I suggest we find our guardian. There's no telling when their next move will be.
—Professor Ozpin

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The Volume 3 Trailer was uploaded to the Rooster Teeth website on October 22, 2015, and to YouTube the very next day. It was re-released on Jun 13, 2020.


The trailer begins with flashback footage and dialogue from RWBY Volumes 1 and 2. Teams RWBY and JNPR gather to eat at the Vytal Festival fairgrounds, and Blake Belladonna discuss the threat of the Grimm, the White Fang and Roman Torchwick. Pyrrha Nikos reassures them all that the tournament is an opportunity for a fair fight with guidelines.

Ozpin, Glynda Goodwitch, James Ironwood and Qrow Branwen gather to discuss the impending threat. This is intercut with footage of Qrow approaching Weiss and Winter Schnee, flanked by Atlesian Knight-200 android guards, in front of Beacon Academy. Qrow informs the rest that their enemy is in their midst, as Cinder Fall is seen sitting casually in the stands spectating the tournament. Ozpin suggests that the allies find their "guardian" - as Ruby Rose is seen standing alone at a cliffside.

Back at the colosseum, Emerald Sustrai and Mercury Black stroll past Team RWBY. Peter Port and Bartholomew Oobleck are revealed as announcers, and welcome the vast crowds to the Vytal Festival tournament.

The next sequence is a montage of scenes (over the song "Caffeine"), without dialogue:

  • Transport aircraft approach the floating venue of the tournament, Amity Colosseum.
  • Team RWBY prepares to fight in the arena.
  • Scenes from ABRN and RWBY's fight.
  • Team JNPR and SSSN fight opponents in the arena. Sun kicks a girl in the face.
  • Weiss makes a dramatic declaration.
  • Qrow and Winter fight.
  • A group shot of Glynda, Qrow and Ozpin, in an elevator/lift.
  • Ruby loses her balance as Weiss looks on skeptically.
  • Nora's face falls onto a table as Pyrrha and Ren look on skeptically.
  • Neopolitan, in gothic lolita-styled clothes with twin-tailed hairstyle, gives the camera a defiant look.
  • Ruby talks with Qrow enthusiastically.
  • Blake drooling at the sight of a large fish.
  • Ruby playing a video game with Qrow, followed by Yang shoving Ruby out of the way to play the game with Qrow.
  • Team JNPR gets ready for their fight with their opponents in the arena.

As the trailer ends, Cinder concludes ominously, "Let's give the crowd a good fight."


Over a montage of scenes from RWBY Volumes 1 and 2.

Ozpin: Ruby Rose. What is an adorable girl such as yourself doing at a school designed to train warriors?

Ruby: I want to be a Huntress.

Ozpin: You want to slay monsters?

Glynda: They're supposed to be the defenders of the world.

Blake: Grimm invasions, violent extremists, a destructive sociopath...

Teams RWBY and JNPR sit at a table at the Vytal Festival fairgrounds, intercut with footage of Adam meeting with Cinder, Emerald and Mercury.

Pyrrha: We should be looking forward to a fight with actual guidelines, and not... well... murderers.

Qrow approaches Beacon Academy, confronting Weiss and Winter Schnee, who are flanked by a squad of Atlesian Knight-200 androids. Intercut with footage of Cinder in casual clothes at the spectator stands of Amity Colosseum, spectating the Vytal Festival Tournament.

Qrow: You sent me to get intel on our enemy. And I'm telling you... Our enemy is here.

Ozpin, Glynda, Ironwood and Qrow confer in Ozpin's office, gathered around a holographic display of Vale.

Ironwood: So then, what would you suggest we do?

Ozpin: I suggest we find our guardian. There's no telling when their next move will be.

Cut to wide shot of Ruby standing at a cliff's edge, packed spectator stands, and Mercury and Emerald walking casually past Team RWBY. Then, cut to Oobleck and Port as presenters of the Vytal Tournament.

Port: And now, for the moment you've all been waiting for... Welcome to the Vytal Festival Tournament!

Cut to montage as "Caffeine" plays.

Cinder: Let's give the crowd a good fight.








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