Not to be confused with the Volume 8 Teaser.
With the Lantern in her grasp, Salem's power is reaching daunting new heights: Atlas, and the entirety of Remnant, have never been in more grave danger. Is there any hope of Team RWBY prevailing, or is Salem's influence truly too great to be defeated?

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The Volume 8 Trailer was released on October 14th, 2020.


The trailer begins with the Whale Grimm approaching Atlas with Salem holding onto the Lamp, while Yang runs through Mantle and Qrow Branwen holds Clover's pin.

Cinder bows her head and affirms to Salem that she is nothing without her.

The scene shifts over Mantle's crater, where Ruby looks over a vent.

It cuts to Watts being struck by an Atlas Soldier while Jacques Schnee watches from the next cell.

Nora readies Magnhild against an electrified barrier, Tyrian Callows appearing out of the shadows, and a group consisting of Blake, Nora, Weiss and Ruby ready their weapons next to a worried Penny.

Vine Zeki leaps in the air with Thorn in a vortex. Yang, Ren and Jaune chase a Grimm on HVB Rhinos, Sabyrs run through Mantle's breached hull, Yang is chased by a Teryx, Ruby hugs Penny and Nora charges her Semblance whilst Ruby and Ren argue over their next steps before Jaune suggests doing both of their approaches.

It cuts to James Ironwood with the Ace-Ops in an Atlas medical facility, the Ace-Ops standing ready, Cinder looking down at Atlas and Penny activating her Maiden powers.

Salem uses a Grimm to locate someone who can tell her how to use the Lamp.


The Whale Grimm is shown arriving in Atlas while Salem is carrying the Lamp inside of it.

Salem: This game is not yours to win. It's mine.

Yang is shown running through the alleys of Mantle while Qrow holds Clover's chestpin elsewhere.

Salem: All you need concern yourself with, is your ability to act when I tell you to.

Cinder bows her head.

Cinder Fall: Without you, I am nothing.

Ruby Rose: Atlas is only Salem's current target. Once she is done here, she'll move on to the rest of Remnant.

Lie Ren:There are people here who need us right now.

Ruby Rose:We need to warn them!

Jaune Arc:Let's go for both. Get Amity up and running and evacuate Mantle.

James Ironwood: Salem will destroy Atlas and with it, any hope Humanity has left.

RWBY Volume 8

Salem: I have questions for you. But first, I need the one who can show me how.


Salem: Bring him to me.





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