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The RWBY Volume 4 Opening was posted on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube on October 22nd, 2016.

The song played throughout is "Let's Just Live" by Jeff Williams and Casey Lee Williams.


  • A ball made out of red, white, black and yellow colors floats among several Beowolves. A Beowolf swallows the ball, and each color scatters from the Beacon Tower into different parts of Remnant – red to Mistral, white to Atlas, black to Menagerie and yellow to Patch.
  • The camera follows the red streak, which flies towards Mistral to reveal Ruby Rose standing in the woods.
  • Ruby walks through the forest with her hood on before a gust of wind blows it off. She turns around to see the other members of Team RNJR stand behind her. The four begin walking together as a crow flies past them. Qrow Branwen is seen standing alone, until another black bird flies by.
  • Weiss Schnee reads a book in a library. She turns around to Klein Sieben carrying a tray and Whitley Schnee. Jacques Schnee and James Ironwood are seen standing together before the camera zooms into Jacques' eye. A distressed Weiss clutches her head as a glyph hovers behind her. The background shatters, transitioning into the next scene.
  • Blake Belladonna stands on the bowsprit of a ship. Suddenly, Sun Wukong comes to hug her before her father, Ghira Belladonna, shoves him aside to make room for her mother, Kali Belladonna. Blake's smile falters as her attention is drawn away from her family.
  • Yang and her father, Taiyang Xiao Long, are seen training, but in his place Yang sees a happier version of herself with both of her arms. Yang falls into a black pit with Adam Taurus in the background, while Corsac and Fennec Albain appear in front of them.
  • At Salem's lair, new villains are shown: Hazel Rainart cracking his knuckles, a heavily scarred Cinder Fall, a grinning Tyrian Callows, a snobbish Arthur Watts and finally Salem herself. A pack of Beowolves leap at the camera.
  • Ruby and Tyrian are seen fighting; Adam lunges at Blake; Weiss summons a giant glyph; RNJR fights off a group of Grimm.
  • Lastly, Team RNJR are shown standing in the woods. Team RWBY stands together on a tundra. The title RWBY appears in the sky.



RWBY Volume 4 Intro

RWBY Volume 4 Intro


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