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The RWBY Volume 8 Opening is the opening sequence for Volume 8 that first played at the end of the first episode "Divide" and then at the beginning of every subsequent episode.


  • Shots of the city of Mantle are shown in a peaceful daylight, but the video glitches revealing it to be in flames and overrun by Grimm. In between the glitches, the words "ROOSTER TEETH PRESENTS" and "A ROOSTER TEETH ORIGINAL SERIES" appear in white text.
  • Ruby Rose is seen standing in the Mantle streets, armed with Crescent Rose, while looking up to the floating city of Atlas as the video glitches once again showing the kingdom in flames. Her silver eyes blink.
  • Ruby then turns around and sees her friends standing together. The logo "RWBY VOLUME 8" seperates them.
  • Individual shots of Team RWBY are shown with an image of their past selves somewhere on their persons: Ruby stands at her mother's gravestone, reflected on her cape; Weiss Schnee stands in the Schnee Manor courtyard, reflected on her dress; Blake Belladonna sits on a rock in Forever Fall, reflected on Gambol Shroud; and Yang Xiao Long stands in the sun at Patch with Zwei, reflected in her hair.
  • An invididual shot of James Ironwood is shown with an image of Atlas Academy before it is engulfed in flames on his person. Likewise, a shadow casts over him.
  • Clover Ebi's hand is shown dropping his four-leaf clover pin, with each of the Ace Ops on each of the leaves: Elm Ederne, Vine Zeki, Marrow Amin, and Harriet Bree, the latter sharing a leaf with Qrow Branwen.
  • The downtrodden Qrow is offered a hand, and is helped up by Robyn Hill. The two smile at each other despite being behind bars.
  • Inside the Monstra, Oscar Pine holds his head in agony as a winged Salem looms over him. Red eyes watch from the shadows.
  • Shots of each of Team RWBY's weapons are shown: Crescent Rose with Myrtenaster, and Gambol Shroud with Ember Celica.
  • Jaune Arc is seen on the frozen tundra proudly holding Crocea Mors. Behind him, his teammates, Lie Ren and Nora Valkyrie, stand at a distance facing away from each other with troubled looks on their faces. A concerned Nora turns around as pink lightning and snow transition to the next scene.
  • Weiss and Winter Schnee are seen walking towards each other, only to walk past each other. Winter sadly looks down while sporting a new appearance.
  • The Schnee family emblem is shown with Whitley Schnee and Willow Schnee before it falls to the ground and shatters.
  • On a chess board, Salem emerges from the black side sending her Grimm hordes forth. On the white side, Ironwood stands alone as the chess pieces on his side disintegrate and all the tiles except the one he is standing on fall to the abyss below.
  • Arthur Watts smugly smiles while looking at a holographic screen. On the other side of the glass, Pietro Polendina looks at a holographic screen as well. His reflection in the glass behind him looks at Penny Polendina, who holds her hands out in front of her sadly while her reflection behind her looks on. The glass behind her starts to crack.
  • A snowflake is shown melting on Ren's palm before he is joined by Jaune, Oscar, and Yang, the latter riding on an HVB Rhino. A flower petal is seen blowing in the wind as Nora tries to catch it but fails. She is joined by Ruby, Weiss, Blake, and Penny.
  • The group stands together about to face off against a Grimm horde. Ruby and Yang nod at each other. Team RWBY are shown fighting their way through Grimm.
  • Suddenly, time freezes, and Cinder Fall is seen walking past the frozen heroes. She also walks past Neopolitan and Emerald Sustrai, the latter of whom tries to wave at her before looking down in disappointment. Cinder holds her Grimm-ified left arm in pain as flames engulf her.
  • Through the flames, Hazel Rainart, Tyrian Callows, and Mercury Black are shown, before zooming in on Salem, the Relics of Knowledge and Creation reflected in her eyes.
  • The aformentioned Relics encircle each other as blue smoke emanates from them.
  • Ruby and her friends look at Atlas and Mantle in the distance.
  • Suddenly, the ice cracks below them, and Team RWBY falls into the darkness below. They drown in the watery void. Ruby desperately tries to reach out to the Staff of Creation in the light, only to be pulled down by Shadow Hands. Some try to reach for the Relic as well.
  • The word "HAPPY" is seen on screen before glitching to "HAPPY?". The maw of The Hound is shown opening its large jaw. The word "EVER" appears before glitching to "NEVER". A close up of Penny's eye is seen before her outline turns red. The word "AFTER" appears before glitching to "AGAIN".
  • Team RWBY's weapon fall to the ground until Crescent Rose remains, lonely against a backdrop of Remnant's Moon. Rose petals blow in the wind as the words "CREATED BY MONTY OUM" appear on screen before fading to black.


  • At the beginning of the opening show Team RWBY's reflections based from the Beacon Arc.
  • The intro shows Salem with The Hound's wings.
  • The scene showing Ironwood losing all of his chess pieces foreshadows all of Ironwood's remaining allies abandoning him by the end of Volume 8.
  • The final scene of the opening is similar to the final scene of The Final Word with both involving Crescent Rose being in the same position.
  • Kerry Shawcross remarked that his goal with any RWBY intro is to have each episode reveal the meaning of some of its Symbolism, such as the pink lightning for Nora or the pink lotus petal for Ren.[1]



RWBY Volume 8 Intro


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