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The Volume 6 Trailer was released on the Rooster Teeth website on October 15th, 2018. It was reuploaded to the animation channel on June 27, 2020.


The trailer starts with Team RWBY, Qrow Branwen, Oscar Pine and an older goggle-wearing woman who is sitting atop Bumblebee, walking through a snowy forest carrying the Relic of Knowledge, while Salem talks about the importance of motivation.

The scene then shifts to Ruby Rose, Weiss Schnee, Yang Xiao Long, Qrow and Nora Valkyrie at a train station, several dead White Fang soldiers in the throne room and a group of people bowing to and kneeling before a figure floating to the ground.

As Salem finishes narrating, Tyrian Callows inches in on a scared Emerald Sustrai's face, who has Thief's Respite drawn.

A montage is shown consisting of Oscar observing a Manticore Grimm that is approaching the train, Ruby dashing through the train station using her Semblance, the attack on the train being fended off, a hooded figure sitting in front of Lil' Miss Malachite surrounded by two bodyguards, Ruby looking at the Relic among the wreckage, Yang cocking Ember Celica in a room with the rest of her team, Salem glaring angrily at a shocked Emerald, Adam Taurus screaming in anger after cutting down his throne and Oscar falling on his knees in front of the quartet. The old woman accompanies the group, Nora and Lie Ren taking on the Grimm, Ruby using her semblance to carry Weiss alongside the train, Oscar yelling "no" and Salem advancing towards someone with her hand extended.

The trailer ends with Blake Belladonna asking Ruby about her plan while the rest of their team and Qrow draw their weapons. Ruby tells them to prevent any further deaths.


In a snowy landscape, the members of Team RWBY as well as Qrow Branwen and Oscar Pine are seen walking, with an elderly lady on the seat of Bumblebee. As they walk, Salem's voice can be heard narrating:

Salem: It's important, not to lose sight of what drives us...

Ruby, Yang, Weiss, Qrow and Nora are seen happily conversing at a train station.


Many bodies of slain White Fang soldiers lay strewn about the floor at the White Fang headquarters.

Salem: ...justice...

A group of people bow down to a figure in gray that floats to the ground.

Salem: ...reverence... but the moment you put your desires before my own... they will be lost to you.

As Salem addresses her subjects, Emerald is clearly disturbed as Tyrian inches closer to her.

Salem: This isn't a threat... this is simply the truth.

A montage is then shown:

Oscar witnesses Manticore Grimm fly by a high-speeding train.

Ruby uses her Semblance to dash between people at the train station.

The members of Team RWBY, JNPR, and Qrow all fend off various Grimm attacking the train.

Adam yells out in frustration in front of the White Fang throne.

Oscar collapses and reaches out to Team RWBY.

Oscar: Noooo!!

Salem reaches her hand out menacingly as a Grimm scream is heard.

Team RWBY and Qrow prepare for battle on top of the train.

Blake: What's the plan, Ruby?

Ruby: Don't let anyone else die!


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  • While the shot of Ozma levitating in front of worshippers does not appear in the show, a much more impressive shot appears in "The Lost Fable". This was done most likely because "The Lost Fable" was one of the most complicated episodes ever made and the shot was not ready in time.[1]



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