Affiliations[edit | edit source]

Atlesian Military[edit | edit source]

Vine is a member of the Ace Operatives.

Team RWBY[edit | edit source]

Vine took part in training Team RWBY during their time in Atlas and went on mission together with them. He has shown himself to be, along with Marrow Amin, the ones in the Ace Operatives most fond of the team, being reluctant to fight Team RWBY and even begging for them to peacefully surrender instead as well as offering Blake and Yang chances to come willingly and unhurt. He continues to show fondness towards them even as the situation gets more dire, attempting to resolve matters peacefully before their second fight.

Team JNPR[edit | edit source]

Vine took part in training the members of Team JNPR, particularly Lei Ren, Jaune Arc and Nora Valkyrie in combat during their time in Atlas.

Ace Operatives[edit | edit source]

Clover Ebi[edit | edit source]

Clover is Vine's leader. Although their exact relationship is unknown, Vine followed his orders during missions and trusted him with his back when in dangerous situations. However given the Ace-Ops general view of each other as colleagues rather than friends, its likely that he never grew that strongly emotionally attached to Clover personally.

After his death, Vine alongside his other teammates went to look at Clover's body and bid his former leader farewell in "Divide".

Elm Ederne[edit | edit source]

Elm is Vine's teammate. He and Elm have a casual relationship and they get along very well. In "With Friends Like These" Vine serves as a voice of reason when he and Elm fight Yang Xiao Long and Blake Belladonna, offering the Huntresses to stop the fight peacefully. Elm is angered at this, telling him she wants them to pay for betraying their trust. Elm later tells him to stop "going easy on them", which Vine sees as Elm's attempt to convince herself of what she's saying.

Harriet Bree[edit | edit source]

Harriet is Vine's teammate.

Marrow Amin[edit | edit source]

Marrow is Vine's teammate. Though they don't interact much within the series, Vine joins Elm and Harriet in teasing their teammate after the mission in the Schnee Dust Company Mine 2.

Ironwood's Group[edit | edit source]

James Ironwood[edit | edit source]

Vine was selected by General Ironwood to join the Ace Operatives after acknowledging his skills and abilities as the best in Atlas. Ironwood would later entrust to him the information about Salem, Ozpin and the Relics along with the rest of the Ace Ops and brought him into the fold as his personal group.

Vine in turn, like his teammates, are all loyal to the General and follow his orders without question. As seen where he agreed with his plan to abandon Mantle in favor of saving who they can in Atlas and later followed his orders to forcibly detain and arrest Team RWBY despite having grown close to them during their stay in Atlas.

As seen in "Divide", Vine is shown to be perhaps one of the most loyal members of the Ace Ops to the General, as seen where he did not flinch or show any other expression except calmness after Ironwood shot and killed Councilman Sleet, implying that Vine agrees with the General it was for the greater good and had no qualms with it, unlike a majority of his teammates who showed horror and shock at Ironwood's actions.

Winter Schnee[edit | edit source]

Winter and Vine are both colleagues within the Atlas Military and work together under Ironwood.

After Clover's death and Winter's assignment as the Ace-Ops new leader, Vine is shown to have a working relationship with Winter and follows her orders while in missions.

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