Volume 5Edit

Unforeseen ComplicationsEdit

Straight to the point. I like it. We don't normally deal in trafficking people - not really worth our time. But, once we realized we had a Schnee, that changed.
—Vernal, to Weiss Schnee

The More the MerrierEdit

Let's see what the Schnee name really means.
—Vernal, to Weiss
Don't think I'm going to let you take the easy way out.
—Vernal, to Weiss

Vault of the Spring MaidenEdit

I'm not concerned in any of this. All I care about is my tribe, my family. This is a burden, not an honor.
—Vernal, to Cinder Fall

About VernalEdit

Vernal has done well under my guidance. I'd take that into consideration before you try anything.
Raven Branwen, after Vernal demonstrates "her" powers to Arthur Watts and Cinder's Faction
Thank you, Vernal.
—Raven, after Vernal dies of her wounds

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