Atlesian MilitaryEdit

Vine is a member of the Ace Operatives.

Ace OperativesEdit

Clover EbiEdit

Clover is Vine's leader.

Elm Ederne Edit

Elm is Vine's teammate. He and Elm have a casual relationship and they get along very well. In "With Friends Like These" Vine serves as a voice of reason when he and Elm fight Yang Xiao Long and Blake Belladonna, offering the Huntresses to stop the fight peacefully. Elm is angered at this, telling him she wants them to pay for betraying their trust. Elm later tells him to stop "going easy on them", which Vine sees as Elm's attempt to convince herself of what she's saying.

Harriet BreeEdit

Harriet is Vine's teammate.

Marrow AminEdit

Marrow is Vine's teammate. Though they don't interact much within the series, Vine joins Elm and Harriet in teasing their teammate after the mission in the Schnee Dust Company Mine 2.


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