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Vernal's Weapons were Vernal's weapons of choice.


The weapons are two crescent shaped blades, each with a ring-shaped center. The large outer blades have hooked points that point back toward the grip. They have four smaller blades located in pairs above and below the grip, which is wrapped in red cloth and curved to form part of the middle ring. The large outer blades are capable of collapsing toward the grip.

Atop the ring and below the upper blades is a pair of rectangular gun barrels. Within the main ring is a smaller, thinner ring connected by a pin to the forward facing portion of the weapons, acting as a trigger for the barrels.

The weapons are capable of firing yellow laser beams and are able to combine their power to generate a beam powerful enough to cut through Weiss Schnee's ice wall in "The More the Merrier". She was skilled at using them in melee or throwing them, able to throw them in such a way they return to her hand.

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Original guns

The weapons' concept art has shown that the guns were originally planned as sawed-off shotguns.


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