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Watts' Rings are Arthur Watts' weapons of choice. They are first seen in "A New Approach".


Watts wears eight rings that are yellow with a black area that glows cyan when he activates them by touching them.

The rings on his left hand are capable of hacking objects in Watts' vicinity, provided they are updated to the code of the cyber security he wishes to infiltrate.

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An improvised trap function.

While he fights James Ironwood in the Amity Communications Tower, he uses the ring on his left index finger to change the gravitational fields in Amity Colosseum's gravity biomes, the one on his left pinky finger to activate a geyser in one of the geyser biomes, and the one on his left ring finger to create platforms from Hard-Light Dust to traverse the gaps between biomes.

He uses the rings on his right hand to generate Hard-Light shields, and at the end of his fight against Ironwood, he uses them to create a Hard-Light screen that traps Ironwood's arm and can burn his skin if he attempts to pull it out.

According to Watts, these rings were immensely difficult to build.



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