Vol. 2: Mirror Mirror is the second volume of the RWBY: Official Manga Anthology that consists of a total of 20 side stories.


"My BFF" by KaTe

This story involves Weiss Schnee recalling her past and about how she used to be alone until she met Ruby Rose, which completely changed her life, resulting in her becoming much more open to others.

"In the Case of the Princess" by monorobu

This story involves Weiss thinking back on a moment in her childhood when her sister, Winter Schnee, defended her from their father, Jacques Schnee. In the flashback Weiss and her brother Whitley are both small children and Winter is wearing the Atlas Academy uniform, so it takes place about ten years prior to Weiss' arrival at Beacon.

"One Day" by Kuma

This story is about Weiss helping Ruby study in the library. During this, Ruby wants to help Velvet Scarlatina, who is being bullied by Cardin Winchester again, but Weiss stops her claiming it is not her business to get involved. Suddenly, Cardin accidentally pushes Velvet out of the window, but Weiss manages to save her from falling.

"The Princess Makes Cookies" by Mate

This story involves Weiss making cookies for her teammates, but her cookies are too hard for them to eat. One of them has an idea to use Weiss' cookies as weapons to use against Roman and his henchmen during their mission, much of Weiss' displeasure.

"White Yellow, Criminal" by Ritsu Hayami

This story involves Weiss going shopping with Yang Xiao Long and noticing a criminal stealing a ring from a child. Both Weiss and Yang fight the criminal to retake the ring until he suddenly vanishes. It is revealed it was actually Emerald Sustrai's Semblance, which she used to steal the ring.

"Soft, Warm, Ears" by Amechan

This story involves Weiss having a conversation with Yang about how she thought Blake Belladonna had changed since they found out she was a Faunus and was avoiding her. Yang informs her that it was not Blake who had changed, but Weiss herself. When Blake arrives, Weiss asks her if she can removes her ribbon since wants to see her cat ears with her own eyes. Blake asks her if wants to touch her Faunus ears. As Weiss touches Blake's Faunus ears, she realizes how her ears are so soft and warm.

"Happiness is Next to Boredom" by Rojine Kio

This story is about Weiss learning how to relax. It takes place shortly before the start of the Vytal Festival

"Beacon Days (Weiss)" by mojojoj

This story is about Weiss' daily life attending Beacon, spending time with Ruby and Winter.

"With You" by EMO

This story follows up on the ending of "The Badge and the Burden", having Ruby approach Weiss for more help with homework and getting her coffee.

"Snow White's Dream" by Mochiyama

This story involves the others noticing Weiss acting weirdly after she had a nightmare.

"Snow White's Melancholy" by Mikanuji

This story is about when Weiss catches a cold and has to stay in bed while the others go to class, she remembers something similar from when she was a kid. Zwei's presence puts the story between Volumes 2 and 3.

"Who is the Ice Queen Meeting" by Tsutanoha

This story is about Weiss sneaking out at night, which leads Team RWBY to think she is meeting a secret boyfriend. This story takes place shortly after the events of "Breach"

"Sister" by Amaya

This story is about Ruby asking Weiss about Winter.

"The Law of Universal Gravitation" by Sora

This story involves Weiss demonstrating the ability to eat anything elegantly.

"Snow White's Grim Prospects" by Kaogeimoai

This story is about Weiss lamenting about feeling inferior to Winter, particularly in the chest.

"Chapter 4.5: Day" by ryuga

This story involves Weiss reflects on her feelings for Neptune Vasilias before the big dance. This story takes place the day after the events of "Painting the Town..."

"The Moon" by Uri

This story involves Winter approaching Weiss the day before she goes to Beacon Academy and expresses worry that in Weiss' quest for independence, she's isolated herself.

"Snowflake" by Assa

This story involves Weiss charging a Grimm on her own during a mission and her team letting her know that she can ask for help from them.

"The Promise" by Sun Hiura

This story involves Weiss preparing herself to meet up with her sister, at Beacon, but Winter could not make it due to her busy schedule. In the end, Winter was able to make it and spend time with Weiss. She asks her how she was able to find her, Winter replies that her friends told her where she was.

"RWBY No Doubt: Weiss" by Umiya

This story has a chibi version of Weiss interacting with the story.


  • shihou
  • Kuma
  • BUZZ
  • Ecru
  • KaTe
  • monorobu
  • Mate (マテ)
  • Ritsu Hayami (早見 律)
  • Amechan (アメチャン)
  • Rojine Kio (汽烏ろじね)
  • Jesper (いえすぱ)
  • EMO
  • Mochiyama (餅山)
  • MikanUji (みかん氏)
  • Tsutanoha (つたの葉)
  • Amaya (天谷)
  • Sora (宙)
  • KaogeiMoai (顔芸モアイ)
  • ryuga
  • Uri (瓜)
  • Assa (あっさー)
  • Sun Hiura (杼裏 寸)
  • Umiya (海屋)
  • Esu
  • Omutatsu (おむたつ)
  • Meteo (メテオ)
  • Ein Lee

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