Battles[edit | edit source]

Participants Episode(s) Result
Ace-Ops vs. Geist "Ace Operatives" Won
Vine, Ren and Jaune vs. Sabyrs "Out in the Open" Won
Ace-Ops vs. Team RWBY "With Friends Like These" Lost
Ace-Ops vs. Penny "Strings" Retreated

Background[edit | edit source]

Prior to the start of the series, Vine graduated from Atlas Academy, enlisting into the Atlesian army and becoming the member of the Ace Operatives specialists.

Following the Fall of Beacon, James Ironwood enlisted Vine, as well as the rest of Ace-Ops, into his secret group with the goal of stopping Salem and her forces through the use of the Amity Communications Tower.

RWBY[edit | edit source]

In Mantle[edit | edit source]

V7 01 00087.png

Vine and his team were called into Mantle because of reports of a stolen Atlesian airship entering its airspace and because of the unauthorized use of weapons by civilians. The culprits were Team RWBY, Team JNPR, Qrow Branwen and Oscar Pine, who defended the city from a pack of Sabyrs. Vine and his team caught them by surprise and seized their weapons before leaving them in the custody of the authorities.

Following the release of their quarries, Vine and the rest of Ace-Ops apologize for the miscommunication, before the students are introduced to Atlas Academy by Penny Polendina.

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Geist Hunt[edit | edit source]

V7 03 00094.png

In the mission to the Schnee Dust Company Mine #2, Vine joins Elm Ederne and Team JNPR into the caves. He later defeats the Geist in the caves along with the rest of Ace-Ops.

After the mission, Vine joins Elm and Marrow Amin in congratulating Ruby's Group for their promotion into being fully-fledged Huntsmen, helping train them and to prepare for the Amity project.

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A Banquet at Schnee Manor[edit | edit source]

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Vine later attended the dinner at the Schnee Manor in "Cordially Invited", as one of Ironwood's guests. Vine, along with Elm and Harriet Bree, attended the main party on standby in case Ironwood needed further evidence in defending his seat in the council.

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Battle of Mantle[edit | edit source]

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Vine, along with the rest of the Ace Ops and Ruby's Group (bar Oscar) deploy to Mantle in an airship. The flight is interrupted by a pair of Teryxes, who destroy their Manta and forces the group to eject into the city below. In Mantle, Vine teams up with Jaune and Ren where the two of them defend citizens from the Creatures of Grimm. The group faces a pack of Sabyrs, clearing a safe path for citizens.

The group is slowly overwhelmed and tired by the hoardes of enemies, causing the people of Mantle to demand to be evacuated to the city of Atlas. broadcast is sent out to all of Mantle and Atlas by Ironwood and Robyn which Ironwood reveals the existence of Salem and links the recent murders in Mantle to her minions Tyrian Callows and Arthur, while Robyn uses her Semblance on him to prove it to all be true. The two encourage everyone to stand together due to Salem's goal being to divide them. Ironwood reveals his plans involving the Amity Communications Tower, claiming it is ready for launch and tells the civilians they will be evacuated to Atlas.

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Martial Law[edit | edit source]

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Vine continues to help until they are suddenly called back to Atlas Academy under direct orders from Ironwood, where she assures RWBY that they shouldn't question Ironwood's orders. Team RWBY and the Ace Ops go to Ironwood's office, where he reveals that one of Salem's subordinates left a black queen chess piece on his desk. He begins panicking, questioning if everything that he and the others did was part of Salem's plan. Ironwood questions whether or not Team RWBY really is on his side and asks them how Robyn knew about the Amity Tower project. Yang confesses that she and Blake told her, leading to an argument. The argument becomes more and more heated, and suddenly, a Seer bursts out of Watts' bag, dies, and breaks open to release a smokey apparition of Salem.

Salem proclaims that Watts and Tyrian's mission was not to secure victory, but rather to set the stage for Salem herself. She then attempts to convince Ironwood to surrender but is soon distracted by Ruby delivering a speech about how they learned the truth about her from the Relic of Knowledge and will still stop her even without killing her. Salem tells Ruby that Summer Rose once said those same words but was proven wrong, causing Ruby to break down crying with her silver eyes flickering and flaring.

The Salem apparition disappears, and Vine begins to worry, especially upon realizing that the proximity alarms along the coast near Atlas are inactive. Blake asks about the readiness to launch the Amity Tower, but Yang realizes that Ironwood just said that to lure out Watts. Ironwood then explains that he intends to raise the City of Atlas into the atmosphere instead of Amity Tower. There, the city, the two Relics and the Winter Maiden will be safe from Salem. Team RWBY protests that this plan would mean leaving people in Mantle to die due to the evacuation not being complete, but Ironwood refuses to reconsider.

Suddenly, Jaune opens a group call with Ruby, Qrow and Winter. Taking the opportunity, Ruby uses her Semblance to get past Ironwood and warn the others about his plan. Ironwood locks communications, declares that Team RWBY are under arrest, and leaves while the Ace-Ops get ready to detain them.

Vine and Elm vs Blake and Yang

As RWBY and the Ace Ops prepare to fight, Marrow hesistantly asks Harriet if their plan really is to fight. Harriet insists they'll let RWBY decide, and the Ruby initiates a battle. Ruby bursts out of the room, causing Harriet to chase her in anger. Vine teams up with Elm to battle Blake and Yang, where the ladder eventually traps Blake. Vine tries to talk Yang into surrender, promising nobody will be hurt, causing Elm to snap at him to speak for himself, personally feeling betrayed by RWBY. Yang snides that Elm shouldn't care because of her orders, enraging her into dropping Blake and exasperating Vine. Elm tosses Blake aside and forces Vine to re-strategize.

V7 12 00143.png

Elm tries to psyche herself (and Vine) into letting go of their restraint and bonds to RWBY, but fails to do so. She and Vine's lack of communication and support leads to their defeat. After being rendered unconscious, Team RWBY then ties Vine and the Ace Ops to their Gravity Bolas, and leave them in Ironwood's office.

After Clover's fight with Tyrian Callows, Vine and the remaining Ace Ops grieve over their former friend with Ironwood and Winter. When Sleet and Camilla arrive in a rage at Ironwood's decision, the Ace Ops are shocked to see their leader kill the councilman.

Ace Ops vs Penny

When Ruby, Weiss, Lie Ren, Nora Valkyrie, and Penny arrive breach the Atlesian Command Center, the Ace Ops confront the group under orders to capture Penny. The five of them confront the group in a large room, where Vine and Marrow attempt to talk Penny into coming with them and surrendering the Relic of Creation to Ironwood for safekeeping. Harriet and Elm accuse Penny of stealing the Winter Maiden powers from Winter Schnee, depriving her of her destiny, and goad Penny into fighting alone. Penny is eventually subdued, but when the heroes attack the Ace Ops, they lose control of her. Ironwood starts to order reinforcements, but Watts stops him, ordering the Ace Ops to swipe one sword loose from Floating Array. Completing this goal, the Ace Ops retreat with the weapon, and reunite in Ironwood's office.

As Ruby begins to send out a broadcast to the world about Salem, the Relics, the Maidens, and the ongoing situation in Atlas, Harriet angrily switches off the screen that which the rest of the Ace Ops and Ironwood were watching it. During the speech, Watts switches out a chip in Penny's sword, hacking her and causing her signal to disappear. After being told Penny was likely rebooting, Ironwood angrily throws his Scroll at Watts, leading to the Scroll becoming broken. He then orders Winter Schnee to take the Ace Ops and search for Penny. As he leaves the room, he tells Harriet and Marrow to take Watts back to his cell, and the two fail to notice Watts picking up Ironwood's broken Scroll after casually turning off the computers.

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