin and find at will. Rumpole can also use the cord to bind targets.

Her weapon can be a reference to Rumpelstiltskin, with her wheel and golden corde weapon being an allusion to the spindle wheel used by Rumpelstiltskin to turn the straw into gold.

Olive's Awl Pike

Olive Gashley's weapon of choice is an awl pike which uses Gravity Dust to improve her attacks.

Slate's Knife

Slate's weapon of choice is a Hunting Knife.

Minor Weapons


Swords, Knives and Axes

  • Swords - Used by White Fang Goons.
  • Foldable sword - Atlesian soldiers.
  • Fire Sword - Mentioned by Ruby in "The Shining Beacon" as being wielded by an unseen Beacon Academy student.
  • Shotel - Used by White Fang member in "Battle of Beacon".
  • Swords and Axes - Used by people in the ancient past.
  • Axes and Red Swords - The various weapons wielded by the Henchmen.
  • Sword - Used by the Branwen Tribe.
  • Knife - Trifa's weapon of choice.
  • Switchblade - Sold in Menagerie.


  • Collapsible Staff - Mentioned by Ruby in "The Shining Beacon" as being wielded by an unseen Beacon student.
  • Spear - Used by the Menagerie Guard.
  • Spear - Used by the White Fang Royal Guard.
  • Club - used by the Faunus of Menagerie.

Heavy Weapons, Emplacements, and Vehicle Weapons

  • Chaingun - The Atlesian Dropship is equipped with chin-mounted Gatling cannons.
  • Rocket Launcher - Used by an Atlas Soldier in "Dark".
  • Grenade - A Tornado Grenade was used by Oscar Pine in ""Refuge"" to incapacitate a Teryx.
  • Cannons - The Ship has port cannons and a heavy cannon for dealing with Grimm out at sea.
  • Turrets - Used by the Argus Limited as a defense against Grimm.
  • Atlesian Beam Turret - Developed by Atlas after the Fall of Beacon.
  • Atlesian Burrow Gun - Developed by Atlas after the Fall of Beacon.
  • Dust Cannon - The right arm of the Colossus.
  • Missile Launcher - On the Colossus' right arm.
  • Minigun - RWBY: World of Remnant - Between Kingdoms.


  • Bombs - White Fang used bombs in their attack on Vale and on Haven.
  • Bomb - Doctor Merlot uses a large scale bomb to destroy his island after Team RWBY defeats him.
  • Atlas Bomb - A bomb created by the Atlas Military to destroy Monstra. Later used in an attempt to destroy Mantle.
  • Gravity Bolas - Devices used by the Atlas Military to disable and capture targets.
  • Hammer - Used by Tock's associate
  • Bow - Used by people in the past.
  • Gauntlet - One of Lil' Miss Malachite's men uses a gauntlet in RWBY: Combat Ready.
  • Atlesian Arachna Mines - the Atlesian military used Ada technology for target acquisition and threat detection to create the Atlesian Arachna Mines, bombs that could scuttle towards enemies.

World of Remnant

  • Handgun - the representation of the Atlas in the World of Remnant episode "Vytal Festival Tournament".
  • Bladed weapons - the representation of Vale in the "Vytal Festival Tournament", a yellow and four gray figures representing huntsman in "Huntsmen".
  • Staves - Used by Vytal Festival Tournament contestants in "Vytal Festival Tournament".
  • Spears - Used by Vytal Festival Tournament contestants and the representation of Vacuo in "Vytal Festival Tournament".
  • Flail - A "ball-and-chain" was used by a Vytal Festival Tournament contestant from Atlas in "Vytal Festival Tournament".
  • A large two-handed double-bladed axe wielded by a neutral huntsman in "Huntsmen"
  • Kunai - Used by a mercenary in Mistral (WoR episode).

RWBY Chibi


  • When asked by a fan at the RTX 2013 RWBY Panel if there were going to be any weapons that would not double as a gun, Kerry Shawcross asked why they would want that, and then the panel continued on to state that they should actually create a "Gun-Gun".
  • There is an entire weapons magazine that seems to be dedicated on articles regarding weapons, of which Ruby is apparently a fan, as she reads through Issue 228 at From Dust Till Dawn.
  • In the original version of chapter 5, as the students are participating in the race, Glynda can be seen wielding a revolver almost identical to an original weapon made by Chris Lee. This was later redrawn to have her holding her crop.[2]
  • After Vermillion Raddock becomes the new leader of the Hana Guild, he stops the organization from dealing with narcotics and switches to dealing with weapons instead.


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