"War"[1] is the song which plays during the fight between Team RWBY and the Ace Operatives in "With Friends Like These".


Never really had a problem with you
All along I thought our friendship was true
Put my trust in you right from the start
I never dreamed
That you would be my enemy
The knife to take my heart

You screwed me in the perfect way
A friend betrayed
Just another mourner
Content to follow orders
Leave behind your conscience
Abandon those who need you most

Convince yourself you're noble
But we both know it's not so
But if you cross my battle line
You'll find you'll be sorry that you tried

If it's war that you want then you got it
If it's pain well I brought what you need
If it is true what you say: you're the best, then let's play

You won't believe it
Until you see it
When I kick your ass and
Look you in the eye
And with a smile and a cheerful heart I'll turn to you and wave
Good bye![2]


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