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The Relic? Gone. Atlas? On the brink. And Salem? She's real. And she's here. Ruby, Weiss, Blake, and Yang and the rest of our heroes find themselves trapped. On one side, they're fugitives and former allies are now enemies. On the other, Grimm. Salem and her forces are on Atlas's doorstep and if Atlas falls, the rest of the world won't be long after. The battle draws near and it'll take a united front if there's any hope of victory, but that's easier said than done when united is something Remnant has never been.

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The Volume 8 Teaser was released in the RTX @ Home RWBY Panel on September 16th, 2020.


Ruby argues that they need to warn all of Remnant of Salem as that's her next target after Atlas.

Salem and her Whale Grimm are flying towards Atlas. Yang is running through Mantle.

Ren counters that Atlas needs to be protected.

Jaune, Yang, Oscar and Ren are in Pietro's Clinic ready for a fight. Yang, Jaune and Ren drive their new hovercycles across a rocky landscape.

Nora argues that the entire world is at stake, not just Atlas.

Sabyrs are running into Mantle through the broken wall and a Teryx is following Yang riding through Mantle. Blake, Nora, Weiss, Penny and Ruby are preparing for a fight in a laboratory. Ruby and Penny hug on a Manta.

Ironwood scoffs that they want to defend Mantle when Atlas is more important.

Ironwood looks as the remaining Ace Ops stand around someone in an Atlas medical facility. Elm, Vine, Harriet and Marrow are standing for orders. Cinder is looking on in a storm. Salem walks holding the Relic of Knowledge. Penny activates her Maiden powers.

Purple RWBY Volume 8 title appears.

Salem holds the Lamp to a Grimm to sniff it and find its previous holder so she can activate it.


The Whale Grimm is shown arriving in Atlas.

Ruby Rose: Atlas is Salem's current target.

Salem sits on her throne.

Ruby Rose (cont): She's not hiding anymore, and once she's done here she'll move on to the rest of Remnant. We need to warn them!

Yang runs through an alleyway in Mantle. Cuts to Yang, Oscar, Jaune, and Ren in Pietro's Pharmacy, and then to Ren, Jaune, and Yang riding across a snowy mountain in HVB Rhinos chasing a Grimm.

Lie Ren: There are people here who need us right now.

Sabyrs run into Mantle as a Teryx flies overhead.

Nora Valkyrie: This isn't about just Atlas, it's about all of Remnant.

Ruby hugs Penny aboard a Manta gunship. Ironwood and the Ace Operatives look at someone on the table at an Atlas medical facility.

James Ironwood: You're still worried about Mantle?! Salem will destroy Atlas and with it, ANY hope Humanity has left.

The Ace Ops stand ready. In another shot, Cinder looks apprehensive and worried. Salem walks towards the camera with the Relic of Knowledge inside her throne room. Penny activates her Maiden powers.

RWBY Volume 8

Salem: I have questions for you... but first I need the one who can show me how.

Salem holds out the Lamp to a Grimm, who sniffs it then unhinges its massive jaws.






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