Branwen Tribe

Vernal was a member of the Branwen Tribe and held a certain degree of authority as two bandits stood at attention when she approached them. Later during the events of "Vault of the Spring Maiden" it was revealed that Vernal genuinely cared and cherished the Bandit Tribe as she considers each and every member family as seen when she desired to quickly finish whatever business Salem had with them quickly and to no longer be involved in their Shadow War.

Branwen Tribe

Raven Branwen

Vernal was very loyal to Raven and was shown to greatly respect her as the leader of their bandit tribe. This is seen where Vernal would obediently follow her orders and possess a strong trust in Raven's judgement. This is seen where she followed her orders such as relinquishing Myrtenaster back to Wiess despite her own desire for the weapon after Raven ordered her to return the weapon to her, Vernal herself was even shown to perform menial tasks for her, such as pouring tea for Raven's guests.

Vernal's relationship with Raven was strong enough for Raven to develop a link with Vernal in order to use her Semblance, Kindred Link. In fact, Vernal herself was even willing to allow herself to be used as Raven's decoy as the Spring Maiden in order to hide her own status as the actual maiden to shield her form those who would target her, showing that Vernal herself was perfectly fine putting herself in immense danger to protect Raven.

Raven in turn was shown to reciprocate Vernal's loyalty by treating her as an equal, this is seen where Raven would frequently entrust her with important tasks and revealed to her much of her personal history, relationships and even knowledge regarding Ozpin and Salem's shadow war. Vernal herself was implied to be Raven's second in command in leading the Branwen Tribe.

Salem's Inner Circle

Cinder Fall

Vernal was dismissive of Cinder, quick to show lack of interest in Cinder's ideas despite Cinder's apparent interest.


Weiss Schnee

Vernal was one of Weiss Schnee's captors who attempted to ransom Weiss out to her father. Despite the hostility inherent in their circumstances, Vernal stated she believed that Weiss would do well in the bandit tribe. Later on, the two fought each other at Haven Academy, and Vernal easily overpowered Weiss.

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