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Watts' Rings were devices used by Arthur Watts. They were first seen in "A New Approach" and some were later destroyed by James Ironwood during their fight in "Gravity".


Watts wore eight rings that were yellow with a black area that glowed cyan when he activated them by touching them.

The rings on his left hand were capable of hacking objects in Watts' vicinity, provided they were updated to the code of the cyber security he wished to infiltrate.

Watts activating a ring

The rings could also be used as a weapon. While he fought James Ironwood in the Amity Communications Tower, he used the ring on his left index finger to change the gravitational fields in Amity Colosseum's gravity biomes, the one on his left pinky finger to activate a geyser in one of the geyser biomes, and the one on his left ring finger to create platforms from Hard-Light Dust to traverse the gaps between biomes.

An improvised trap function

He used the rings on his right hand to generate Hard-Light shields, and at the end of his fight against Ironwood, he used them to create a Hard-Light screen that trapped Ironwood's arm and could burn his skin if he attempted to pull it out. It was later shown that the damage inflicted by the Ring's trap was strong enough to completely destroy his left arm and required him to completely replace it with a new cybernetic prosthetic.

According to Watts, these rings were immensely difficult to build. After the Battle against Ironwood, Watts' Rings were destroyed to prevent him from hacking after he was apprehended.


  • While Watts was shown wearing his rings when he was in his cell in "Fault" and later after he escaped in "Risk", both of these instances were actually animation errors.