Volume 7[edit | edit source]

Ace Operatives[edit | edit source]

The connecting ice tunnels seem clear. We should be approaching the actual mine any minute now.
—Vine, informing Clover of the situation

Pomp and Circumstance[edit | edit source]

That’s odd. I don’t smell meat.
—Vine, not understanding Marrow's sense of humor
I’d like to remind you all that the real mission here is ensuring the successful launch of the communications tower.
—Vine, to everyone

Sparks[edit | edit source]

Have you ever thought about extending your Aura?
—Vine, giving some advice to Jaune

Volume 8[edit | edit source]

Strings[edit | edit source]

We have all said some things we regret, but please, hear me out. I know you thought you were doing the right thing when you left with the Maiden power, but Salem is here now. Things have changed.
—Vine, to Penny
I thought you were supposed to protect the people, not hurt them.
—Vine, to Penny

RWBY: Amity Arena[edit | edit source]

The Ace Ops don't really have a "partner" concept, but operatives Vine and Elm tend to pair up together. This may be due to the amazing synergy between their plant-like Semblances. Vine's ivy like arms, and Elm's root like feet give the duo the flexibility as well as the steadfastness to combat any situation.
RWBY: Amity Arena
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