It all began, as most things do, with war.

The Kingdoms of the world had been locked in a violent struggle for years. But eventually, the great war of Remnant came to an end on the small island of Vytal. It was here that humanity's leaders chose peace over bloodshed, and constructed the future of modern society, establishing new laws, new academies, and new traditions.

The Vytal Festival was created to serve as a celebration of peace between the Kingdoms.

Every two years, a Kingdom would be chosen to open its doors to the world, allowing citizens from every corner of Remnant to meet and indulge in one another's cultures.

The pinnacle of this event was the Vytal Festival Tournament.

After the newly formed Huntsman academies proved to be a success, the Vytal Festival Tournament was designed to test the strengths of the Kingdoms' warriors in a safe, and friendly, competitive environment, a wonderful method in which to ensure that the world's Huntsmen would never settle for mediocrity, but would constantly strive to become the absolute best they could be.

As the skills of the Huntsmen grew, so did the games. And in time, it was decided that the tournament would need a stage equal in greatness, to that of its competitors.

Amity Colosseum was the culmination of the four Kingdoms' efforts; a technological marvel and a shining symbol of harmony, capable of making the journey to all the Kingdoms of Remnant.

It's true that all of this began with war. But, it is peace that has served to shepherd humanity on its ascension to greatness.

May we never stray from that path.

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